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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
Date of birth August 14, 2012
(Day 1730)
Date of death April 20, 2021
Residence Birjand
Sex Male
Newspaper APS News
19x Congress Member of Iran
Party president of M E H R
March 2014 – April 2014
Minister of Education of Iran
May 2015 (est) – N/A
Served under M E H R
Military unit Icon-North Korea.png Grumpy Cat
Squadron 1
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 5.png Chief Master Sergeant*****

Dr.Ska, also known as Syavash, was a citizen of Iran. He was born in August 2012.



APS News is the newspaper published by Dr.SkA.

Icon-war.png Military

He was a member of the Persian military unit Dark Side Wolves of Iran before he joined Persian Cats. Later on, Dr.SkA moved to Black Academi and today he is a Commander of the Grumpy Cat, a one-man North Korean military unit.


  • Top Damage in a Campaign: 4,669,725,008 for Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
  • True Patriot Damage History:

Icon donation.gif Buildings


Icon Building Type Basic Production* Cost No. Owned
Icon - Food Factory Q1.png Q1 Food 100 Icon - Food Q1.png Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD 1

* Basic Production means the production without any resource bonuses.


Icon Building Type Storage Capacity Cost No. Owned
Icon - Normal Storage.png Normal Storage 1000 Storage Box.png Icon - Money.png 1750 CC 9

Training Grounds

Icon - Weights Room Q4.png Weights Room - Q4 Icon - Climbing Center Q4.png Climbing Centre - Q4
Icon - Shooting Range Q4.png Shooting Range - Q4 Icon - Special Forces Center Q4.png Special Forces Centre - Q4


  • Decoration Leaderboard Snowman 1.png Ice Cold Killer - Ranked 1st in the Snowmen Defeated Leaderboard of his country, Division 3.
  • 3 x Decoration Leaderboard Snowman 3.png Ice Cold Killer - Ranked 3rd in the Snowmen Defeated Leaderboard of his country, Division 3.
  • Decoration Valentine 2014 1.png Day 2276 - Cupid Killer - Completed the "Cupid's Revenge" missions.
  • Decoration National Shield2 top 50.png Day 2317 - Ranked in the top 50 in Iran, National Shield Competition.
  • Decoration Brazilian sabotage Ball kicker.png Day 2397 - Ball Kicker - Completed the “Brazilian Sabotage” missions.
  • Decoration 4th MU tournament 1.png Day 2415 - Team Player - Helped his Military Unit to win 1st place in the New World Cup, Division 2, Iran.
  • Decoration Kill Rush 1.png Day 2474 - First Rank Killer - Helped his Military Unit to win 1st place in the Kill Rush, Division 2, Iran.
  • Decoration Epic Warfare2 top 50.png Day 2534 - Ranked in the top 50 in Iran, Epic Warfare Tournament.
  • Decoration Soldiers of fortune.png Days 2779 - Soldier of Fortune - Proved to be the architect of my own fortune by taking part in the Soldiers of Fortune Event!
  • Decoration Regiment rumble top100.png Day 2807-2813 - Heavyweight Champion - Member of a Regiment finishing in the top 100 global ranking of Regiment Rumble.
  • Decoration Anniversary 8th.png Day 2922 - Celebrated the 8th Anniversary of eRepublik.
  • Decoration Day 3000.png Day 3000 - Witnessed an Epic Day 3,000 and completed the "Epic Day 3,000" Mission.
  • Decoration Day 4000.png Day 4000 - Worthy fighter of the Day 4,000.
  • Decoration Valentine 2021 1.png Day 4835 - Love Bites - Tier I - Sharing more than 10000 Love Bites.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x23)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x90)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x19)
Icon achievement Country President off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x600)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x3)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x44)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x853)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x6)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x145)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x1)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x1)