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Destroyer S87

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
Date of birth February 02 2011
Date of death December 2014 (est)
Residence Palawan
Sex Male
Newspaper International Informer
Party president of Democratic Party for Progress
Minister of Defense of Philippines
August 06 2012 – September 06 2012
Served under Jon873
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Destroyer S87 was an active member of the social, political and military stages of the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines.

Bio Button.jpg Biography

Destroyer S87 was born on the Day 1170 of the New World as a Macedonian citizen, in the capital of Eastern Macedonia on a stormy night.

His first steps were maid during the First Golden Age of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), under the wise leadership of Strumjanin.

Like most citizens, Destroyer S87 spent his childhood in a laid-back and withdrawn style, up until the point he reached adulthood and decided to become a more active participant in the political and military circles of the community.

Destroyer S87 has been a member of several Political Parties, and has participated in several Congress elections and Party Elections.

He became a member of a Military unit on the Day 1235 of the New World. Since then, he has been a member of several other MU's and has participated in many military actions and other collective social activities the members of the MU's have organized.

Icon-media-Social interactions and entertainment.png Society

Destroyer S87 was born as a Macedonian citizen, and remained as such for a long period. He changed his citizenship for the first time on the Day 1409 of the New World and became a Turkish citizen. This change lasted only for several days before Destroyer S87 returned to his previous homeland.

The next change of citizenship occurred on the Day 1543 of the New World, when Destroyer S87 became an Austrian citizen. He was acting as a Macedonian emissary and an anti-PTOer (helping the Austrian people to get back the control over their political entities). After witnessing the life of the citizens of the less populated countries, Destroyer S87 following his adventurous spirit decides to move to a remote country where he can advance and enjoy in all life-opportunities. Therefore, he became a Filipino citizen and is still living in this paradise country.

Destroyer S87 is the founder and current editor of the International Informer.

Social Achievements

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Achievement Hard Worker Media Mogul Society Builder
First Medal Day 1218 Day 1439 Day 1511
Current count 22 1 1

Icon position party member.gif Politics

The very first Political Party Destroyer S87 joined was the eMacedonian Phalanx. He spent a great deal of time as a member of this party and finally decided to move to a more prosperous one - MRDLjS. After the unsuccessful candidacy for a congress seat, Destroyer S87 leaves his party and joins forces with the members of the reformed Republikanska Partija, where he remains as a member up until his departure to Austria.

There he joins the Osterreich Independence Party in order to help the anti-PTO movements, that were fighting a Hungarian renegade group of power-hungry extremists. After the completion of the mission, Destroyer S87 leaves the country and decides to go to the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Destroyer S87 becomes a member of Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas and candidates for the position Party President. Destroyer S87 wins on the 38th Party Elections and soon after renames the party, creating the Democratic Party for Progress. He is noted as the Last Party President of the Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas and the First Party President of the Democratic Party for Progress. Below, you can see his participation in the management of DPP:

Term Function Under Predecessor Successor
18 March 2012 15 April 2012 President N/A N/A N/A
16 April 2012 15 May 2012 President N/A N/A Kristijanmkd93
16 May 2012 15 June 2012 Vice President Kristijanmkd93 Zafir Selim Kristijanmkd93
16 June 2012 15 July 2012 President N/A Kristijanmkd93 N/A
16 July 2012 15 January 2013 President N/A N/A N/A

Destroyer S87 gets elected as Congress member for the first time and gets to be the representative of Palawan in the 37th Philippine Congress. Below, you can see his participation in the Congress of the Philippines:

Term Region Congress
26 March 25 April Palawan 37th Philippine Congress
26 May 25 June Palawan 38th Philippine Congress
26 June 25 July Visayas 39th Philippine Congress
26 July 25 August Palawan 40th Philippine Congress
26 September 25 October 42nd Philippine Congress

After being chosen by Paul Delos Santos to run the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, J Grey offers the Ambassador functions to Destroyer S87 in both Australia and Finland. Destroyer S87 gladly accepts. Destroyer S87 keeps both sets for the next term and decides to resign from both seats when DrummerMike wins the Presidential Elections. During J Grey's term Destroyer S87 becomes for the first time the Minister of Defense. He had previous experience in this department during Mr aNiallator's and Eldarion Sionnodel's terms. He was quite involved with the distribution of supplies during the Filipino-Indo wars to both Filipino and foreign soldiers. Below, you can see the participation of Destroyer S87 in the Philippine Governments:

Function Term Under Predecessor Successor
Ambassador of Philippines in Australia 16 May 5 June J Grey
6 June 5 July Malene/Jon Jurassic
Ambassador of Philippines in Finland 16 May 5 June J Grey
6 June 5 July Malene/Jon Jurassic
Minister of Defence 6 June 5 July J Grey MakedonecMKD N/A
6 July 5 August DrummerMike N/A N/A
6 August 5 September Jon873 N/A

Political Achievements

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Icon achievement Party President on.gif Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Achievement Congress Member Party President Country President
First Medal Day 1588 Day 1578 Day 1782
Current count 5 9 1

Boot camp.png Military

Destroyer S87 has spent a significant amount of time on the battlefields. He has been a member of several Military Units throughout the years, but the very first one he joined was MAKEDONSKA FALANGA. He was accepted as a member on the Day 1235 of the New World and remained as such until Day 1393 of the New World. His departure was preceded by a major break-up of the unit's members. The members that left MAKEDONSKA FALANGA formed a new unit and they named it PREDATORS.

Destroyer S87 became a member of the newly formed unit for a short period (from 1394 until 1399), but didn't quite find the desired surrounding, so he decided to join another MU - Volci.

Volci was one of the most powerful Macedonian MU and became even more powerful when they merged with the Macedonian Sun Knights - another strong Macedonian MU.

On the Day 1503 of the New World Volci was renamed to Wolves and Knights. Destroyer S87 remained with his fellow comrades up until the point where he decides to become a Filipino.

After the change of residence (Day 1558 of the New World), he joins a native MU - Pacific Wolves Pack. This MU reached its end on June 8, 2012, and was replaced by the Dark Side Wolves PH.

Destroyer S87's last posting was a Captain of the 1st Regiment in the Philippine Special Forces. He served in this unit also as the Commander.

Military Achievements

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
Achievement Super Soldier Battle Hero Campaign Hero Resistance Hero True Patriot Mercenary Top Fighter
First Medal Day 1260 Day 1506 Day 1506 Day 1429 Day 1619 Day 1439 N/A
Current count 87 14 4 5 14 12 0