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1.(1) The Government of Icon-Canada.png Canada hereby establishes a Department called the Department of Justice over which the Attorney General of Canada shall preside.

Employment Protocol

(2) The Attorney General of Canada shall be elected every two months by Congress, at the earliest convenience after the conclusion of the election of the President.

(3) Any person wishing to become Attorney General must post an application topic in the "Parliament Hill" sub-forum of the eCanada forums.

(4) The Attorney General shall not be:

-------(a) The President of Canada;
-------(b) A Cabinet Minister;
-------(c) A Congress Member;
-------(d) A Justice of the Canadian Supreme Court;
-------(e) A President of a Political Party
-------(f) In any involvement with the workings of the Canadian Government in any branch.

(5) The attorney General may be Replaced by Congress vote representing either/or:

-------(a) 66% of Congress.
-------(b) 75% of ballots cast.

Deputy Attorney General

(6) The Attorney General may appoint an officer called the Deputy Attorney General to hold office during pleasure and to be the deputy head of the Department.


The Attorney General is the official legal adviser of the President and:

(a) see that the administration of public affairs is in accordance with existing Canadian and eRepublic law;

(b) have the superintendence of all matters connected with the administration of justice in Canada, which are not under the purview of eRepublik Administration.

(c) initiate the development of legislative acts for review and approval by Congress and the president

(d) have the superindendence of all judiciary bodies within Canada, including the Supreme Court and any other such courts of the Government

(e) advise on the legislative Acts, Statues and Regulations, and generally advise the Government on all matters of law referred to the Attorney General by the President; and

(f) carry out such other duties as are assigned by the President to the Attorney General

(g) shall not be considered a Cabinet level officer

(h) shall have the regulation and conduct of all litigation for or against the Government or any department, in respect of any subject within the authority or jurisdiction of Canada

(i) shall advise the heads of the departments of the Government on all matters of law connected with such departments;

Examination of Bills and regulations

3.1 (1) Attorney General or appointed representative of the Department of Justice shall, examine every regulation transmitted to Congress for review and approval, every Bill introduced in or presented to the House of Commons by a minister of the President, in order to ascertain whether any of the provisions thereof are inconsistent with the purposes and provisions of the Canadian Constitution the Attorney General shall report any such inconsistency to the Congress at the first convenient opportunity.

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