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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
National rank 3
Date of birth 29 November 2007
Day 9
Residence Guadalajara, Pacific Coast of Mexico, Mexico
Sex Male
Political party Partido Popular Socialista
Former party: Partido del Pueblo Cubano, Cuba
Faith Dhooism
Newspaper Dhoospel
Party president of Partido Popular Socialista
Mercenary of Cuba
February 2014 –
4x President of Mexico
7 April 2017 – 6 May 2017
7 January 2018 – 6 April 2018
46x Congress Member
Military unit Icon-Mexico.png COBRAS
Squadron 1
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend II
Aircraft rank Group captain 4.png Group Captain****
 Dhoo has been, without question, the founding father of Mexico 
(Chantymalo from Mexico)


 Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum. 
(Dhoo the Diplomat)

The etymology of Dhoo has been and continues to be a topic of discussion amongst historians, linguists, and scholars of Erepublikology. The name has been interpreted in various forms from "black", "tree", "to wash the corruption", "the sun", "free from any defect in body and mind", "hero" to "humiliator of the enemy in the verbal contest". Linguists have proposed various etymologies based on Goidelic languages as well as Kru languages of the Niger-Congo languages family. One proposal is discussed by the linguist amirpatapon and others that refer to the common root "Dhu". Which is a name that originated from Arabic, the meaning of Dhu is "name of the prophet's sword" and is mostly used for the male gender.


 I am Dhoo. I am the Knight of Mexico. I am here to engage in combat with anyone who threats my country, my people or my friends. 
(Dhoo the Battle Hero)

Dhoo son of Asclepio, whom citizens feared as the prophet and visionary. Also known as Morningstar, the Knight of Mexico but he has been mostly called the Black Father of Mexico', is a Mexican writer, historian, journalist, poet, diplomat, tank and politician, who would later become Congressman, Party president, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, Minister of Economy, President of Mexico, Advisor of the government of USA, Spain and Bulgaria, several time Ambassador of Mexico and Spain, Admin of the Oficial Forum of Mexico, Admin of the Official AHA Forum , he also has been acknowledged as Emeritus member of the ALA and the PEACE Global Community and also as Secretary General of the ALA.

 Dhoo is Mexico's official dinosaur, and would be forever one of the greatest Citizen of the new world 
(Jraulos55 from Mexico)

He is one of the most controversial, influential and important figures in the history of Mexico. It was under his own rule that the State of Mexico embraced all previous politician and diplomatic knowledge of the ancient New World, expanded the Mexican economy vastly, and eventually emphasised Mexico compared to the world, to create the largest Mexican Golden Age the New World had yet seen.

 No one knows better the detail of the New World than Dhoo 
(Xipetotec from Mexico)

Similar to other culture-heroes and founders of great empires, folk traditions abound regarding his family background. According to Looking for an Author, he was the son of the noble Asclepio. In another version, he was presented as the son of poor parents who worked in the Food Market. These folk stories are however contradicted by his own testimony according to which he was preceded by a great court of political minds. "The four winged guardian figure", a bas-relief found at Acapulco in the Pacific Coast of Mexico on top of which once inscribed in three languages the sentence "I am Dhoo the Diplomat an Leamasiti". Out of the ten to fifteen Mexican families, he was from the ones from Acapulco, which was also the name for the Pacific Coast of Mexico's capital city in the Beta preV1, which predated Dhoo. He was descended from one of its families, the Leamas.

 Dhoo went from spammer extraordinaire, to the most powerful person in all of Mexico. Time fades, governments end, empires fall, but Dhoo remains. 
(CHUCK NORRlS from Chile)

Early life

 The most popular eMexican in eRepublik. 
(El Nihilista from Chile)

The best known dates for the birth of Dhoo is either the 8th or the 9th day of the New World. Little is known of his early years, as there are only a few sources known that detail that part of his life, and have been damaged or lost. Herbacio Montote's story of Dhoo's early life belongs to a genre of legends in which abandoned children of noble birth, such as Oedipus and Romulus and Remus, return to claim their royal positions.

