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Dillian nGael

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 24 October 2010 - Day 1069
Date of death 15 December 2010 - Day 1246
Residence Killyleagh Castle, County Down, Northern Ireland
Sex Male
Married to Isabel Azevedo de Sousa
(Day 1120 - Day 1246 – )
Children Henrique nGael de Sousa
Newspaper Times weekly
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

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Lord of Ulster Dillian Con Ulad O'Relley Duinn nGael more commonly referred as Dillian nGael (born 24 October 2010 - day 1069 at Drogheda, Louth) was Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish entrepreneur and the 35th Monarch of Ulster in-exile and a claimant to the throne of Ulster, best known for being the descendant of Ulster Kings, from his last king Ruaidrí mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe (1172-1201). He succeeded as claimant of Ulster Kingship upon the death of his father Arthur nGael. He defends the idea of honour title instead of political, and he kept the tradition of renunciation of the throne to the Irish Republik and Ireland, as he swears allegiance to the Irish Republik.

A member of the Clan nGael, originally from Northern Ireland, Dillian became the first member of his family to officially propose the establishment of the Honorific title. Dillian nGael is the first son of the union of Arthur nGael and Alba O'Rilley nGael, is name is been choose by his family by its profound meaning (meaning of Dillian: 'Loyal'); loyal to family traditions, loyal to Ireland. After the assassination of his father, he became the formal head of the nGael Clan.

He participated in the fight for the expulsion of the English in Northern Ireland, is decisions in battlefield prove most efficient and finally after more five century's the ancient Ulster Realm return to Ireland.

Childhood and education

Dillian life in Drogheda, in Kid

In the time of his birth, the president of Ireland was Connell Rath, and there were 789 citizens living in Ireland which had full control of its original territories and territories in USA.

In the day 896 (04 May 2010) his father was wrongly accused of multiple accounts, and whose assassinated. The entire royal family had to flee their homes because of the possibility of other attacks. The dramatic journey northbound was marked by the administration' repeated attempts to kill the nGael descents through inactivating accounts, [1].

After these incidents, the clan nGael return in the person of Dillian nGael. Prince Dillian returned to Ireland along with his family at end of 2010. In the autumn he was enrolled in the third grade of public school in Drogheda as the first royal to attend a public school. Harald began studies at the University of Ireland. Later he attended the Cavalry Officers' Candidate School at Dublin, followed by enrollment at the Military Academy, from which he graduated later on.

The clan nGael make Dillian nGael, before reaching adult life, Clan chieftain.

Adult life

Dillian nGael in the day of promotion to coordinator

After graduation Dillian moved to his long family estate, the Castle of nGael Clan in Drogheda. Began working in a local company Moo Grain in 1069. As an employee, Dillian was preparing ready-to-eat food and became the best employee of the company and was promoted to the coordinator (level 5) assisting in controlling the quality of the products in the production line.

He moved to Northern Ireland on 5th of November 2010 (day 1081) leaving the nGael Castle in Drogheda (Northern Ireland) for his organization, also his family moved to their ancient region, a village of Killyleagh, reclaiming ancient clan estate Killyleagh Castle. During that time Dillian served in the Irish Rifle Division.

Marriage and Regicide

During the time of the invasion of Ireland by English, Dillian met a Portuguese ballerina Isabel Azevedo de Sousa after some time they married and had a son. After that English secret services tried to hunt them down as they were preparing a revolt to liberate Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man and other Celtic regions. A few days later, he was found dead on the shores of the English channel, and his wife and son come to live in Portugal. His son Henrique nGael de Sousa decided to follow the footsteps of his father.

Military service

Dillian nGael, being a son of Arthur nGael, inherited the stamina and leadership, that became fundamental characteristics during battles and conflicts that he has participated. In 1070, IDF (Irish Defence Forces) launched an assault onto Wales and Northern Ireland, when Canada make is move to free Scotland from English occupation, the result was the failing of freeing Wales from is invaders, the English, but Scotland and Northern Ireland became free from enemy oppression.

