Dr Jaytlez Multi Scandal

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This was perhaps the biggest and most publicized scandal's in all of Canadian history.

The dreaded mastermind Dr Jaytlez was born on June 8th 2008 and made more multi-accounts then Canada could keep up with, in the next few days, believed to be measured in hundreds. There were rumours that he was making between Icon-gold.gif 25 and 40 GOLD per day! His attempt to capture the Canadian Paradox Party Leadership brought about the first confirmed multi-scandal and T.O. attempt in Canada, which was promptly foiled by Canadians and Admins. Jayt3lz kept coming back to terrorize the Canadian public, stealing Banach's newspaper the Ottawa Guardian, deleting some articles[1] and continuing the attempt to build a corporate empire. As a result, the government issued new executive orders, designed to boycott and capture all industries owned and initiated by the Jaytlez Multis[2].

Dr Jaytlez was found by Prime Minister Banach and reported. He was then banned and left without a trace until he resurfaced in June 2009 as Cesar Augustus, joining Canada as an aid to help find multies and apologizing to Banach after starting a new page[3].

Suspected Multi-Accounts

Some of the multi-accounts suspected under the control of Dr Jaytlez:

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