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eRepublik Official Summit 2013

Published on Jun 18, 2013 - Day 2,037 of the New World

We are glad to accept the invitation of the Greek community of holding the 2nd eRepublik Summit during the meeting in Thessaloniki. Therefore we would like to announce that the 2nd eRepublik Summit will be held on Saturday, 29th of June, from 16:00 to 19:00, at the Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki, meeting hall “Theodora‘”.

As you may remember, the first Summit was held in December in Bucharest, when we talked about the military module, presented the new map and celebrated 5 years since the launch of eRepublik.com. This time, the main topic of the summit will be the economy - together, we will try to find ways to improve this aspect of the game. Our staff will also present some of the things we were working on lately: a new user experience to help keep more of the new players engaged in the game, a redesign of the battle page, a new forum, new Military Unit features and many more. Depending on the available time, we would be glad to approach other topics and listen to as many suggestions as you can make.

Anyone who is an eRepublik player and is attending the International Meeting is welcome to the Summit, given that you register here:

Participation Form

Filling out the participation form is mandatory and will help us prepare the logistic side of the event. We certainly wouldn’t want to discover that there isn’t enough place for all the attendants! Note that it is not mandatory to fill in your actual name and surname, or your phone number, those are optional. You do, however, need to fill in your eRepublik name.

The organization team has also set up a phone line that you can call to get information and/or assistance for any matter. The number is +30 6976 828 092
This phone line will be available during business hours. From Thursday the 27th and until the end of the event it will be available at any time.

For foreigners and people coming by plane, train or bus, the volunteers will do their best to provide transportation to the hotels and meeting points. Inform them of your arrival time and location.

For information on the meeting points, how to get there, and the schedule, you can visit the meeting website here:


See you in Greece!
Your eRepublik Team

The 1st eRepublik International Summit

Published on Dec 11, 2012 - Day 1,848 of the New World

We sincerely thank you for attending the events we planned last weekend. It was great being together with you, from the meeting in our office on Friday afternoon, to the late hours of Saturday night (or more like Sunday morning), when we ended the anniversary party. Between these two moments we drank champagne, partied in one of the fancy pubs in the Old Town, did a tour of Bucharest, discussed important New World strategy issues at the Summit, and then partied again before parting from each other.

These being said, we thank you again for the wonderful time we had together. Last weekend was a wonderful reunion of so many cultures that were brought together by the game you are so passionate about: eRepublik.

In the bottom of the article, you will find a few of the most representative pictures from the parties and the summit. We made a provisional collection of them, soon we will have the pictures and the footage made by our photographers and cameramen.

The eRepublik Team

Summit Participation Guide

Published on Dec 06, 2012 - Day 1,843 of the New World


As the Summit countdown is getting close to ZERO, we would like to give you all a quick walk-through of the coming event, so we can make sure that you will only have fun and no trouble attending. So, here we go:


We are expecting you to arrive on Friday, the 7th of December, in Bucharest, Romania, at any convenient time for you.
Depending on the information you have provided to us by now, someone from our welcoming staff will be waiting for you at the airport or at the train station.

If you encounter any issues or have to do a last minute change of plans, call us at +40 720 824 063.

Visit to the eRepublik Labs HQ:

On Friday afternoon, we are inviting you to our offices in order to have a bubbly drink with our staff and to talk about the great moments we had together, as well as the great moments to come.

The eRepublik Labs HQ is situated in the city center. If you are staying over at Intercontinental you can get to our office in 1-2 minutes. For a clear view of our office location, please click HERE. Again, if you feel you’re lost or disoriented, call +40 720 824 063 and we will quickly dispatch a headless chicken to guide you to our office.

Welcome cocktail:

If the glass of bubbly didn't knock you off your feet, we invite all of you, on Friday evening at 7.30 PM, to Cliche, a cool Club and Lounge in the old city, where we will provide something to bite as well as the first drink for free to everybody attending. Afterwards, we will let you connect to old friends or enemies, to discuss politics or to plan the next great military operation of the New World. The pub is situated on Smardan Street, no. 14. Check the map with directions HERE.

City Tour:

As a pleasant Saturday morning, we have prepared a lovely tour of Bucharest. The gathering place for everyone is in front of the Intercontinental Hotel at 9:30 a.m.

