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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
Date of birth January 28, 2008
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Congress member of Portugal
2008 –
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

DrogbaPT was a citizen of Portugal.

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DrogbaPT was born in Portugal (more specifically Ponta Delgada).

Apparently, DrogbaPT was born an orphan and his parents are unknown. Probably because of this DrogbaPT is a little anti-social but very efficient. Drogba travelled to Porto. He left the docks and went to the town. There he met PHuSiOn9. PHuSiOn9 was a very successful manager who had 5 companies. He gave a job to Drogba as a farmer.

PHuSiOn9 noticed that he was fairly good with his military skills; when Drogba was practising with DomiBoss during work's break. After the break, PHuSiOn advised DrogbaPT to become a soldier. Drogba accepted as he could learn new things and improve his military skills.

He became an active member of military forces of Portugal and has achieved a rank of Field Marshal**.

He was involved in politics and was elected in Congress of Portugal, where he served 2 terms.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x20)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x2)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x5)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x23)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x6)

Life Change

DrogbaPT's insane state

When things finally appeared to be going well a disaster occurred. Zac was working in a new long sword with magical powers. While Zac was working he asked Drogba to go to the marketplace to buy some food for lunch. When Drogba left Zac's place the 5 robbers that 5 years ago he had beaten showed up again. But this time they wanted Zac to revenge on what he did. So the robbers entered Zac's place and threatened him with a pistol. After that, they beat up Zac. Accidentally, the robber with the pistol fired the gun and hit Zac's head, in the middle of the eyes.

When the gun is fired DrogbaPT enters Zac's place. When he sees his friend dead on the floor he gets insane and grabs the Sword that Zac was working on. When he grabs it he starts swinging his sword. He mortally wounds 4 of the robbers. The one left was the one who fired the gun. Drogba gets near him and cuts his head with a single strike.

In Portugal, assassination is a crime so DrogbaPT had to leave. DrogbaPT went to the docks to get a ticket and to wash his sword to leave the island and go to the continent (he decided to go to Porto).

New Beginning

DrogbaPT alternative clothes

After a few months, the Police announced in an important newspaper that a crime occurred in Ponta Delgada. A homicide of 5 people by a very skilled swordsman (they know it was a skilled swordsman because of the marks on the ground and the precision of the attacks). The 5 people dead were Sweden spies who were collecting information about several countries. According to the police chief, they were collecting information about each country weapons, military strength and training, important buildings, strategical places, political stability, economic stability and other several things. They were also stealing money to finance some Sweden secret programs. But the police had no proof of who did that murder although later it was said that they didn't try to hard to find out who did it.

This news were bad especially to patriotic and nationalist people all over the world. PHuSiOn9 after this advised the President to give more financial support to the army. But PHuSiOn9 also noticed something else. The newspaper talked that those 5 spies were killed by a skilled swordsman. He remembered his worker, DrogbaPT who had good sword skills and came from an unknown place. He went to the docks to talk with some fisherman and described DrogbaPT. They said that they saw a very similar kid a few months ago that had come from Ponta Delgada. PHuSiOn9 returns to his office. Later he calls DrogbaPT to his office and confronts Drogba about that. DrogbaPT had no choice but to tell everything.

PHuSiOn9 was shocked but soon he realised that DrogbaPT could be very handy. His sword skill couldn't be wasted so he advised Drogba to join Comandos. Comandos it's an Elite Division of the Portuguese Army. DrogbaPT refused the first time because he said he didn't want to kill more people but PHuSiOn9 insisted and reminded him that it was the Swedish government that accidentally killed Zac Fildirgs, DrogbaPT friend. In the end, DrogbaPT accepted.

A Soldier

The Twelve "Super-Soldiers" of the CRFF (Czech Republic Freedom Force ). The only soldier of the CRFF that isn't in this picture is Vaclav
DrogbaPT fighting the CZ "Super-Soldier" to save his friend DomiBoss. DrogbaPT turned blue when he managed to unlock the Sword Power.

After joining DrogbaPT started his elite and intensive training. Commander Naadjh found out that Drogba's Sword had magical powers but he didn't know how to unlock. Later on, Drogba got involved in a discussion which ends up with a fight with his mate Judazs. In the fight, Judazs was winning but when Drogba managed to unlock the powers of the sword the tides turned on in favour of Drogba. DrogbaPT strength increased drastically and if it wasn't DomiBoss and Commander Naadjh holding DrogbaPT Judazs would be dead.