"On the 9th day of the New World, (Nov 29 of 2007), a little child open his eyes to the sky of the new Mexico. He looks at the moon rising from the horizon surrendered by an elite guard of shiny stars, and he is falling in love for the first time. The world was new, everything was made of solid ethereal crystal. The men and women who inhabit it, those grateful citizens who were born just a few days earlier, seemed like real beings of light. Flooded with an air of wisdom to collect the newborn as the fruits of the earth in an orchard. In Dhoo's case, it was the noble Asclepio. He grows up in the gorgeous but small village of Acapulco in the young region of Pacific Coast of Mexico. With only two more citizens around, he learns very early to search far, far away for friends, contacts and help."
—- Herbacio Montote in Story of Dhoo's early life.
 Dhoo always re-born when Mexico is being raped  
(Iliaco from Chile)

Life as a Journey

 "Dhoo is omnipresent, only he is capable of being everywhere at once." 
(Punta from Paraguay)
On December 10, 2008, Zemog a Mexican citizen evoked Dhoo, saying:
"I am a Mexican, a descendant of Dhoo the Elder. This President proclaimed at the pinnacle of power 8 months ago that he "would not reign over the people if they did not wish it." He promised not to force any person to change his religion and faith and guaranteed freedom for all. The Charter of Dhoo the Diplomat should be studied in the history of human rights."

The public career of Dhoo in the New World started as a journalist. First just publishing in Mexico and Spain but later step by step covering the whole world with his words. His newspaper's first name was EKO chronicling his time in Erepublik, later renamed as El Afil de Mexico. You could find most of them relate directly to Mexico, its history, economy, politics, and military. With a modest logo and a clear and charismatic way of writing, Dhoo started quickly to harvest the hearts and love from friends everywhere. The passion in his voices, the fire in his soul makes him the perfect choice to raise himself as a true politician.

El Alfil de Mexico is a Mexican broadsheet newspaper, founded in November 2007 by the notorious journalist Dhoo. When Dhoo left the country, he sells it to Curro Jimenez. In the time when Dhoo was the editor of the newspaper, the political spectrum was a liberal/social democratic line on most issues, and El Alfil de Mexico become the newspaper TOP 01 of Mexico and TOP 09 of the New World.

Pergamon Press is a Mexican broadsheet newspaper, founded in January 2009 by the Dhoo. In about the same place on the political spectrum as its early sister paper El Alfil de Mexico, which was sold to another editorial group, it takes a liberal/social democratic line on most issues. The newspaper is apparently owned by an odd and eclectic cartel of people, albeit officially published through the mechanism of a limited company called Pergamon Group. Pergamon Press is currently edited by Dhoo.

The Pergamon Press operate an archive centre in Mexico City called The Newsroom. It contains their archives, including bound copies of all the old editions from the El Alfil de Mexico, a photographic library and other items such as diaries, letters and notebooks. This material may be consulted by members of the public. The Newsroom also mounts temporary exhibitions and runs an educational program for schools. In February 2009 Pergamon Press made its archives available over the Internet via ERepublik. The current extent of the archives available is from November 2007 to June 2008 for El Alfil de Mexico and from January 2009 to February 2009 for the Pergamon Press. However, these archives are to be expanded in the future.

 "In the very start of Erepublik, Dhoo was the most celebrated Mexican player." 
(Uncle Sam from USA)

The Path as a Politician

 Reason must ALWAYS prevail over Democracy. 
(Dhoo the Law-Giver)

When the New World see the light for the very first time, the population of Mexico was tiny and disorganized. The first two Presidents of the country were from USA, in those times the Take Over was not the modus operandi, they just see the opportunity and take the chance and win. But their absenteeism, poor communication skills with the community and negligence in the best interest of the country, fuel the innate fire in Dhoo's heart and make him wish for a better future for his country. The start in the Politic world back then at the very start of the Beta was not by any chance an easy path. They don't have any rule, or organization, or logic, or law to follow. They don't have either a chat room, a forum or a way to start a tune and contact one with another.

All the links were created by the hard work of a few brave men and women, who dare to send hundreds of Private Messages. It was hard and difficult work, but someone must do it, and in Mexico that someone has one single name: Dhoo. First created a single and little Party, named Partido para el Bienestar de los Mexicanos as the opposition, to the Anglo speaker government. In those times, all the News traffic, either from a Newspaper or from a Party used to be written 100% in English. With these implements, Dhoo creates the opportunity for the real Mexicans, to be able to speak up and use their own language to talk in their own country. That way Mexico started using primary Spanish as a way of communication. English was maintained as a secondary language, but was widely used for several months.

When known as the Black Father of Mexico, Dhoo felt confident and strong enough to launch a massive Government initiative. Dhoo built a robust international and economic campaign, and started the path in his search for the better and brightest Mexico. It was by any chance an easy, or clean, fight but in the end. More and more Mexicans start to be born in the New World and these new citizens see the silver true in the soul of Dhoo and bring him they vote, support and follow the lead. It was at this time when Dhoo, create the first bank in Mexico, named Banco de Mexico. He also creates the first Official Forum of Mexico with the intention to be used as a medium of mass communication and a space for the concerns and uncertainties of people can be exposed, heard and discussed.

