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Dirty Harry

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 11th of May, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Scania
Sex Male
Newspaper Apples and Cigarettes
Congress member of Sweden
Congress member of Malaysia
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account cancelled at owners request

Dirty Harry was a citizen of Sweden who lived in Malaysia.

Member of Folket AKAP.


Dirty Harry was General Manager of:

  • X Weapons (Q3-weapons, Sweden) on X Corp. Joint owner: Xynz. INACTIVE

He has owned a lot of companies, but never really fallen for the life of a manager.

On August 24, The Herminator Institute is founded by Dirty Harry and Rhood. The purpose of the institute was to gather all socialists regardless of party membership, and formulate a new political ideology derived from socialism.

Young Harry before fighting in the Second Sweden-Germany War.

Military Career

If Dirty Harry remembers right, the first war he fought in was the Second Sweden-Germany War. Since he didn't have much strength and no idea of how the fighting module worked, he didn't inflict much damage, but was still proud of fighting with his newly bought Q4-weapon. After fighting as many times as he could, he was shocked to see that his weapon was gone (See: [frequent n00b mistakes]).

Now when he knew more about fighting in eRepublik, and as a member of Swedish Military, Harry traveled around the world fighting for Sweden and EDEN. He was aiming for... yeah... more total damage?

The Tales of Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry - the name

Dirty Harry was born in Sweden on the 11th of May, 2008, invited by the now deceased Fosfor, an RL-friend and in-game mentor. The reason he chose the nickname "Dirty Harry" was (surprisingly, maybe) not because of the famous inspector Harold Callahan from the films. In the stress of choosing a nick he totally forgot the existence of that man and decided to name himself of his favourite song at that time, (Dirty Harry by Gorillaz). It was not until later he realised what he had done and that it might have been stupid since he hadn't watched a single Dirty Harry-movie. And when he realised that he might actually like eRepublik and continue to play it, he was even more depressed, because he was almost forced to roleplay someone he'd only read in the wiki about.

Dirty Harry takes no responsibility for whatever inspector Callahan might do or say and strongly advise people to look at them as separate persons.

About 10 months after joining eRepublik, Dirty Harry watched all the Dirty Harry-movies. He was even more depressed...

Purjo Adventures

Harry had a hard time choosing what was his "right" political choices in his new life. At first, he decided to join the socialistic party Militantsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet, due to some political views. But very soon he grew tired of the all to well organised Arbetarepartiet_MSAP and wanted a change of Life.

He decided to try his luck in the notorious war rushing party Purjolök Ops. There, in the midst of a forum with no activity at all, he quickly grew to become one of the most important members of the party. Since the party wasn't that well worked at, and hated by all the serious players in Sweden, Harry tried to rise subjects such as publicity[1], goals[2] and the coolness [3] of the party. Even though there was mediocre response (1-2 replies) he was the most active member during his time in Purjolök Ops. He was elected congressman, but as most of Purjo's congressmen, he didn't contribute much.

Once again, getting bored of eRepublik, Harry did something drastic. After reading an article written by Bertil Gurkvatten, mentioning Purjolök Ops as vegetables-aliens, Harry tried to reform the party to an in-game cult. With no replies from any party members, the idea of leaving Purjo manifested inside of Dirty Harry. And only a couple of days later that idea became truth, as stated in Dirty Harry's (first) article; Farväl, Purjo (Farwell, Leek) which involves Dirty Harry threatening his Party President with a gun:

Purjolök Ops Headquarters

 Here it was. The moment I always knew would come. Deep underground, in a dark chamber, stod Tulipap now before me with two gorillas-sized men as guards, one on each side of the Party President of Purjolök Ops. Tulipap had noticed I was no longer shouting "WAR!" as loud as the others and instead was showing interests in reforming the party. 
 I stood up and walked up to the unarmed Tulipap. "I am not going to kill you today, Tulipap. I'm going to let you watch your party slowly fall into oblivion and lose your votes for the congressional. That has nothing to do with me leaving Purjo, the party is doomed to slowly disappear anyway. And when you are laying in the gutter, broke and hungry, all who have ever lost someone in the war you advocate will tear you into pieces and this will continue forever when you join with your peers in Lucifers House." 
 There I left Purjolok Ops Party President and went into a nearby elevator, where I threw away the cigarette. I went up to the surface and slowly walked out of Purjo Headquarters. I lit a new Camel, and unaware of my future I walked in towards the city in the orange coloured sunset 

First Death

2 May, 2009

After failing in an important mission in Romania, ordered by the Swedish Military, Harry decided to commit suicide through seppuku. The dirty monkey-man died slowly, bleeding to death and his heart beat its last on the 2nd of May, 2009. He shed a tear as the thought of his friends back in Sweden.


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Hard Worker (x9)
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Congress Member (x3)
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Battle Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x10)