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Dio Vigon

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
National rank 17
Date of birth March 2, 2010
Residence Balochistan, Pakistan
Sex Male
Political party Partido Militar
Faith Dioist
President of Brazil
6 August 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by Jazar
Succeeded by johnPand
16 November 2010 – 5 December 2010
Preceded by Marcelo Braga
Succeeded by Sulejmani
6 June 2011 – 5 July 2011
Preceded by Jazar
Succeeded by hopez0r
6 August 2012 – 5 October 2012
Preceded by Volkofff
Succeeded by Mr. Levi
6 April 2015 – 5 July 2015
Preceded by Bozo MADLIFE
Succeeded by Xx.Gunner.xX
Military unit HUE HUE
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dio Vigon, (aka the Vigoncalves86, Black Sheep or Vigon) is brazilian politician.


He was born in Brazil, on day 833 of the New World, Vigoncalves86 has played a key role in Brazilian politics since his first days.


First Country Presidency, August, 2010

In his third try in a role, Vigoncalves86 was elected as the first President of the opposition after 12 months and the second of the Brazil's history. It was a good month, despite the recent V2 changes, which made the military activity to be low compared to other months.

It was a hard time for the Brazilian government, with the lowest taxes contributions ever, after many players left the game on the V2. The principal changes were the cut of army salaries, renegotiation of MPPs and renegotiation of Brazilian deaths in PHOENIX alliance, after wasting more 1,5k gold in a war against Spain to free Mexican regions.

Despite all the difficulties, the BRL rate was easily controlled, with the gold costing 40-48 BRL.

Also, it was the first President of Brazil to officially support non-governmental militias.

Second Country Presidency, November, 2010

The second time of Vigoncalves86 as President of Brazil was completely different of the first one. He was elected after an Impeachment and got a country in the middle of a huge war against Spain. The military costs were higher then ever and for the first time a President worked out a daily budget for military support.

Thanks to the great leadership of the High Command, the Brazilian army became a hope for all the countries Brazil had MPP with, since it didn't lost a single battle during 20h-4h erep time. The was a great effort from Olorum, Mulauca, Oliveira Giv and other members of that team.

During that month, the relations between Brazil and Hungary got cold inside PHOENIX and the country signed MPP with the United States for the first time, after they supported the invasion of South Africa to get useful resources.

Third Country Presidency, June, 2011

The third time of Vigoncalves86 as President of Brazil was a failure. In his campaign he called people to work with him during the month. However, after Brazil got attacked by Peru and Spain, the ONE alliance put its efforts to erase Brazil from the map and the whole month became the Brazilian dark days.

Forth Country Presidency, August, 2012

After more then a year, Vigoncalves86 got elected once again, in a simple election against no competitors. Brazil had an open war against Indonesia, to free Australia from their attackers, but the game changed after admins implemented Airstrike on the first days of his government. Bulgaria attacked Bolivia and started a campaign against Argentina. 22 days focusing on this single war, to support Argentina.

Even the discussions about the CTRL project (Brazil, USA, Spain and Poland) got stucked for this war. It was a safe month for Brazil on the military field, but not on the diplomatic field, with the EDEN pressure against the idea of a new alliance, the Argentine pressure to force Brazil to propose Bulgaria as a Natural Enemy (which would make Brazil lose a few important MPPs) and a internal battle between the CAT and the Trolls militia.

The term was fine and Vigoncalves86 got reelected.

Fifth Country Presidency, September, 2012

In a fair dispute, Vigoncalves86 got reelected for his fifth term. The pressure from a few groups who disliked some diplomatic decision of the government started to grow, even using PTOers to increase the speech. Dealing with the pressure of EDEN, Argentina, Colombia, Croatia, Portugal and Brazilian militias, the president kept his decisions and didn't take a turn on the strategy, despite foreign opinions about it.

11th Country Presidency, January, 2020

After a few months away from the game, Dio Vigon was summoned by his old allies, to run against a player only famous for his long fake account history through the years.

