eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret

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eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret

Party-eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret v5.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abbreviation eBNP
National rank 1
Colors Blue, White and Yellow
Founded October 20th 2011
President Zenica1
Vice President Zemlja
Secretary General //
Councillor //
Spokesman Drug Babo
Members 25
Congress Occupancy 8 seats (20,51%)
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret (eBosnian National Movement) is the second biggest and one of the oldest political parties in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Party Constitution

(Revised: 21/07/21)

Some old Coats of Arms

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Introduction and Home Affairs

1.1 The guiding principle of the "eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret" is equality for all citizens, regardless of status, race, gender, age, wealth or experience. This is the guiding principle in eRepublik that we support and hold true.

1.2 In support of this guiding principle we hold the following core beliefs;

1.2.1 We believe in supporting and guiding the less wealthy and powerful because the eBiH can only be as strong as its weakest citizen.

1.2.2 We believe in teamwork because collectively we can achieve more than one individual alone.

1.2.3 Everyone should have a say in how this country is run, regardless of wage, political direction or status within the eBiH.

1.2.4 We believe in putting our principles into practice, in the way we work together in our party, in the way we work together in Congress and, with your help, in the way we work together with you in government.

1.4 We believe in an open democracy. All political decisions and votes affecting the public should be made in the open, except in the most extreme circumstances of national security. All Ministers should be available to respond to members of the public and account for their decisions.

Together we can make the BiH great

Stance on The Economy

3.1 The eBosnacki Nacionalni pokret believes that the rights of the individual worker and consumer supersede the right of the employer to profit and that the best way to achieve this is to maintain as much state control over the economy as is necessary, for the common good.

3.2 The best way to implement this is to ensure that interests of the workers and consumers are properly represented by the party.

3.3 We believe it is the government's duty to ensure fair trading practices and that a worker's wage should enable a high standard of living, and is also flexible enough to change with the price of consumer goods and in response to market forces.

3.4 Government regulation should prevent the problem, not just suppress it, and to that effect, we will avert market failure with foresight, instead of having and then solving an economic crisis.

3.5 Every worker should have the right to a fair wage, regardless of employer.

3.6 Every citizen should have the right to buy fairly priced goods, undeterred by a monopoly in the target market.

3.7 Every company manager should not obtain huge profits to the detriment of the public or employees, as we believe that every business has responsibility for society.

Leadership and its roles

4.1 The eBNP does not believe in a single leader, but rather a spokesperson, through whom the entire experience and collective knowledge of the eBNP are expressed. When one vote for the eBNP CP candidate for the country, one vote for the eBNP as a whole for Prime Minister.

4.2 The eBNP chooses its leader through a common consensus about who should be the next leader. The eBNP believes competition weakens us through division, rather than through unity.

4.3 The eBNP leader is discussed and elected in the forum, and thus eBNP members should make it their primary aim to join the forum as soon as possible. This is due to the constant threat of Political takeover.

Stance on other Parties.

5.1 The eBNP are willing to work with all other BiH-based parties on policies that we share. We will not, however, go against our ideals in order to support/gain favour with them.

5.2 We are willing to trade ideas and cooperate with other international communist parties without directly influencing their policies or elections. However, the BiH will always remain our first priority.

Foreign Affairs

6.1 We will not influence other countries' General Elections. We believe countries should decide upon their leader, not us. We have no right to influence the result of an election through direct or indirect attempts. The will of the people is all important. The only time we will ever go against this is if the country is at risk from a PTO.

6.2 We will make it our priority to serve the BiH, but in the event that a party that we share a close link to calls for help, we will strive to meet their requests when possible.


7.1 The eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret holds these ideas to be true and solid. We will not go against our constitution unless in times of extraordinary circumstance.

Original constitution on Bosnian version can be found if you click here.


The eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret boasts a very active membership with many members being more than capable of taking up important government positions. Since making government for the first time in the month of July 2012, the eBNP has had more members in "high" positions than ever.

Many members in the past helped that this party have national rank no1 and one of them are: Bosnian Knight, Genpei, BIHkontinent, Nightwolf123 , Zenica1

Current Cabinet Ministers and Congress Members
PanzerOSA Congressman
Mirza08 Congressman
Zenica1 Congressman
Munja Bey Congressman
Zemlja Congressman

eBNP Leadership

Though in the past, some members were given specific jobs contributed to specific committees, the Party President BIHkontinent changed all that. He envisaged greater collectivism and less hierarchy. As a result, ANYONE can help in any committee!

Party President History

List of previous Party Presidents
Avatar Spokesman From To Terms
Citizen4198148.png TyroneTheBlack September 2011 , October 2011 , March 2012 , May 2012 October 2011 , November 2011, April 2012 , June 2012 4
Citizen2282602.jpg bosnia knight November 2011 , April 2012 December 2011 , May 2012 2
Citizen4787040.jpg edin.zeco December 2011 January 2012 1
Citizen3974404.jpg PatriotBosne January 2012 , February 2012 February 2012 , March 2012 2
Citizen1524008.jpg Lucius Herenius June 2012 July 2012 1
Citizen5569495.jpg AmiVV July 2012, October 2012 September 2012 , November 2012 3
Citizen4488833.jpg Cmdr K September 2012, November 2012 October 2012, January 2013 3
Citizen5698351.jpg Genpei January 2013 , April 2013 March 2013 , May 2013 3
Lion18.jpg General Lion 18 March 2013 April 2013 1
Lion18.jpg BIHkontinent May 2013 March 2014 10
Lion18.jpg Special one17 March 2014 April 2014 1
Lion18.jpg Nightwolf123 April 2014 January 2016 22
Citizen7397103.jpg Mjuraa January 2016 February 2016 1
Citizen5535108.png Nightwolf123 February 2016 February 2017 12 (34 overall)
Citizen4263183.png PanzerOSA February 2017 March 2017 1
Citizen5535108.png Nightwolf123 March 2017 October 2017 7 (41 overall)
Unknown Person.jpg desperaq October 2017 November 2017 1
Citizen5535108.png Nightwolf123 November 2017 April 2018 5 (46 overall)
Unknown Person.jpg Mirza08 April 2018 September 2018 5
Unknown Person.jpg Drug Babo September 2018 November 2018 2
Unknown Person.jpg Zenica1 November 2018 December 2018 1
Citizen2282602.jpg bosnia_knight* December 2018 December 2018 1
Unknown Person.jpg Zenica1 December 2018 In office 30 (30 overall)

* Banned in the office

Hall of Fame

The history books on the eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret are some of the most impressive you shall find at any party. They are dominated by the most respected leaders, politicians and citizens. BiH today it is because of the hard work and commitment of these leaders to its nation. A mantle that leaders today try hard to embody. It is for them that the eBNP hall of fame was created. In this small way, eBNP tries to commemorate their dedication to all citizens and recognise that BiH would not where it is without them.

Members of the Hall of Fame

bosnian knight