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Donate is a function that allows Citizens, Organizations, and countries to donate currency, gold, or inventory to other entities in eRepublik. Besides the information shown below, you can also donate currency directly to countries.

Citizen and Organization donations

To get to the donate section, bring up the profile of the entity (citizen/organization) you wish to donate to and in the upper right corner click on Icon donate.png button to donate money or on Icon donate items.png button to donate items. This will bring up the inventory tab labelled "Items" and another tab labelled "Money" with your accounts listed.

Every Citizen and every Organization can donate items to other citizens. Every Citizen above with an Adult Title and every Organization can also donate money to other citizens. Citizens with Young Title can also donate money to other entities, if they have bought gold in the shop.

Note: Every entity can only receive a maximum of Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD per day via donations and monetary market.


Donate page.

Citizens can specify the number of products to donate to other Citizens.

If a user successfully donates the items, this message will appear: "You have successfully donated the items"

After 'Donate' is pushed, the products will be transferred to the citizen and the receiver will get an alert.

Note: Only food, weapons and moving tickets can be donated. Products that have been put on sale or that are partially used cannot be donated.


Every user who has an Adult Title can donate Gold/currency to Citizen.

In this page, you can view the following information:

  • the Gold/currency accounts of the citizen who is viewing the page;
  • Donate field - editable area, only numbers available to use;
  • Donate button - when pushed, the donation will take place and the receiver will get an alert.

When donating, you are allowed to use only 2 decimals. (example: you can donate Flag-Romania.jpg 10,12 RON, not Flag-Romania.jpg 10,123 RON)

Notification messages:

  1. If a citizen/organization is trying to donate 0 or a negative sum of money, or type a text in the donation field, he will see this message: "You can only donate an amount of money that is higher than 0."
  2. A citizen can only receive up to Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD per day and once this limit is reached will get not be able to gain any more gold via donations.
  3. If a citizen/organization does not have the necessary amount of money in his account, he will see this message: "You do not have enough money in your account to make this donation."
  4. If a citizen/organization that is trying to donate money to a citizen/organization that does not exists, he will see this message: "The Citizen/Organization that you are trying to donate money does not exist"
  5. If a citizen/organization is trying to donate money from an account that he does not have, he will see this error message: "You do not have the proper account to donate"
  • If a citizen/organization successfully donates the money, this message will appear: "You have successfully donated (amount) (currency/Gold)"

If the receiver doesn't have that currency account available, this new account will be automatically created.


An example of an alert with a currency donation.

Starting on Day 1,933, eRepublik Administration has introduced accept/reject feature to gold and currency donations. Next to a gold or currency donation alert an accept and reject button will appear, allowing a citizen to accept or reject a donation. If the Accept button is clicked the donated amount of gold/currency will be added to the receivers account and if the Reject button is clicked the donated amount of gold/currency will be sent back to the sender.
Please note:

  • A donation will stay in pending for 3 days (72 hours), after that it will expire and the donation will be returned to his initial owner.
  • If one of the citizens involved in the transaction, gets suspended before the donation is accepted, the sender will receive back the donation.
  • If a citizen reaches his maximum limit of Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD per day, he will still be able to receive donations but he cannot accept them until the next day.
  • If a citizen receives a donation of Icon - Gold.gif 7 GOLD and he accepts it, and in the same day he receives another donation of Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD that he also wants to accept, a pop up will appear to inform him that he received only Icon - Gold.gif 3 GOLD and the rest have been returned to the sender.

Country donations

Main article: Country donations

Should I sell/buy on the black market?

Main article: Black market trading

This means you want to sell/buy directly to/from other organizations or citizens without involving the marketplace.
Well, doing so involves many risks. There's also the fact that you may have to use Currency because of the Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD donation limit.

Contracts are not supported by eRepublik team anymore. They said that contracts will "bring more problems to the citizens than they solve". So you can't be sure that deals are held by either sides.