Dodo Moron

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Dodo Moron

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
National rank 28
Date of birth Nov 05, 2012
Residence Tallinn
Newspaper Ahvileivapuu
4x President of Estonia
7 June 2013 – 6 July 2013
7 April 2017 – 6 June 2017
7 February 2018 – 6 March 2018
83x Congress Member of Estonia
Military unit Icon-Estonia.png TeamDeer
Squadron 1
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 0.png Squadron Leader

Dodo Moron is an Estonian journalist and ex-politician. He is the head editor of Estonian media outlet Ahvileivapuu (The Baobab Tree).

Political career

Early Career

Dodo Moron started his political career as a member of Eesti Rahvuslased (ER). He served as congress member, party president and country president before a fallout with other members of the party lead to his departure.

E-Eesti Demokraatlik Erakond (E-Deer)

After leaving ER he became the founding member of E-Eesti Demokraatlik Erakond (E-Deer). He acted as party president and congress member before a fallout with other members of the party lead to his departure.

Vaba Rahva Partei (VRP)

After leaving E-Deer he rejoined ER for a brief stint before joining Vaba Rahva Partei (VRP). He helped VRP reach its main target of overthrowing dictatorship in Estonia. He served as party president, congress member and country president.

Return to ER

Dodo Moron returned to ER for the third time after VRP merged with ER. He served as congress member and minister of education until his retirement from politics.


Dodo Moron is the Commander of TeamDeer.

Previously he has been a member of The Royal Mercenary Forces of Estland. During his presidency he served as the commander of E-Eesti Vabariigi 2. Brigaad.