We plan to show you the most beautiful areas of Bucharest and, last but not least, take a tour in the Romanian Parliament, the second-largest building in the world (after the Pentagon) by surface. Yeah, that's right. That will definitely blow you off your feet 😉

Military Summit:

In the afternoon, we will focus on making our new world a better place to live and fight in. Country Presidents, MoD's, Gods of War, tanks and other legends of the game will join a top-level event in order to decide the future of the New World. We will make sure that everything will match the importance of the event, from red carpet and hostesses to all other elements required by the diplomatic etiquette. Because we take our world very, very seriously.

Epic party:

On Saturday evening there will be an event we'll hopefully remember for decades. Because of all the good reasons, of course. Our plan is to rock your evening with great music, DJ's and VJ's, drinks, delicious cakes, funny events, gold and in-game gifts for participants and the countries they represent.

The party will be starting at 21:00 pm and will take place in “Atelierul de Productie”, an awesome place with industrial architecture, nearby Bucharest’s center.

“Atelierul de Productie” is situated on Splaiul Unirii no. 160. Check map with directions HERE.

Please note that ONLY those who completed the confirmation form can attend the party! Thanks for understanding!

The confirmation form has been closed and it`s being considered final starting this moment.

Our summit staff will accompany you at your relaxed Sunday breakfast and will make sure you arrive safe and timely at your chosen means for departure. Tears and hugs included.

Useful tips:

  • Bring some warm clothes! The weather forecast for the weekend is announcing temperatures between - 7 and maximum 6 degrees. More details can be seen HERE;
  • Romania is using lei (RON) as the national currency. You can use the ATMs from the airport but the exchange offices there are not something we recommend. There are plenty of offices with good exchange rates in the city center, close to the Intercontinental hotel.

Approximate currency exchange for RON:

1 EURO = 4.5 lei
1 USD= 3.45 lei


Please note that eRepublik does not provide travel insurance or any other insurance, whether life or medical or liability, for any illness, accident, injury, death, loss or damage that may arise in connection with your attendance at the eRepublik Summit or during your stay in Romania. You are exclusively responsible for contracting travel insurance for your trip. We recommend getting such insurance so you can be covered in case of any unpredicted events.

We can't wait to meet you!

Kindest regards,
Your eRepublik Team

[Book now!] eRepublik Official Summit 2012

Published on Nov 28, 2012 - Day 1,835 of the New World

As we promised yesterday, all the players that have signed up for the eRepublik Summit will enter a confirmation process for their participation in the event. You will be completing a confirmation form where we will also help you accommodate yourself for the duration of this event.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please make sure everybody completes the confirmation form below. Participation in the summit and party will be reserved only for our guests who register. This also applies to our Romanian players, including the ones who live in Bucharest. Please confirm your participation as well.

Now let’s go through some of the most important details of the event, logistic wise.

Form Details

Make sure that each of you completes the form! We need to know exactly how many persons will attend the summit in order to have a better grasp on the event logistics. This means, the Romanian players that will join us have to complete it as well, even if they are our local attendees. Yes, we know we said it before, but it’s important 🙂

In the confirmation form, you have a separate option in which you have to state if you need an accommodation or not. This field is especially for our Romanian attendees from Bucharest. It is MANDATORY to complete all other fields.


eRepublik managed to book a limited number of rooms in one of the best hotels in Bucharest, through a preferential offer specially designed for the eRepublik Official Summit 2012. Prices, types of rooms and all other details regarding your accommodation will be found in the form you have to complete.

In addition, the payment for the hotel room will be made from the form.

We proudly announce that you will be staying in a 5 stars establishment in the center of Bucharest. A modern landmark in the main square, the InterContinental Bucharest is one of the city’s favorite international high-rise hotels, a distinction owed to its ideal location, fine appointments and impeccable service. Within walking distance are the business and shopping boulevards, embassies, the Metro and, of course, the eRepublik HQ. The National Theatre, four significant museums, the old city featuring the famous Lipscani Street and Cismigiu Gardens are just a few minutes away.

20 accommodation spots sponsored by eRepublik!

