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Dodgy Dude

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 21st December 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence London
Sex Male
Faith Bobloist
Party president of British Empire Party
16th July 2009 – 15th August 2009
Preceded by JayTune95
Succeeded by Sir Terry The Great
Congress member of Venezuela
January 16th 2009 – February 15th 2009
Congress member of North West of England
26th June 2009 – August 25th 2009
Vice president of United Kingdom
6th August 2009 – 5th September 2009
Preceded by Dishmcds
Succeeded by Necrosis
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Dodgy Dude started playing eRepublik on 21st December 2008.


Royal Navy.png

Royal Navy 1

At the very beginning of his eLife, DD joined the Royal Navy. However he was confused by it, and was generally unhappy with his surroundings, and so only stayed a few weeks.

Royal Guard.png

Royal Guard

So he joined the stationary force of the UK, The Royal Guards. He started life out as a Private, but his potential was quickly recognised (He assumes), as he was promoted to Sergeant inside a few weeks. His duties as Sergeant involved leading Squad C4 (Charlie 4). He was a very popular Sergeant amongst his Privates, and his squad was the most active in the whole of Charlie. He stayed as a Sergeant for a month or two, until he was again rewarded. He was promoted to Lieutenant of Charlie Company. This involved being second in command of approximately 55 Soldiers.

He did well in this position and was quickly promoted, around the beginning of September '09, to Captain of Charlie Company. This meant he was FIRST in command of these soldiers. After the Royal Guard was abolished by the UK government, Dodgy joined the UK Special Forces.

United Kingdom Special Forces.jpg

Special Forces

Special Forces: After the abolition of the RG, DD joined the SF. He stayed here for nearly two months. He was a normal member the first month, and in the second month, was a supplier, and was also given a leadership role. He was recommended by various high ranking people, as well as a Minister, for the Commanding Officer position, but was not chosen. Near the end of his second month there, he left the Special Forces, stating that there was no community, and that not many people were active, and he didn't think they could be bothered. Some said it was bitterness for not being given the Commanding Officer position, but the Minister of Defence said that he felt the same as Dodgy Dude - this silenced most critics. Dodgy went off to join the Royal Navy, where he was immediately given a place in its elite branch, the Royal Marines.

Royal Navy.png

Royal Navy 2

After he left the Special Forces, Dodgy applied once again for the Royal Navy, nearly a year after he had previously done so. He was immediately assigned to its Elite Branch, the Royal Marines. He then served as a Major there. After the abolition of the Royal Marines, he re-joined the Navy. He Captained the Congress Ship, HMS Daedalus for a short while before his computer broke, and he resigned. On his return, he was made Lieutenant of HMS Funky, and then served as its Captain.

Royal Navy Training Division

In February 2010, Dodgy Dude was picked up by John F Baker to work in the Royal Navy Training Division with the rank of Commodore.

Royal Marine/Special Forces Crossover

Shortly after he joined the Royal Marines, due to the Widdows Incident (See Below Section), Craig Rossiter was appointed Special Forces Commanding Officer, and Dodgy was appointed its Second in Command. Dodgy consulted the Minister of Defence at the time, R. R. Napier, and was granted permission to serve as Special Forces Second in Command, but also serve as a Private in the Royal Marines. Due to problems with accessing the internet, Dodgy Dude resigned as the Special Forces Second in Command.

British Army

When the British Army was formed in May 2010, Dodgy Dude was appointed as a Brigadier in the Infantry division. However, he and the Commanding Officer did not get along. Shortly, the Commanding Officer of the infantry transferred Dodgy Dude to the Tank division, where he was also appointed a Brigadier. Dodgy Dude stayed here for a few months (Estimated at 2 months, perhaps longer). At the time (Indeed, he still is), Dodgy was a member of the People's Communist Party, which had its own militia, the People's Army. Dodgy had always been sceptical of the usefulness of such a militia. However, after the aforementioned 2 months in the British Army Tank Division, he was offered the chance to command the People's Army. DD was excited at the prospect of making something of it, but felt he could not juggle both responsibilities, so he resigned as Brigadier in the Tank Division.

People's Army

Immediately after resigning from the Army, DD began work with the PA. He felt that without a better level of organisation, the PA would remain a failure. He spoke to the then Chief of the General Staff (Of the British Army), and DD eventually acquired permission for the PA to use the Army's hub. The PA was successful for a short time, but after the novelty had worn off, its soldiers' activity dramatically decreased, as did their interest. After a period of this, and after the soldiers confirmed they weren't interested, Dodgy Dude agreed to suspend PA activities.

Mad Tanks

Dodgy Dude was then immediately recruited to the "Mad Tanks", a sub-branch of the British Army, which comprised of the very strongest UK soldiers. As of September 2010, Dodgy is still a Mad Tanker.

Army Training Corps

Around August 2010, Dodgy Dude was picked to become a Colour Sergeant in the Army Training Corps, which involved helping to run an Army Training Squad. Shortly, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. As of September '10, DD was a Lt Col in the ATC.


Dodgy trains with the army most days, and In-Game, he was a Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal and a Veteran Tank.

This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

Dodgy Dude was also awarded a prestigious military award (An MID) in October 2009, in recognition of his accomplishments with the Royal Guard (Quote from award: "Exceptional leadership and extreme generosity").

