EDEN Mobile Corps

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Eden Mobile Corps


Victoria Aut Mors

General Information
Disbanded Day 1994
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Region Attica
Part of EDEN

Eden Military Corps (EMC) was a multinational task force, independent of national armies, that is ready to move fast and strike, mostly at the end of battles.

Established in the Day 876 of the New World, EMC evolved into one of the most experienced and largest forces in eRepublik.

The idea behind EMC was to have the best, strongest and most active EDEN's soldiers, always combat-ready to assist every member of the Alliance when needed.

Day-to-day coordination of EDEN involves a lot more than what was detailed above. Not all issues can be written down, nor can they be said publicly. EDEN aims to improve, to find a common ground for all its members, and seek the best of them, upholding the principles stated in the treaty: Mutual Respect, Loyalty, Valour, Unity, Friendship and Sacrifice.

EMC Leadership

The last known EMC leadership was

In the past in the leadership were:

EMC known units

Unfortunately, not all of the unit information is known, however, this is definite. There were multiple units across the New World who were a part of the EMC, and they were:

EMC Uniforms

EMC Country Uniforms