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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
Date of birth 4 June 2008
Date of death June 2009
Sex male
Faith Theocracy
Newspaper .::eRepublik::.
Congress member of Italy
October 26, 2008 – November 25, 2008
Development Minister of Italy
December 5, 2008 – January 4, 2008
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Citizen received Permanent ban for using system exploits.

Born as Italian citizen in the New World, Dudley changed his life joining Theocracy.

Italian Congressman for 5 months, General Manager of Weapons FTW s.p.a., owner of newspaper .::eRepublik::., Former Commander of Divisione Torino, General of 4th Italian Army.


 Ho scelto AeG perchè mi ritrovo nei suoi ideali e perchè voglio vedere (almeno su internet) una e-Italia forte e soprattutto rispettata! 

After few day of activity in the beta version, he tries to improve the game over the “2 click every day”. So, he starts to probe Italian parties. But just Aquila et Gladius(an authoritarian far-right Italian party) attract him.

The former president of Italy Akira (also the president of Aquila et Gladius), sees in Dudley an active and competent member and candidates him to the congress for the July election.

At the same time, Aquila et Gladius has a new president:Giovanni Marinelli who takes the power after the left of Akira. Also Marinelli trusts Dudley who, in a first moment, is designed as candidate to begin mayor of Rome of the right parties (Lega Nerd, Aquila et Gladius and Democracy and Future). But after a while "pope" Madzinga XVI is chosen instead of Dudley. The pope will lose the elections against Aquarius. Dudley is still candidate as a congressman in the next elections.

The congressional experience is still active in the election of October 25. He chooses to left the congress for growing up the news members but he gets in once again.

After a couple of days, he joined the III meeting of Aquila et Gladius with the most active members of the party.

Since November he hasn't candidate in congress but he is nominated "Membro del Direttivo" in Aquila et Gladius. This group includes the most important players in the party (After some months it will be transformed in "Grand Council").

On December, he was chosen as Developing minister of Italy.

On April, after the attack to Sardinia all Theocrats in Aquila et Gladius were obliged to leave the party. But Dudley doesn't escape and is banned permanently although no one could ban him because he was a member of the great council.

On May Dudley re-create the "Teocratici Superdotati" party in Switzerland. The party still exists.

Logo of Divisione Torino


After the reading of many articles about the France-Switzerland_War Dudley joins the 3rd Armata of Italian Army. He is assigned in a division with defensive function the Divisione Torino under the General with 1 star Bandiagara. Dudley proposes himself as deputy commander and the general promotes him as Colonel after a couple of day and many tasks completed. Dudley helps bandiagara with diligent until when, in the next days, the general leaves the command to fight abroad before and for the the summer after. Dudley takes the control of the division for some weeks and he chooses Wolf89 as deputy of the deputy commander. After that, Dudley leaves the game for summer taking the situation under control with periodical inspection. On August 29th, he backs and waits for bandiagara. But the general left this position to enter in the staff of the president of Italy (Gracchius) as "Chief of Developing". So Dudley is nominated general with 1 star by the great general Gil-Galad (head of 3° Armata) and now, Wolf89 is deputy commander and colonel. But this latter will become after few days deputy commander of Gil-Galad and will leave the Divisone Torino. The new deputy commander is benetor94.

In the same time, the First World War is began. Dudley fights under the orders of the leader of Italian Army Colinar with Wolf89 and amdx of Divisione Torino. With 54 victories in BETA, 6 in super-fights and 16 normal fights, Dudley began Captain.

He continues to fight as the commander of Divisione Torino. But on December Wolf89 ask to Dudley to begin the new leader of 4th Italian army. Dudley accepts and creates two divisions: "Legio Augusta" and "Legio Italica". On January 9th, Dudley resigns. However he began Colonel after other fights.

On May Dudley went to Switzerland with the Theocracy. He joins the Theocratic Holy Army and began General in the most powerful unit in the army: Alpha forces.


Dudley creates immediately his own newspaper. This new media speakes about the bugs of the beta version. “eRepublik bugs” is born. This newspaper publishes 2 articles with a very little success. For this reason Dudley leaves this career. Later, during the First World War, he uses the newspaper to publish articles about the bug of the war module. Now he reaches a good success.

With the rise of V1, eRepublik Bugs loses its original purpose and is renamed as “.::eRepublik::.” That Dudley will use for informing users about the news of V1 and the other interesting information.

logo of Weapons FTW s.p.a


Since 06/21/08 Dudley has been creating the “Items FTW group” with Cero. The group should include different companies but after the creating of the first firm the “Weapons FTW”, a company of weapons, the two players leave this idea.

While Cero takes care of others companies, Dudley manages the Weapons FTW. It obtains good profits which grown up even more until the passage to Q2. With the V1 and the block of wars, Dudley stipulates a profitable contract with the Italy that will be rescind by president Pericle himself. After that, the company suffers huge loss caused by the crack of the market. To avoid the loss, Dudley creates special offers with discount and takes advantage of the several independence wars around the world.

With the new wars the company gets rich and can afford the upgrading process. Weapons FTW at the end was a q3 company.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x2)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x4)