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Nationality Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakian
Date of birth April 2008
Date of death December 2008
Residence Western Slovakia
Sex Male
Mayor of Nyitra
21 July 2008 – 20 August 2008
Military rank Icon rank Private***.png Private***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Djozike was a citizen of Hungary and Slovakia. He was a member of Polgári Platform and served one term as mayor of Nitra (Hungarian Nyitra). His death was discovered in December 2008.


This is a section about the unofficial religion of erepublik.

Logo of the religion


The Djozikeism was founded in the second half of August 2008 by a group of Hungarian dioist believers. Therefore djozikeism has common features to dioism. In the beginnings, the religion was only a small group of believers, but later, the dioist temple of Nitra converted to djozikeist, thus almost 70 percent of Nitra shared the new faith, and there were believers from other parts of Hungary too. Djozikeism became the first unofficial religion of Hungary.


The period from mid August till mid-October was the most glorious era of the djozikeism. In that time, it was the official religion of MKKP, and under the cabinet of Rizsa, Rommel Erwin wanted to make djozikeism as an official religion of Hungary. Djozikeism had one temple in the region of Nitra.

From mid-October, the right-extremist opinion of the believers became much stronger, therefore they were forced to flee to Canada and Indonesia. Later in the time of religious persecution by NeoRoland, djozekism almost disappeared from Hungary, and after the death of Djozike, the number of believers decreased under less than ten.

The re-flourishing of djozikeism started on February 1 2009, when Djozike returned to the peoples of eRepublik. His reincarnation is one of the proofs of his existence. The Hungarians were the first to hear his voice, and on February 2 launched an ecumenical council (also known as universal synod) on the, where the original church was founded. Then after a continuous session, the church elected its first patriarch, Oresztész I, on February 4. The first action of Oresztész I was to appoint the prelates of the church.


Djozikeism is a polytheistic religion. The head (Pater Terra) of the Gods is Djozike. Other Gods were:

  • Waren - God of Administrative affairs
  • Gyadi - God of War
  • Kriszke - Acting God
  • Boris the Blade - God of Administrative affairs


The title Petrodromus refers to the Pontifex Maximus of djozkeism. Petrodromus is elected for a period of a month and may be elected only for two consecutive months. After that, he/she must take a break. The election of Petrodromus happens in the room: #zsinat, between 2nd and 8th of every month. The election is organized by the previous Petrodromus, and is elected by the priesthood.

Period Real Name Religious name
February 2009 Bertrand Russell I. Oresztész
March 2009 Antonius Arrabona I. Trinitrotulos
April 2009 Antonius Arrabona I. Trinitrotulos
May 2009 Ludrew I. Nepheritész
June 2009 Ludrew I. Nepheritész
July 2009 Ludrew I. Nepheritész
August 2009 Cerasus I. Dialecticus


After a reformation, a Council of Priests was formed on February 4. The Council elects the Petrodromus every month, who proclaims the teaching of djozikeism, speaks to the flocks, and conducts church-structural tasks.

Appointed Ended Name State
4th Feb 2009 ? Bertrand Russell Hungary
22nd Feb 2009 ? Antonius Arrabona Hungary
22nd Feb 2009 ? Thyr'zul Hungary
28th Feb 2009 ? Adalephat Hungary
4th Feb 2009 ? Glody Sanyii Hungary
4th Feb 2009 22nd Feb 2009 Weisz Manfred Huba Hungary
4th Feb 2009 22nd Feb 2009 Baluro Hungary
4th Feb 2009 28th Feb 2009 Adam Zahovay Hungary

Belief System

The main teachings and beliefs are collected in the Book of Djozike, which is the holy book of religion as well. Djozike Book of View (Hungarian Language).

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