We also said in the first Insider we have published that we will sponsor 20 spots, regarding the accommodation. We have extracted randomly 20 names from the attendees' list. Here they are:

mikeli4free, Icon-Albania.png Albania
TURBODAGE, Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
vazzdagazzda, Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hakaisha, Icon-USA.png USA
Alb Assassin, Icon-Albania.png Albania
Mixliarder, Icon-Poland.png Poland
RoDmiS-73, Icon-Belarus.png Belarus
fikibokk, Icon-Turkey.png Turkey
Duncan Crowe, Icon-USA.png USA
Hipokaust, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia
StiflerFromAerodrom, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
dermont, Icon-USA.png USA
Asomac, Icon-Greece.png Greece/Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands
Mlendea Horatiu, Icon-Romania.png Romania
First Fly, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Sara Lisa, Icon-Italy.png Italy
Nicu Maels, Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova
Plainswalker, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Wlada123, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia
amastoyanov, Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria

The above players have to confirm their arrival within 24 hours (until 6:00 eRepublik Time, Day 1,836 of the New World). If by then we have no confirmation from your part, we will remove you from the list.


Everyone has to complete the confirmation form! The attendees that won’t complete it, will NOT be able to take part in any of the events of the eRepublik Official Summit 2012! Make sure you fill in ALL fields according to your needs!


Here you have the form! Complete it carefully!


We’re looking forward to meeting and greet you once the event starts! Get ready for the greatest party the New World has ever seen!

Regards, The eRepublik Team

PS: Do not forget about our ticketing process. For further information, we are here to assist you with whatever you may need! Ticketing link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/tickets Choose the category Game Support and in the right panel, you will have another category named Summit Issues.

[UPDATE] eRepublik Official Summit 2012

Published on Nov 27, 2012 - Day 1,834 of the New World

Thank you for signing up for participating in one of the most important events organized by eRepublik: Official Summit 2012.

Your reaction was overwhelmingly positive! Approximately 1000 players have announced their desire to participate in the event, which blew away even our wildest estimations!

Almost all eRepublik countries announced their intention to participate at the summit: Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, Croatia, USA, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Iran, Germany, Russia, France, Lithuania, Chile, United Kingdom, Albania, Poland, Venezuela, Republic of Macedonia, Latvia, Uruguay, Peru, Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, Montenegro, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Pakistan, Israel, Czech Republic, India, Belarus, Colombia, and so on.

We are very excited about the happenings and we are scaling up our efforts in order to welcome each and every one of you. No one will be left behind. We also gathered up a team of almost 25 eRepublik players (the eRepublik Official Summit Staff) that will be here to assist you between 7th and 9th of December 2012, in Bucharest.

During this week, all the players that have completed the signup form will enter a confirmation process for their participation in the event. This process will be announced through an eRepublik Insider article that will clarify the details regarding your accommodation and other relevant details.

In addition, we have set up a ticketing process so we can easily provide you with the needed answers to your questions regarding your flight, accommodation, the assistance we could offer you if you need a VISA for Romania, as well any other questions you might have regarding the eRepublik Summit 2012.

Ticketing link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/tickets

Choose the category Game Support and in the right panel, you will have a category named Summit Issues.

Make sure to clarify your travel arrangements, to book your flights or your train tickets, check your tires and oil your bikes. We mean business next weekend!

Stay tuned for additional information and get yourself ready for the greatest party the New World has ever seen!

The eRepublik Team

eRepublik Official Summit 2012

Published on Nov 20, 2012 - Day 1,827 of the New World

It's been 1,826 days. During all this time, we've seen alliances form and countries conquered. We've seen unexpected wars beginning, leaders rising and falling and heroes giving their best for the welfare of their communities. We've seen the world's map constantly changing and we lost nights trying to keep our territories intact.

During all this time, we've all been side by side constantly helping each other to improve the game. We are grateful for your dedication and we would be honored to have you by our side during the celebrations!

We are happy to invite you to eRepublik's Military Summit 2012, on December 8th, in Bucharest, Romania. We will celebrate together the achievements and the friends we've made thanks to the game, and we will also take a look forward and establish together next year's development strategy. After the summit, we will be celebrating together 5 years of eRepublik by throwing the greatest party the New World has ever seen. We are preparing many surprises including gold giveaways, sneak peeks into our 2013 roadmaps and many more.

Last but not least, eRepublik is offering free accommodation for 20 participants for the whole duration of the summit. The spots will be awarded randomly to participants who register until day 1833 2:00 eRepublik time.

In addition, check out our event agenda here.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest!

The eRepublik Team