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 Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty 
(Plato, 480 BCE)

Dictatorship is a period of an overthrow elected government that starts after a successful military coup and lasts until successful revolution. This function has been implemented on day 2,656 (27 February 2015) and since then it is active in the New World.

Life under dictatorship

Main article: Dictator

Dictators have practically all the power in the country. They can single-handedly pass any law with the exception of the law for changing the new citizen message and law for impeaching the President.

While the president and Congressmen don’t officially lose their positions, they are powerless as long as the dictator is ruling the country. The congressmen and the president cannot propose or vote any laws, or approve citizenship requests. The president also loses all the control in wars, campaigns etc. In short, their roles and positions are purely cosmetic.

New elections are held normally, but no gold is awarded for the elected Congressmen or Presidents.


A Dictator can grant an extra 50% of the citizenship passes the country’s Congress is entitled to during the current term. The amount is guaranteed even if the congressmen had previously spent some or all of them. The shareable citizenship passes reset after Congress elections.

For example, the Bulgarian Congress could be entitled to give out 50 citizenships. On 10th they have given out 40 already. A Dictator takes charge on 11th and he has access to 25 citizenship passes, which is 50% of the original number. If the Dictator is overthrown after spending 23 of the citizenship passes, the Congress can still give out 10. If a new Dictator would take charge during the same congress term, he could only grant 2 citizenships, as the previous Dictator spent 23 out of 25 reserved for Dictators.

If there are passes left from the previous term, Dictator can grant citizenship passes even if the country doesn't have Congress.[1][2] In order to approve citizenships, the dictator must be located in his country.


Normally, Presidents own all the national organizations. The President can request the change of emails in the organizations by sending a ticket to Game Support. As the President is powerless when the Dictator is in office, this means that the Dictator will be in charge of the national organizations. When the Dictator takes charge, he/she can send Game Support a list of the organizations to he/she would like access to, and provide new emails to each of them. Dictator can't, however, request a list of national organisations. He must use other means to get the IDs of the organisations belonging to a specific country.

However, if a Dictator is in charge and there’s an ongoing revolution (including 3 hours preparation phase), the Dictator should avoid making actions on the organizations. These actions include, but are not limited to, donating any assets from the organization, selling products or making exchanges in the monetary market. If the revolution is successful, all actions will be reverted and the Dictator might be penalized.

Dictatorship upkeep

In order for the dictator to remain in power, a daily currency fee is automatically deducted from the country’s treasury. If the payment cannot be done, democracy will be reinstated automatically and dictatorship will be removed without any liberation war. The amount of money needed for the daily dictatorship upkeep will be 50% of a country’s income, with a minimum value of Icon - Gold.gif 25 GOLD at monetary market exchange rate.

The upkeep was introduced on 31st of March 2017 (Day 3,419)[3][4].

Achievements and decorations



Funding the military coups and revolutions

If an illegal currency is used to fund a military coup or a revolution, the eRepublik team reserves a right to revert the Dictatorship and penalize the parties involved. Every military unit commander initiating a military coup or a revolution is always responsible for the action, and for the money in the military unit’s account. If someone donated a suspiciously large amount of currency to your military unit, and you’re not sure whether it’s clean or not, please send us a ticket to avoid problems!

Important things to notice

  • When a Dictator gains power in a country, his/her citizenship is automatically changed to match the country where he/she is in charge.
  • During dictatorship, elections will be held normally. However, newly elected Presidents and congressmen won’t have any power until the democracy is restored. When elected, they also won’t receive any gold for their Congress or President medals.
  • Fighting in military coup campaigns or revolutions will give you 10% more Rank Points.
  • Fighting in military coup campaigns or revolutions won’t count towards True patriot, Mercenary or Freedom fighter medals.
  • Fighting in a Dictatorship battle, Legend bonus counts for Democracy and against Dictatorship movement
  • Fighting in Liberation battle, Legend bonus counts for Dictatorship and against Democracy.
  • If a Dictator assigns another player as a commander of the military unit, the Dictator status will be passed on as well.
  • A Dictator can candidate and get elected in all types of elections.
  • A Dictator cannot start a revolution.


  • Q: What happens with the law voting if it still lasts after the end of a successful coup?
    • A: If the dictator votes, his vote determines the outcome. If he doesn't vote, the outcome is determined by the votes cast before the coup.
  • Q: Is it necessary to start a new coup for each player who wants to get Dictator Trainee medal, or it can be earned by changing commander as well?
    • A: Each dictator gets a Dictator Trainee medal for lasting 10 consecutive days in office, no matter if he is the original commander of the unit that started the coup.
  • Q: Is it possible to get an unlimited amount of citizenships by changing the commander?
    • A: No, each new dictator's citizenship will be deducted from the total number of passes a dictator can give.
  • Q: Can dictator change his citizenship?
    • A: No. Same as the president, dictator can't apply for another citizenship.
  • Q: If the country is conquered, does dictatorship end?
    • A: No, the Dictator stays in office just like the president would.
  • Q: Can presidents appoint country titles while a dictator has the power?
    • A: No, but the Dictator can.
  • Q: Can I resign military unit if I'm the dictator and the only member of the unit?
    • A: It is not possible to resign if you are a dictator and the only member in the unit. You have to invite or allow another citizen to enter the unit and make him commander before resigning.

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