Division Armada

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Division Armada

Division Armada.png

Sin esperanza de relevo y a extinguir en el frente

General Information
Disbanded ?
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Part of La eFalange

Division Armada was founded originally as Division Azul (eng. The Blue Division) on September 2011 by Capitan Segundo Redondo, Gran General, Mr Cain, envidiosos.contra.mi, El Mengu and Blancinegre. Coordinated with the La eFalange party, it operated as a militia force completely independent of funding from the Spanish Government.

Both seasoned veterans and newly-born eSpaniards could join. Food and weapons was available to members that worked in the military unit's companies.

Last known chain of command was lordpedro, while his Second in Command were Dechamm and Isibu before the unit was transformed to Armada Espanola.

Military icon normal.png Military Activity


Ingame Outgame
Division Armada v2.png                    Division Armada v3.png                                                                         


Commander Commander
Citizen4630632.jpg Citizen3856822.jpg
Capitan Segundo Redondo lordfox
2nd Commander 2nd Commander
Blancinegre.jpg Citizen1906241 v2.jpg
Blancinegre Isibu


1st Regiment 2nd Regiment 3rd Regiment 4th Regiment 5th Regiment
Citizen5577996 v2.jpg Citizen5438717.jpg Citizen5500458.jpg Citizen5701483.jpg Reydeto.jpg
Hispax Tercio de Valencia Vargas2sfc ArGeNS Reydeto

6th Regiment 7th Regiment 8th Regiment 9th Regiment 10th Regiment
MACOTERA.jpg Citizen5345910 v2.jpg Citizen3181997.jpg Division Armada v2.png Citizen5308221 v2.jpg
Macotera Miigueez Luilli13 AvilesII

11th Regiment 12th Regiment 14th Regiment 15th Regiment 17th Regiment
Deltanos.jpg Citizen5579007.jpg Juanpi4j.jpg JesusGarridoDiaz.jpg Citizen5708783.jpg
Deltanos Valcue Juanpi4j Jesus Garrido Diaz friman10

Achievments.png Medals

Status of total amount of member medals on 13th October 2012:

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x1007)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x11)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x17)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x42)


Division Armada v2.jpg