Dread Pirate Hobbits

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Dread Pirate Hobbits

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 94
Date of birth Dec 5, 2009
Residence Tasmania
Sex Male
Political party Pirate Party Australia
Newspaper Release the Kraken!!!.
Minister of Finance of Australia
Military unit Mobile Elite Korp
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 0.png Staff Sergeant

Dread Pirate Hobbits was born in Australia on December 5th 2009, and is the current Minister of Finance of Australia, and President of the Pirate Party of Australia.


Dread Pirate Hobbits was born in Australia, and spent many years in relative obscurity before making his first foray into politics in December 2015. After one term as senator, he served under Jack Trout as Minister of Finance. Proving himself able, he served in the role three more times under three different Prime Ministers, as well as assisting as deputy minister twice. It was in part his ability in finance which won him the Prime Ministership during the crucial time of the second resource wars, in which, helped chiefly by MoFA Gueneo and MoD Pat McCrutch, Australia was able to secure greater bonuses than had been held previously.



Country Position Times Served
Australia Prime Minister (Country President) 1
Minister of Finance (Governor) 4
Senator (Congress) 4

Political Parties

Country Party Position Times Served
Australia Australian Democratic Party President 2
Spokesperson 1
Pirate Party Australia President 2


Military Unit Position
Mobile Elite Korp Member


Icon achievement Country President on.gif Country President (x1) Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress member (x4) Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif Freedom Fighter (x20) Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x8)
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0) Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero (x2) Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif Campaign Hero (x0) Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif Resistance Hero (x17)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier (x17) Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x1) Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif Top Fighter (x0) Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif True Patriot (x8)