 Mexico has never been a huge military, economic or demographic power. However, Mexico always had big power, through its citizen Dhoo, the power of SPAM. 
(Siddy from Spain)

Dhoo also creates future organizations Secretaria de Interior, Secretaria de Trabajo, Secretaria de Exterior . Build the foundations of what will be in the future the national companies. During his reign, Dhoo maintained contact with a vast number of national Countries through more the three dozen Mexican Embassies, achieved partly through retaining and expanding Mexican Diplomatic Affairs. Further organization of newly conquered political market into provinces ruled by vassal ambassadors. Dhoo's diplomatic empire was based on high intellectual discussion and constant attention from the many parts of his political enterprise. Dhoo's foreign career conquests began a new era in the age of international organizations building, where a vast intercommunication, comprising many dozens of ambassadors, countries and languages, were ruled under a single administration headed by a central government.

At the end of the third period as the President, Dhoo felt that his job was done and it was time to other take the safety and care of his country. That month come the very first baby boom in the history of Mexico, those new players come from the Hattrick dynasties. Feeling his job in Mexico was finally done, Dhoo changes his residence to Croatia, Hungary and finally Spain. The institutions he created, to lead the country continued to function for months, and were retained both by the Hattrick dynasties and by the invading Goons horde, during their control of Mexico.

 Dhoo has been the most ardent worker in Mexico, helping in its development policy and is always present when needed people to do the job, regardless of who was in power 
(Eisenhorn from Mexico)

As a diplomatic leader, Dhoo has left an everlasting legacy on the art of leadership and decision making as he attributed his success to "Diversity in counsel, unity in command." Dhoo the Great always respected the customs and religions of the lands he visits during his military travel. In universal history, the role of the Mexican diplomatic foreign relationships founded by Dhoo lies in their very successful model for centralized administration and establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of all. Beyond his nation Mexico, Dhoo also left a lasting legacy on diplomatic affairs, human rights, homeland politics, and military strategy, in almost every international alliance.

 Diversity in counsel, unity in command 
(Dhoo the Politician)

After the very first Take Over of the history of Mexico, and the overrun of the Hattrick dynasty by the invasion Goon horde, and their two months of domination of the political and economic field of the country. Dhoo comes back to the political Battlefield and with the support of mister Giles and the general Splik, they take the invaders away from their dear land. With a darker atmosphere than that of the early days of the new world ahead, Dhoo decided to return to the country of his birth and help with reconstruction. In those times Dhoo was several times Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Economy.

Pan American Alliance

The Pan American Alliance (PANAM) was an original idea of the former President of Mexico, Dhoo. With the support of the citizens of Mexico, Dhoo messaged all the Presidents of the American Continent with the idea of creating a unique and united block of American countries. This American block would integrate the Economic, Defense and Diplomatic relationship between its members. Dishmcds, the former President of USA and creator of the first ONU in the New World, was the biggest supporter of Mexico's idea of a continental Alliance.

After long negotiations, Canada decided to get out of the alliance, because they had entered the Northern Alliance and were have said that they never would trust the USA again. This resolution comes from the recent USA-Canada War. When Dhoo, left the Presidency of Mexico, the Pan American Alliance start to integrate less, and when Dishmcds finished his second term as President of USA the alliance finally collapsed. From the ashes of the Pan American Alliance (PANAM), the ATLANTIS and PEACE alliances born.

Alianza Latino Americana

The Alianza Latino Americana, translated as Latin American Alliance was a regional alliance for Latin American nations. Between August 2009 and March 2010 it had ten official members - all the South American countries existing in the eRepublik and Mexico. ALA's objective was to integrate Latin American countries' economic and military aspects to make Latin America a stronger region in the game. ALA was based on the Real Life European Union.

Latin American countries in eRepublik saw how they didn't grow much compared to other countries of the world. While Venezuela and Mexico were part of PEACE GC, Argentina was fighting for ATLANTIS. During the events of the Indonesian-Brazilian invasion of Argentina in December/08, the ATLANTIS alliance didn't defend Argentina, which lost three of its six regions. This caused some conflict between Argentina and ATLANTIS, which led to it leaving the alliance and ultimately joining PEACE GC. In the meanwhile, Chile was created and also joined PEACE GC.

A small group of remarkable citizens, T and Pier as leaders, Reina Borg from Argentina, CHUCK NORRlS from Chile, Dhoo from Mexico, Lesmir Ledezma from Venezuela, and Benito_Camelas from the Colombian community, founded a new front to make stronger and united Hispanic American community and the Latin American Alliance as created (at that time called as Hispano-American Alliance).

