eCanadian Remembrance Day

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eCanadian Remembrance Day(s) are days in the eCanadian calendar when we are encouraged to acknowledge the real-world loss of life of former account holders. These lives are honoured by the community on four different occasions every year:

  • 31st of March
  • 30th of June
  • 30th of September
  • 31st of December

These days were designated by the Canadian Congress on the 9th of June 2010 in memory of "Marius Coroleone" - Scott[1] and Tyler F Durden - Chris Day.

 These two eCanadians whom we've lost were a major part of our history, our present and our future, they were both deeply involved with eCanada and it's affairs and the people whose lives they touched will never cease to remember them. 

The dedication of these days was inspired by the legacy of two important eCanadians, but it is also meant to celebrate the lives of all eCanadians who have been lost to us through real world tragedy.