Dictatorship Airways

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Dictatorship Airways

Dictatorship Airways.png

"Cheap flights for dictatorship!"

General Information
Founded Day 2,086
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Colors Blue and white
Access policy Dictatorship HQ
Total Soldiers 4
Commanded by Current Dictator (Gervaz)
2nd Commander Titan DC

Dictatorship Airways is the official armed force of the Italian dictator. Its duty is the defense of the national territories. Only loyal members of the dictatorship HQ are allowed to join it, soldiers who serve as personal guards and intelligence for the dictator, and the dictator himself.

Founded on Day 2,086 by an unknown citizen, this Italian MU was bought by Gervaz on day 3,220 and immediately renamed Airstrikes4Life. The name was chosen after Gervaz's impeachment for the failed airstrike with Colombia as target (more info about this on Gervaz's wiki). In January 2020, after the civil war, the MU was renamed Dictatorship Airways. The current logo is a sort of replica of the logo of a popular American credit card, with the name of the MU in it.

Italian Revolution

On day 4,440 this MU was used by Gervaz to start and win a revolution against the Italian dictator Titan DC. Supported by other Italian democratic and communist military units, the common objective was to take out once for all Titan DC from the Italian government.

Italian Dictatorship

On day 4,451 this MU was used again to start a civil war. The purpose was to establish a preventive democratic/communist dictatorship, led by Ikki di Phoenix, keeping Titan DC and it's fellow away from any type of political or military powers. Unfortunately for the democratic/communist Italians and Ikki di Phoenix, once the battle was over, Gervaz revealed his loyalty to Titan DC making him commander of the military unit, and, as such, Italian dictator. Once. Again.

On the present days, this MU is still used for dictatorship change. Since this military unit was used to win the dictatorship battle, the commander of this MU will also be the Italian dictator.

Gervaz nominated commander ad aeternum on Jan 27, 2020.

Commander Term
Gervaz 13 September 2016 - Jan 27, 2020
Gervaz Ad aeternum since Jan 27, 2020
Titan DC Jan 28, 2020 - Feb 11, 2020
Empress of Asteria Feb 11, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020
Titan DC Mar 29, 2020 - Apr 12, 2020
Gervaz Apr 12, 2020 - Today


Since Dictatorship Airways is a semipublic/dictatorship military unit since Jan 27, 2020, it is granted with a national organization: Italian Finance Corporation managed by 2nd commander of the unit for internal operations.

Airstrikes4Life logo before MU was renamed
Old logo used on January 2020