Dozsa Szazad

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Dozsa Szazad

Dozsa Szazad.jpg

Egy puccs, nem puccs

General Information
Founded 2009 November 10th
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Access policy Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit
Total Soldiers 803
Commanded by Gomboc.Artur
2nd Commander Bikkin

Dozsa Szazad, often referred to as Dózsa Század is a military unit in Icon-Hungary.png Hungary.

The unit was started as Dozsa Irregularis Szazad, one of two military parts of Kisgazdapárt political party where party members served as soldiers.


Dozsa Szazad was founded on the 721st day of the New World by cheerful Hungarian farmers. The guiding principle was the love of the Hungarian land, respect for traditions, with a sense of relaxation and humor appropriate for a game. This unit was to be a community of proud players who are committed to each other's prosperity and are unbound.

Following the official introduction of military units in March 2011, Dozsa Szazad was established as the 53rd in the New World. As the number of military units was still limited at that time, the Talpasok Squadron was formed to accommodate all members, and later the two teams merged.

Chain of Command