Dutch National Democrats

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Dutch National Democrats

Party-Dutch National Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation DND
Forum Forum
Colors red,white,blue
Founded January 2010
Dissolved April 2010
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds DutchLink
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Liberal, Democratic, Nationalistic


Dutch National Democrats was a Nationalistic, Liberal and Democratic party in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. At day 788 (16/01/2010) RetroX was chosen as Party president of the inactive party DutchLink and reformed the party to Dutch National Democrats. In April 2010, this party was again changed. It had 15 members prior to its changing.

Party Agenda

The vision and agenda of DND:

  • Proud of eNL
  • Stimulate our private companies
  • Stimulate new companies
  • Reduce the need for state companies
  • Reduce the number of the government jobs
  • Respect Belgium as an independent nation
  • Setting up a Legal/Court system
  • Appoint an anti-cheating officer
  • Setting up a monthly award ceremony
  • Setting up an entertainment/competition department


DND entered history by starting up the EUNL Awards - a community giver awards.


Due to the lack of political activity, the party was disbanded.

Party presidents

Term start Term end Party president Votes Member count Voting Rate Comments
Jan 16, 2010 Feb 15, 2010 RetroX 5 8 62.50% Founder of the party
Feb 16, 2010 Mar 15, 2010 RetroX - - -% continued as PP
Mar 16, 2010 Apr 15, 2010 RetroX - - -% continued as PP
Apr 16, 2010 May 15, 2010 RetroX - - -% continued as PP


  • Day 788: RetroX became Party president of DutchLink
  • Day 788: Dutch National Democrats has been founded as the successor of DutchLink
  • Day 790: DND Forum has been set up
  • Day 793: DND Org has been founded as an operational organisation to the party
  • Day 793: DND News has been founded as the newspaper of the party
  • Day 794: The monthly award ceremony is founded: eUNL Awards
  • Day 798: The first eUNL Awards winners
  • Day 877: The DND is going to disband.

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