On the 31st of October, Dillian presents himself in IDF in Dublin. He enlists and he puts to work the knowledge he gained in Military Academy and gains battle experience in freeing Northern Ireland from the English. nGael enrols in the Rifle Division on the 3rd November 2010, the day he officially became an active soldier. He was promoted to Sargent after participating in Asia campaigns, where his father had fought as well. Dillian receives an award due to his outstanding service on the battlefield. Irish Defence Forces issued him an order to move to Northern Ireland with his division (Irish Rifle Division) to protect the true borders of Ireland.

On day 1094, Dilian nGael participated with his division in the assault on English barracks on the shore of Wales, being deployed with paratroopers unit.

The attempt of invasion of Ireland

During the days of 1094, the UK attempted to invade the Ireland, but failed. At same time Dillian has been invited to leave the game. Dillian nGael fights in the region of Shannon, giving all is health for defending the region from the English. In this battle, he becomes mortally wounded. During that time, he stays in Northern Ireland and after the Shannon and Dublin defence, he moves to defend Northern Ireland. Ireland falls to English, but the occupation becomes a wrong move by them, as Canadian forces soon after liberated Northern Ireland and other regions.

Job and Business

He worked in the company Moo Grain, which was later bought by Megalonian organization and was rebranded as Megalonia Grain, with headquarters in the Dublin region.

When Canadian forces came to Northern Ireland in 1099, Dillian nGael started to work in ~Hyuu~ Habitations (Canadian company), where he worked to arrange food for survival.


In the day 1076, nGael Family put is trust fund money in a new venture, called Gael Enterprises, Dillian nGael is the leader and founder of this business emporium. The GE serves as a parent company (conglomerate) for other subsidiary companies. The group of investors and shareholders are vast and incising, and the dividend is doubling each year making GE one of the most profitable organizations, normally wealth is redistributed at the end of each trimester between shareholders and investors.

Politic Career

In the November 2010 presidential elections, where Orangejuicemmm was elected as president, Dillian nGael was invited by Seanan to became a deputy of Ministry of Education. He became a promoter of the idea for the Ireland wiki portal and Ireland wikiproject. But a few days later, on 9th November of 2010, the government was impeached and the deputy office became with no effect.

On the day 1092 (November 16) Dillian joins The Celtic League, in the intention of promoting an agenda of closer relations with other Celtic regions, he had to resign on the same day due to technical complications, however, a few hours later he had returned. On day 1093 he runs for the Congress representing the Northern Ireland.

Media Mongol

Times weekly.jpg Times weekly was created in Day 1,088 of the New World (November 14th 2010) with capital loaned by Gael Enterprises. Dillian nGael became the first Press director of the magazine/newspaper. This media intervention was imaginative and criticised the positive and negative aspects of the New World. The partnership between GE enterprises and Dillian, prove to be profitable and creative.

Ancestors, Family and Heritage

His succession and rights came from his family heritage that kept the lineage unbroken since the middle ages. Lord Dillian nGael is the closest male-line Irish royal descendant related to the High Kings of Ireland, the last royal rulers of the Sovereignty Irish soil. There are closer female-line relatives (who according to the Constitutional Charter of 1826 have succession rights), but none of these has Irish nationality (which was required by the Constitutional Charter for succession to the throne); so far nobody has made any active claim to the throne.

He also kept the family tradition to renunciation to the throne, and give up is heritage rights to the Irish republic the unique authority that he recognizes to be legitimate sovereignty representative of Irish people and all Irish territories.

Dilian nGael has Hereditary titles and Orders of chivalry:

His Royal Highness, the Most Serene Lord, King of Ulster, Grand Master of the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Dublin and Knight of the Irish Order of the Independence

He also has some other titles that he decided not to make a claim for.


See also

  • Gael Enterprises Securesite.jpeg is an Irish multinational conglomerate corporation founded by Dillian
  • Times weekly is an Irish news magazine (Dillian is press director)
Honorary titles
Preceded by
Arthur nGael
35th Monarch of Ulster in-exile
24 October 2010 (Day 1069) - 15 December 2010 - (Day 1246)
title renounced
Preceded by
Arthur nGael
Chief of nGael Clan
24 October 2010 (Day 1069) - 15 December 2010 - (Day 1246)
Succeeded by
Henrique nGael de Sousa