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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth Jul 14, 2009
Residence Zadar
Political party POW Party
Newspaper P0W News
President of Croatia
February 2021 – March 2021
Preceded by T O LJ A G A
Succeeded by Tech101
May 2021 – June 2021
Preceded by eKux
Succeeded by Polubrat od Rompice
Military unit Flag-Croatia.jpg Polska Organizacja Wojskowa
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend X
Legend title Legends of Croatia:
Vulture-man Battalion X
Aircraft rank Group captain 0.png Group Captain

Dryblas is a citizen of Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia.


Loyal member of the POW Party in which he was numerous times party president.

An interesting fact about Dryblas is that he is a citizen with the most applications to become Country President of Croatia - Dryblas appeared in 46 presidential elections as a candidate of the POW Party, in a period from April 2018 until October 2022 with the longest streak from December 2020 until February 2022 (15 consecutive attempts).


Dryblas is a loyal member of Polska Organizacja Wojskowa, a military unit in which Dryblas is from its creation back in 2009.


P0W News is the newspaper owned and published by Dryblas. It currently has 966 subscribers, although in the past had more than 1000.