Department of Finance (Philippines)

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Department of Finance
Kagawaran ng Pananalapi
Department of Finance (Philippines).png
Formation 6 April 2009
Headquarters Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Manila
Minister LogiFive
Vice Minister

The Department of Finance (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Pananalapi, abbreviated DOF), sometimes Ministry of the Economy, Department of Economics or Economic Affairs Committee along with the Department of Home Affairs, is an executive department of the Philippine government that oversees the monetary policy and the fiscal policy of the Philippines. It is the department responsible for keeping the Philippine Peso stabled and balanced and for advising the president regarding the efficient allotment of the government resources.

Central Bank of the Philippines

Seal of the Central Bank of the Philippines

One of the organizations under the Department of Finance is the Central Bank of the Philippines (Filipino: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, abbreviated BSP) where most of the money of the government is kept safely.


The Department of Finance is founded by April, May & June 2009 President Big Boy Bulley on Day 503 along with the Departments of Defense, Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

List of Staff