He was awarded a second military award, also a MID, in May 2010, for his service to the Royal Armoured Corps. Dodgy Dude became only the second person to be awarded two MID's. (Dodgy Dude would like to note he is saddened at the recent devalue-ing of the MID :P )

Past Military Positions Held

  • Royal Marine/Royal Navy/Special Forces Strike Cooridinator
  • Royal Guard Private
  • Royal Guard Squad C4 Sergeant
  • Royal Guard Charlie Company Lieutenant
  • Royal Guard Charlie Company Captain
    Dodgy Dude was once the Charlie Company Captain
  • Imperial Guard
  • Royal Navy Private
  • Royal Navy Lieutenant
  • Royal Navy Captain (x2)
  • Royal Navy Commodore
  • Royal Marine Private
  • Royal Marine Major
  • Special Forces Supplier
  • Special Forces Second in Command (x2)
  • British SAS Sergeant
  • British Army Brigadier
  • Army Training Corps Colour Sergeant
  • Army Training Corps Lieutenant Colonel
  • People's Army Commander

Widdows9000 Incident

When Widdows 9000 stole 600G's worth of things from the UK Military, DD was given 100G of the government's money and was able to buy 2 companies worth around 150G, immediately returning them to eUK.

Shortly after DD joined the Royal Marines, Widdows9000, the Special Forces commanding officer at the time, stole money from the UK Military. As such, he was of course stripped of his position. Craig Rossiter replaced him as Commanding Officer, and Craig immediately appointed Dodgy as his Second in Command. DD was granted permission to do this but still serve as a Private in the Royal Marines.

Non-Party Politics

Be warned, this was written nearly 2 years into Dodgy's eLife, and so the earlier details (And, indeed, the latter xD) may be slightly inaccurate (Things such as dates, times etc).

Note2: I simply CBA recalling the stuff I did, so I'll summarise it very quickly

Dodgy Dude has been a Home Affairs underminister for 4 separate departments (Propaganda, Off-Site Propaganda, Welfare, and something else). DD has also been an apprentice in 9 MoHA departments. He has been a Foreign affairs apprentice twice and was once an UnderMinister at the Ministry of Work.

Biggest Regret

One of Dodgy Dude's biggest regrets in his eLife, is that he passed up the opportunity to be a member of a cabinet on multiple occasions (In favour of his military career).

In-Game Achievements

Hard Worker

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 9x Hard Worker

Congress member

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 3x Congress Member

Super Soldier

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 3x Super Soldier


The logo of the newspaper Randomage.

Dodgy Dude is the editor of the successful newspaper Randomage. With around 125 subscribers it is read by the masses, and enjoyed by all.

Dodgy Dude also ran the UK's National Newspaper Association (May 2010 - June 2010)

Party History

The first party Dodgy Dude ever joined was the People's Communist Party (PCP). He had been tempted by Bob Boblo, Rastari, and Taytaz. He stayed here for around 4 months, and after, went on a world tour as a mercenary. He spent about a month doing this.

He then came back to the United Kingdom and joined the Free Thinking Party (later known as Radical Freethinkers Alliance). His stay here was short, though he did recruit a good 50 members in his time there.

Then, he joined the British Empire Party. He originally joined only to foil Connor Mawn's (his longtime friend turned annoying friend) attempts at capturing the Party president spot. However, in Dodgy's words, he felt "pity" for them. He said he could see much potential, which wasn't being realized. So he stayed. In his first month, he was made Recruitment Manager, as he was at FTP, and he helped the membership triple (70 members) inside a month. In recognition of his hard work and experience, he was made the Vice-Party president the following month. He helped the relatively inexperienced JayTune95.

Next month, he ran for Party president (PP). He won, by just 3 votes. It is said by the rest of the UK community that Dodgy Dude revitalised the BEP, setting up many a scheme and earning them more respect. Dodgy Dude was running for Prime Minister in the August 2009 elections. He did better than what anyone had expected and received 188 votes finishing in 2nd place with 16.88% of the vote.

After this, Dodgy stayed in BEP for a few more months, doing random jobs. Around the New Year, however, he became very frustrated with BEP's members, and he finally left to join RFA (The reincarnation of his old party - FTP) after the BEP Elite started treating the other members very badly. Shortly after however, Dodgy Dude grew tired of the entire game, and took 3 months break. On his return, he rejoined his first party, the People's Communist Party.

Mid-June 2010, Haughenator, Party President of the rejuvenated British Empire Party, asked DD to come back and help revive the BEP. Dodgy Dude said he'd be happy to help out in its forums, on the condition that it became a more military-based party, and that he was also allowed to keep his PCP access. At this point, the admins intervened and said that DD was not allowed access to two parties. As such, Dodgy Dude said that he would not be willing to leave PCP, but that he'd always be a PM away if they needed anything.

Since then, Dodgy Dude remained a member of the People's Communist Party, commanded it's militia, and served as Commissar for Electoral Strategy.

Party Membership History

  • January - May 2009: People's Communist Party
  • June - June 2009: Free Thinking Party
  • July 2009 - January 2010: British Empire Party
  • April 2010 - end: People's Communist Party

Some of party orientated positions he has held include:

  • FTP Recruitment Officer
  • BEP Recruitment Officer
  • BEP Media Manager (x2)
  • BEP Vice-President (x5)
  • BEP Party president
  • BEP Militia Officer
  • BEP Shadow Minister of Defence
  • PCP Manager of 3 Communes
  • PCP Commissar for Electoral Strategy

Random Stuffs

(Hai. This is me (DD), not some lacky I have gotten to write this for me. I wanted to make my own section, so this is it. I'm not very good at this, so please don't shout at me ;_;)

Famous Quotes

"Tengo ganas. Tienes ganas?"