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The eGlücksspirale (German for "eSpiral of Fortune") was a state lottery initiated by president The German Eagle. People who participated in the raffle could win various donations in kind, that previously were donated by other players. It was first announced on 10th September 2009 and first realised on 13th September 2009. It was managed by the eGlücksspirale Org. All announcements were published in the BMI-Report, the official newspaper of the Bundesministerium des Inneren (Ministry of the Interior) until the 13. October 2009. All articles afterwards were published in newspaper ESpiralenpost.


Everyone could participate, until he/she in no way responsible for the procedure.


Without donators there would not be eGlücksspirale. Only previously donated wares are part of the lottery. The wares could be everything from Q1 food to Q5 house. Every donation was welcome. All the donators were mentioned in the official newspaper.


Everyone could buy as much tickets for the lottery as they wanted. Tickets could be bought for Icon-gold.gif 0,1 GOLD/piece by donating the Gold to eGlücksspirale Org. Every ticket had a certain number from zero to infinity. eGlücksspirale Org informed the participant as soon as possible about the ticket number that the participant bought.


The drawing took place in the public eGerman IRC-Server. Lhasa made a script, that automatically gave out random ticket numbers for the different wares. So a fair drawing was assured.

Giving away

After the winners of all the different wares were raffled out, the profit from the sold ticket was donated to the state-owned Bundesbank. All winners received their wares by donation one day later.

Since the second round (24. September 2009), Q1 Food was bunched to food packages.


13. September 2009 (44 prizes/200 sold tickets) 
24. September 2009 (65 prizes/264 sold tickets) 
12. Oktober 2009 (65 prizes/211 sold tickets) 


The Team of the eGlücksspirale consisted of:

  • Mineau (gambling-commissioner and organisator)
  • Lhasa (programmer and helper)
  • The German Eagle (stock-manager and father of the idea)
  • tmv23 (wiki-commissioner and helper)