After two months of this incident, Drogba first mission appeared. His squad (of seven soldiers) was nominated to go to Hungary(Portugal was a member of the MA which allies include France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and some others) to defend it. Their squad and the others were in one military base made for them. His squad was nominated to go to the field. So they did. Drogba entered the field and showed his power in the battlefield... he managed to execute five soldiers in one single slash. But his squad got ambushed. Thirteen CZ soldiers killed three teammates and went after the others and hurting two teammates. This CZ soldiers weren't ordinary soldiers. They had superior firepower and superior training and motivation so they were called Super-Soldiers. Drogba had no choice but to escape. Even with his Sword powers, he couldn't take so many soldiers at one time so he returns to his base. There DrogbaPT informs Commander Naadjh the loss of three soldiers and of the two injured soldiers.

Commander Naadjh decides to reunite all squads and nominates DrogbaPT to Sergeant (because of his slash that took five soldiers) and nominates DomiBoss Captain (because of his leadership abilities and amazing kills). Commander Naadjh ordered to eliminate those CZ "Super-Soldiers" at all costs as they have been provoking damages to the Italian Squad. So they moved to the battlefield where these "Super-Soldiers" have been last seen.

When they reach there they see dead bodies all over the floor. It was a horrible scenario, but a soldier needs to keep cold blood so Captain DomiBoss ordered to look for survivors and to search for the "Super-Soldiers". One soldier went to check a destroyed building and that's when the "Super-Soldiers" appear. Unfortunately, that soldier got killed instantly. DrogbaPT runs at his full speed at slashes the CZ "Super-Soldier" that killed his teammate. Obviously, that wasn't a smart move since there were five of these "Super-Soldiers" waiting for someone. So they jump to DrogbaPT hurting his right arm with three strikes.

DrogbaPT falls down and DomiBoss and some other soldiers go and attack those five "Super-Soldiers". They manage to kill them all but at the loss of seven soldiers. After killing these five "Super-Soldiers", seven "Super-Soldiers" appear but this time one of them seems to be the Leader. He said the following: "I am Vaclav. I am the Knight of the Czech Republic and I am here to kill everyone who threats our country".

Vaclav - The Leader of the Czech Republic Freedom Force (CRFF)

Captain DomiBoss orders all soldiers to attack. An intense fight started. While they were fighting, DrogbaPT's right arm was in a bad shape and still on the floor. But when DrogbaPT gets up he sees that his Captain and friend, DomiBoss, was in the floor with a "Super-Soldier" near him with a sword next to Domi's heart, Drogba uses the power of his Sword to heal his body and runs towards the enemy. The "Super-Soldier" was seeing Drogba so when he came he tried to strike him... but Drogba superpowers broke the "Super-Soldier" sword and killed him.

Captain DomiBoss thanked DrogbaPT but there was no time to lose. There was still six "Super-Soldiers" left and Vaclav. After ten minutes of violent fights, those five "Super-Soldiers" were killed at the cost of fifteen Portuguese soldiers. Vaclav was still alive but since he was the only CZ soldier left in the battlefield he ran away.

Captain DomiBoss and DrogbaPT still tried to chase Vaclav but he was faster. Captain DomiBoss ordered all troops to go to the base. So they did. When they reach the base they inform Commander Naadjh that all CZ "Super-Soldiers" were dead except their leader and that they lost twelve soldiers. Commander Naadjh went to his office and made a call. After a few moments, he comes back and informs Captain DomiBoss and Sergeant DrogbaPT that those CZ "Super-Soldiers" were the last defensive option of Czech Republic and that Vaclav was the leader of the Czech Republic Freedom Force (created after the war with Hungary). Also due to the loss of many soldiers in this fight, the President of Portugal ordered to withdraw all troops. When they returned home Captain DomiBoss decided to nominate Sergeant DrogbaPT to Lieutenant.

Reconstruction and the beginning of the new problem

Comandos returned to Portugal from a terrific fight with the Czechs (which in the end the winner of the war was Hungary with the help of Portugal and Italy). This fight killed a lot of the Portuguese soldiers (twenty-five in total). Since some of the strongest soldiers died Portugal was in a fragile situation so something had to be done.

To solve this situation PHuSiOn9 (Vice-President of Portugal at this time) ordered an emergency meeting at the Portugal Military Base of Porto. There, the most important people in the country were discussing what should be done. In the end, they got to the conclusion that strong soldiers only appear after months of training so the only thing left to be done is to equip properly the Portuguese Army. Since Comandos were the only ones with decent equipment and since they had lost a lot of soldiers and that equipment the President of Portugal ordered an investment of Icon - Gold.gif 400 GOLD in weapons. This investment main purpose was the fabrication of better weapons and amours. Also, the Portuguese Army will have, from now on, specialized training instead of only the basic training.

