Die Steinmetze

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Die Steinmetze

Party-Die Steinmetze.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation DSM
National rank 3
Colors Black, White
Founded 15th February 2010
President higter
Members 22
Congress Occupancy 5 (12.5%)
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

Die Steinmetze (English: The Stonecutters) is one of the largest political parties in Germany.


In February 2010 tmv23 founded a new party called Die Steinmetze (DSM), which quickly became a Top-5 party in Germany (in aspect of number of members). Die Steinmetze has always been a key part of the German Government. It has shaped the country right from the very start and helped it prosper throughout the nations history, producing a significant amount of Presidents, Ministers and Congress members.

Party presidents

The following is the list of Party presidents for the Die Steinmetze elected from it's founding in February 2010.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Logo Citizen Term
Citizen2626922 v2.jpg higter August 2014 - Present
Citizen1650960.jpg Salidor Godsbane November 2013 - July 2014
Citizen2626922 v2.jpg higter January 2013 - October 2013
Citizen2611489 v3.jpg Freiheitskaempfer December 2012
Citizen2626922 v2.jpg higter October 2012 - November 2012
Citizen2611489 v3.jpg Freiheitskaempfer September 2012
Unknown Person.jpg NeuEn August 2012
Citizen2423105 v2.jpg KTTRS July 2012
Citizen2461761.jpg Leraia June 2012
Citizen2718634.jpg Aniisha May 2012
Citizen1545024.jpg Ban Danna April 2012
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne March 2012
Citizen1545024.jpg Ban Danna December 2011 - February 2012
Citizen2423105 v2.jpg KTTRS November 2011
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne October 2011
Citizen1584599.jpg tmv23 September 2011
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne August 2011
Citizen1323264.jpg Reiner Zufall July 2011
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne March 2011 - June 2011
Unknown Person.jpg Jules Casey February 2011
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne January 2011
In December the party was PTO'ed by a German group called Germanen December 2010
Citizen2000900.jpg Mr. Niemand November 2010
German Elite Forces.jpg Slayer10 October 2010
Citizen1323264.jpg Reiner Zufall September 2010
Citizen3473258.jpg Mr. Stinson August 2010
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne July 2010
German Elite Forces.jpg Jul1C4SH June 2010
German Elite Forces.jpg Rotin May 2010
Citizen2626922 v2.jpg higter April 2010
Citizen1334958 v2.jpg Markus S March 2010
Citizen1584599.jpg tmv23 February 2010 (Founder)

Country Presidents

Icon position country president.gif Country President

Logo Citizen Term Note
Citizen2423105 v2.jpg KTTRS March 2012 Succeeded DeathmanRSF due to an Impeachment law
Citizen2423105 v2.jpg KTTRS November 2011
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne September 2011
German Elite Forces.jpg Caroline au Marymont August 2011
German Elite Forces.jpg Caroline au Marymont July 2011
Citizen2611489 v3.jpg Freiheitskaempfer May 2011
German Elite Forces.jpg slayer10 March 2011
German Elite Forces.jpg slayer10 Since 19th January 2011 Konrad Neumann was impeached on 19th January 2011 so Slayer10 became president
Citizen2626922 v2.jpg higter October 2010
Citizen1584599.jpg tmv23 August 2010
Citizen1584599.jpg tmv23 July 2010


There are some of the Die Steinmetze members who served as Ministers.

Coat-Germany.png DSM Cabinet Members
Logo Citizen Position Term
German Elite Forces.jpg Aniisha Minister of Foreign Affairs March 2012
Citizen1545024.jpg Ban Danna Minister of Interior March 2012
Citizen2799926 v2.jpg Wonne Minister of Information March 2012
German Elite Forces.jpg Zware Shag Minister of Information N/A
German Elite Forces.jpg Jul1C4SH Ministry of Community March 2012
German Elite Forces.jpg Freiheitskaempfer Ministry of Community March 2012