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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Logo of JUSCO
Owner Gary Mak
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Headquarters Central Greece
Founded 10-02-2009
Founder Gary Mak
Industries Manufacturing
Products Weapons
Services smuggle
Colours Golden

Direct Sale Centre was a mega smuggle store, found by Gary Mak on the 10-02-2009. It services included reselling house, raw materials, but mainly smuggle the food, weapons, tickets and gifts. It was used as a storage of JUSCO mega smuggle store. However, the owner Gary Mak found the G-Force, he has no time the manage the smuggle business, so the smuggle business was stopped and the JUSCO become the storage and supply of G-Force.

G-Force Weapon II

[https:// G-Force Weapon II] was a weapon company owned by Gary Mak. Most of the employees were the members of G-Force. The weapon they produced may use for training themselves.

On the 5th of April 2010, the team of G-Force have moved to Greece for long term training, so the company was found.

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