After two months of this investment, the Portuguese Army had better equipment and better trained soldiers. Portugal wasn't so fragile but it wasn't fully recovered as well Hungary and Italy (both allies). Norway knew this and since they are imperialists they wanted to conquer a few more countries. But there was one problem. Norway couldn't attack any of the MA members directly so they thought that someone else could attack for them and that could send squads to help conquer the MA countries. They knew that United Kingdom could attack France so they tried to make a deal with them. Norway would pay the war costs and would offer Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD for each fully conquered country. The plan was perfect as Norway had good soldiers as well as the United Kingdom and the MA countries were weak at the moment except Spain but they didn't like to send squads to help their allies. Of course, they knew that Spain someday would act but when they did it could be already too late.

Meanwhile in Portugal Commander Naadjh was happy to announce the full armament of the Portuguese Army. But he didn't know that he was going to send his soldiers to war again so early...

Dark times are coming

Norway managed a deal with the United Kingdom. Norway would pay Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD for each fully country conquered and would pay the war costs. So first of all Norway made a Mutual Protection Pact with the UK. After that UK declares war to France. UK congress voted all "yes" to the proposal of war. Tough times expect France.

The world is shocked at this proposal of war by the UK especially France. Although they weren't allies they always had a good relationship with each other. France had three days to prepare for the war. This wasn't good news as they knew that the UK had a strong military and it was allied with Norway and that makes them even more powerful. Meanwhile, the other MA members are worried because they know that if France is conquered Norway and the UK will have access to Italy and Spain. The future for the MA seemed dark and they only had three days to prepare while Norway was planning this for two months already.

So after one day of the war declaration of war to France, Portugal ordered all MA countries to reunite in Porto to discuss this matter. All MA members came except Spain who, apparently, wanted to remain neutral. Portugal, Italy and Hungary were still recovering from the war and the only country capable of sustaining a war was France.

So the President of Portugal suggested that Portugal, Italy and Hungary would only provide help when France would have lost ten of his regions. If France loses ten regions then Portugal, Italy and Hungary would send his troops to help France. Meanwhile, the MA had to convince Spain to help them but it was hard since they don't like to involve in wars because of the fear to lose his economical power.

The following two days passed very fast and MA had his first tough test in his alliance life.

The War

The war officially started. The UK started attacking but Norwegian troops haven't arrived yet. France placed a lot of his troops because if they could win those regions they would gain an advantage and could get more time for the other MA countries to recover. After three hours of fighting between the British troops and the French troops, France seemed to have the advantage until Norway came. Norwegian troops reached the regions in war and immediately started firing against the French troops killing a lot of them. France retread from those regions as they had to rethink their strategy.

So France lost three regions and Norway showed a bit of their power as when they reach the battlefield they killed a lot of French soldiers. After that, the French Army decided to be more cautious and save some troops because they still had a lot of territories to defend. Obviously, France didn't want to lose any region because innocent people live in the cities and they knew that the Norwegian and the British troops would rob them all. To prevent that the French Government ordered everyone to remove all of their goods to Paris. Then in Paris, the goods would be moved to Toulouse because there was too far away from the war and the good could be safe.

Second day. The British troops together with the Norwegian decided to attack more regions. They started attacking four regions. But this time the French troops were more prepared and they set up traps. This lead to some British and Norwegian casualties. France even managed to secure one region but the other three were conquered even with the traps. The French army had lost 26% of their army by this time while the British and Norway had lost together 19% of their attacking army. French really lost a lot of troops but that's normal as the British troops and the Norwegian troops had better soldiers.

France cities that were conquered by the British and by Norway were destroyed because of the fights but mainly because there are almost no goods to be stolen so the commanders of UK and Norway ordered to burn down many cities. Green camps were turned to wastelands and all industries were shot down. Also, Norwegian Commander ordered that every survivor of the war, soldier or not, had to lock up and that they had to be interrogated. But the Norwegian Commander said that it wasn't necessary to torture them... for now. Also, France had captured a few Norwegian and British soldiers and locked them up but they haven't tortured them yet.

Third day. French situation was getting rough as six regions were under attack and the enemies were winning. Tough battles were fought in those regions. A lot of soldiers screamed with pain when they get hit. Innocent people died in the middle of the battles when they were trying to run away. Nobody would escape the wrath of Norwegian soldiers. British troops weren't so evil but that doesn't mean that they haven't killed innocent French people on purpose. In the battlefield, the French troops were trying to keep the enemies away but they couldn't do it. Besides with the war, France was suffering an economic crisis which makes harder to buy supplies for the troops. As France was losing four of the six regions under attack they decided to call for the MA help was soon they would have lost ten regions. After eight hours of intense fighting, the French lost five of the six regions. They lost more than one region that they were expecting because the Norwegian troops managed to intercept all the trucks that transported supplies to that region.

