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Pergamon Press.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
Owner Dhoo
Founded January 2009
Subscribers 1851
Articles 114

Dhoospel, formerly known as Pergamon Press, is a Mexican broadsheet newspaper, founded in January of 2009 by the notorious journalist Dhoo. In about the same place on the political spectrum as its early sister paper El Alfil de Mexico, which was sold to another editorial group, it takes a liberal/social democratic line on most issues.

Citizen Foot Print Award.

In 2009, the Pergamon Press established the Citizen Foot Print Award, with a mouth prize for investigative/campaigning journalism.


The newspaper is apparently owned by an odd and eclectic cartel of people, albeit officially published through the mechanism of a limited company called Pergamon Group. Pergamon Press is currently edited by Dhoo.

The Newsroom.

The Pergamon Press operate an archive centre in Mexico City called The Newsroom. It contains their archives, including bound copies of all the old editions from the El Alfil de Mexico, a photographic library and other items such as diaries, letters and notebooks. This material may be consulted by members of the public. The Newsroom also mounts temporary exhibitions and runs an educational program for schools. In February 2009 Pergamon Press made their archives available over the internet via ERepublik. The current extent of the archives available are from November 2007 to June 2008 for El Alfil de Mexico and January 2009 to February 2009 for the Pergamon Press. However, these archives are to be expanded in the future.

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