Economic development

(Eisenhorn from Mexico)

Economic policies of Dhoo are well documented in Mexican Media texts as well as Spanish sources. Dhoo initiated a general policy that can be described as a policy of permitting economic freedom throughout his vast company empire. He brought peace to the Mexican Market and is said to have kept his army of products away from the little inversionist and restored the statues of the former International Economic Moguls to their countries. Another example of his economic policies, as evidenced by the Dhoo Newspaper El Alfil de Mexico, was his treatment of the Hattrick during their second migration in Mexico after the Great Hattrick migration to Argentina.

 Dhoo is to Mexico what the Wheel was to citizenkind. Without Dhoo, Mexico would be nothing more than a small blurb in Ancient History of the New World. 
(Dishmcds from Mexico)

The economical reign of Dhoo lasted seven months. Dhoo formed his Mexican economic empire by fighting and conquering first the Weapon Market then the Gift Market and the House Market. From there, Dhoo achieves to own one of each of the ability companies in the New World in the Beta, preV1. Either before or after the House Market, he led an expedition through an export license into Spain, which resulted in major economical campaigns that brought "into subjection every national market without exception." It is said that, when Dhoo was President of Mexico the country uprise from the global rank number 39 to the global rank number 12, and reached the rank number 01 in the unemployment rate.

Dhoo has pushed very hard the idea that Mexico, due to the severe recession in which it was, could not compete in the free market with the Super-Economies of the New World. For this, he believed that Mexico must tend to the extreme left and take moderate socialism. With the creation and benefit from Mexico, of companies that are employing people with a lower skill in the country and the role of stocks of products for the country. Through a single national organization, named Secretaria del Trabajo, which will coordinate and manage all Mexican national companies, where natural resources are exploited only in regions that have a high volume.

Military Career.

 A great Warrior and a Hero of Mexico. 
(Benito_Camelas from Colombia)
  • Strength: 341,637.69
  • Military achievements: Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif=1038 | Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif=189
  • True Patriot: Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif=1421
  • Top damage in a campaign: 58,126,964,303 for Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
  • Mass destruction weapons history: Small bomb.png=2689 | Big bomb.png=626

Up to date to Day 5,657 of the New World

 He (Dhoo) always knows when to stop blah blah and start pewpew! 
(Iliaco from Chile: The phrase arose in the context of the difficulties and delays in the preparation of the first PEACE GC WarGames with Chile as host)


 In scope and extent his achievements ranked far above that of the Mexican President, Giles the Giant who was to demolish the economic empire and rise as President of Mexico, but fail to provide any stable alternative. 
(Iotho from Argentina in The eRepublik Achievements)

Such extraordinary achievements of Dhoo the Great are well reflected in the way he is remembered today. His own nation, the Mexican, regarded him as "The Father", the Greeks and Russians as "The Liberator", the Hispanic American countries as the "Law-Giver", and the Dioists as the "Anointed of Dio". Dhoo was distinguished equally as a statesman and as a soldier. By pursuing a policy of generosity instead of repression, and by favoring local commerce, languages and religions, he was able to make his newly conquered subjects into enthusiastic supporters. Due in part to the foreign affairs political infrastructure he created, the Mexican foreign embassies endured long after his demise.

 Your Name (Dhoo) will be whispered through the ages... 
(Hilary D Anasazi from Mexico)

The rise of Mexico under Dhoo's rule had a profound impact on the course of world history. Mexican philosophy, literature and religion all played dominant roles in world events for the next months. Despite the Spanish and later USA conquest of Mexico in the next few months, Mexico continued to exercise enormous influence in the Hispanic West during the eRepublik Beta, and was particularly instrumental in the growth and expansion of External Politics. Many of the Mexican national Presidents followed the Gold Rule of Dhoo and saw themselves as the heirs to Dhoo the Great and claimed to continue the political and economic line begun by Dhoo. However, there are debates among scholars whether this is particularly the case for the Goons empire.

 No mames, wey... 
(lupe from Mexico)

In short, the figure of Dhoo has survived throughout history as more than a great man who founded an empire. He became the epitome of the great qualities expected of a ruler in antiquity, and he assumed heroic features as a diplomatic and economic conqueror who was tolerant and magnanimous as well as brave and daring. His personality as seen by the Mexicans influenced them and mister Giles the Giant, and, as the tradition was transmitted by the new citizens from Hattrick, may be considered to influence our thinking even now. On the Day 509 of the New World, Mexico celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of Dhoo.

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