Elections Results in Brazil

  • April 15, 2010 - Party President, 156 votes, elected. (Progressistas)
  • April 25, 2010 - Congressman, 74 votes, fourth place, elected. (Progressistas)
  • June 5, 2010 - Country President, 928 votes, 36,52%, second place. (Progressistas)
  • June 25, 2010 - Congressman, 132 votes, second place, elected. (Progressistas)
  • July 5, 2010 - Country President, 687 votes, 38,64%, second place. (Progressistas)
  • July 25, 2010 - Congressman, 56, third place, elected. (Progressistas)
  • August 5, 2010 - Country President, 428 votes, 52,77%, elected. (Progressistas)
  • September, 25, 2010 - Congressman, 9 votes, 39th place, elected. (Progressistas)
  • November 5, 2010 - Country President, 646 votes, 42,25%, second place (elected after impeachment). (ODIN)
  • December, 25, 2010 - Congressman, 58 votes, third place, elected. (ODIN)
  • June, 2011 - Country President, 806 votes, 59,93%, elected. (ODIN)
  • July, 2011 - Congressman, 26 votes, 11th, elected. (ODIN)
  • August, 2011 - Congressman, 26 votes, 12th, elected. (ODIN)
  • September, 2011 - Congressman, 26 votes, wildcard, elected. (ODIN)
  • October, 2011 - Party President, 61 votes, elected. (ODIN)
  • October, 2011 - Congressman, 26 votes, wildcard, elected. (ODIN)
  • November, 2011 - Congressman, 31 votes, wildcard, elected. (ODIN)
  • December, 2011 - Congressman, 28 votes, 5th, elected. (ODIN)
  • January, 2012 - Congressman, 41 votes, wildcard, elected. (ODIN)
  • February, 2012 - Congressman, 30 votes, wildcard, elected. (ODIN)
  • August, 2012 - Country President, 630 votes, elected. (PM)
  • September, 2012 - Country President, 498 votes, elected (PM)
  • February, 2013 - Country President, 340 votes, second place (PM)
  • May, 2013 - Country President, 510 votes, second place (PM)

Elections Results in Pakistan

  • December, 2013 - Congressman, elected (PTI)
  • March, 2014 - Country President, 45 votes, elected (PTI)

Congressman History

Elected 16 times (4 with Progressistas, 10 with ODIN and twice with the Partido Militar), Vigoncalves86 fought for many accomplishments the congress improved as the Citizenship Commission, the Fiscalization Commission and the use of the congress journal. He was leader of his party seats, before he joined the government and started to work as minister in june.

Was responsible of the impeachment of RizonPT, in September, 2011, after the CP took wrong decisions with the country money.

Progressistas, the Brazilian polarization

When he joined the game, the TOP 5 parties were: PDB, PIL, PM, UB and PND. Despite all the noise UB used to do, there was no concrete opposition to PDB and its allies, which became the third biggest party from the whole eRepublik during that time.

To create that polarization, Vigoncalves and 3 other friends founded the party PROGRESSISTAS, on day 816, which became a TOP 5 party in less then two weeks. In the same month, the party won 8 congressmen seats and became the main opposition of the current government. As a member of Progressistas, Vigoncalves86 won 4 congressman elections and became Country President for the first time. Even as leader of the opposition, Vigoncalves86 was nominated Minister of Communications twice before he won his first Country President election, showing he was opened to different opinions and with the single goal of helping his country.

Unfortunately, the history between Vigoncalves86 and the party he founded had an end in September, 2010, after the party did a fusion with another, called Bazzinga, and changed names to ANP (Aliança Nacional Progressista) and he left a few days later.


1. Did you know that Vigoncalves86 was the only citizen elected Country President as opposition, as situation and as independent candidate in the history of Brazil?

As member of Progressistas, in August, 2010, as member of ODIN, in November, 2010 and as independent candidate, in June 2011.

2. Did you know that Vigoncalves86 was banned twice?

First, 7 days before his first Country President election, based on a unknown donation that admins discovered 2 days after there was a planted bug and 2 hours after being disbanded, because the admin who took care of the case didn't closed the tickets on the administration correctly.

3. Did you know he was the first Country President to support Militias?

It was in August, 2010, after the first Brazilian militias were created. The first leader of CAT, Fernando Sucre, was member of his government and requested financial support. Despite the fact a good part of Brazilian population was against the idea of private militias at that time, Vigoncalves86 gave all the support needed for the maintenance of CAT and was the SAM leader in the next term, to keep his work with the militias.

4. Did you know he triggered a war between Romania and Hungary?

When Brazil was in the PHOENIX alliance, Romanian leaders tried to negotiate a double attack: Romania in Hungary and Brazil in South Africa (Hungary PTOed colony at the time). However, Romania attacked Hungary alone and activated 14 MPPs.

5. Did you know that he managed the way out of Brazil from PHOENIX?

After some internal problems in PHOENIX, Vigoncalves86 signed a MPP with the USA (a neutral country at the time) and few days later he left the alliance. Some weeks after, Brazil and USA created the PANAM alliance (which became TERRA).

6. Did you know that he managed the way out of Brazil from TERRA?

During the term of president Kuarw, the diplomacy of the country was abandoned and Vigoncalves86, as a influential citizen from Brazil, wrote a article for the president, informing the alliance that Brazil was leaving.

Vigoncalves86 Non-Elected jobs

He was nominated:

  • Secretary General of TERRA.
  • Vice-President.
  • Minister of Communications, twice.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, 12x.
  • Minister of Education.
  • CP advisor, 10x.
  • Director of ABAI (Brazilian Association of Foreign Affairs)
  • Director of the Militia Ministry
  • Troop Leader (for a short time).



Owns a well subscribed Brazilian newspaper, The Black Sheep. Usually writes about current issues of Brazil.