Portugal after the request of help made by France sent his troops to the battlefield. It would take two days to reach Toulouse where the French government was set. For Italy and Hungary would one day to reach Toulouse as well.

Fourth day. A major attack by the British troops and the Norwegian troops. Eight regions were under attack and in five of them the supply roads were destroyed and it was prone to attacks. France was starting to collapse because of the economic situation but also because of the political tension. People were rioting in the regions that weren't under attack and were accusing the government of not being able to defend the country. In Toulouse where the government was set and where most of the goods were protected by the Royal French Army people were protesting and were causing problems by getting involved into fights with the police and with the Army. People were getting under arrested but that only contributed to getting the situation worst. Inflation reached 260% in the fourth day of battle. But the most important thing that was being destroyed was the hope of surviving the war...

Fifth day. France lost six regions. Most of France was destroyed and the lands where battles were fought were completely destroyed. Only six regions left for France. But this time France had the advantage because the Italian Squad and the Hungarian Squad were here to help. But they could only help to defend two regions. By this time inflation in France reached 280% and it didn't increase more because Hungary and Italy brought supplies with them and more were to come. Moral in the French army rose with the Italian troops and the Hungarian troops.

Sixth day. Portugal troops reach Toulouse and started to distribute their supplies that they brought to the French Army. In the Portugal squad, DrogbaPT was there and he was ready to fight. This was the first good news of that day since they had lost two hours two regions leaving France with only four regions to be conquered. The French government asked the Portuguese Army to help build a wall in Toulouse so that when the Norwegian troops and the British ones reach Toulouse it would be harder for them to conquer France. Also, some of the Italian and Hungarian squad stayed in Toulouse to help reconstruct France.

The only Portuguese troops that went help defend one of the regions of France was Lieutenant DrogbaPT and Captain DomiBoss. They went because they had leadership skills and in that region, the French troops didn't have anyone high ranked. Another interesting fact is that in this region they would saw the British flag and they didn't see the Norway flag. DrogbaPT and DomiBoss asked one of the French soldiers if that was normal. He said that was the first time that they saw only one of the flags. Anyway, they started fighting against the British troops. DrogbaPT didn't fight for quite some time but he still was killing the soldiers that appeared in front of him. DomiBoss was doing the same. But the French troops were a bit surprised as the troops that they were fighting weren't as good as the ones fought before and they were less organized. After three hours of battle, DrogbaPT was fighting against two British soldiers and he managed to hit one of them mortally. The other was just a bit wounded. But the soldier dropped his weapon on the floor and begged DrogbaPT to kill him. DrogbaPT was surprised but instead of killing him, he decided to take him to the interrogation room. When DrogbaPT returns to the battlefield DomiBoss tells him that the British soldiers retreated.

Everyone was surprised especially the French troops and they got even more surprised when DrogbaPT told about the soldier that begged to kill him. So DomiBoss goes to the interrogation room. There he sees the British soldier crying. DomiBoss comes near him and asks him why he was crying. The British soldier revealed that he wasn't a British soldier but instead he was a Belgium soldier. The United Kingdom conquered Belgium. It was from the Belgium regions that the United Kingdom started the attack. The Belgium solder also revealed that Belgium soldiers and civilians were being used in the war to lower the casualties and to get more soldiers in the field.

That's when DrogbaPT and DomiBoss decided that they had to recover France and after that start the liberation of Belgium. When DrogbaPT and DomiBoss returned to Toulouse, Commander Naadjh told them that they lost the other 3 regions and that their attacks had more people than before. That's when DrogbaPT tells everyone about the use of Belgium people to prevent British and Norwegian casualties. Everyone is shocked and they all agree to make the liberation of Belgium.

Seventh day. So only one region left and that was Toulouse. This city was fortified by nature but many people helped construct more walls to make even more fortified and more capable of sustaining the attacks. Everyone had to fight and that means that civil were included. Weapons were distributed to everyone. Finally, after three hours of waiting for the attack, everyone sees the United Kingdom and Norway flag far away. They were coming but they had to win this fight no matter what. If France is conquered no other country for the MA would survive. Also, Spain didn't send any troop or supplies.

After a while, the British troops and the Norwegian troops reach Toulouse and imminently start the attack. There were a lot of soldiers on the battlefield as most of the people in France was in Toulouse as well with the French army and the MA squads. Everyone starts fighting and we hear and see a lot of blood being dripped on the floor, heads flying, screams, pain and horror. It's impossible to describe the battle as the French were fighting for their last land while the British and Norwegian (hoped) for the final battle in that territory.