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Interesting articles around the world (UPDATED)

Published on 31 August 2009 - Day 650 of the New World

Dear citizens,

Today we are going to take the “What's going on in eRepublik journey.” By surfing through the media we find out that there is a massive Fortis/Eden counter-attack on the move right now. Everybody is talking about the California-Ontario-Asturias battles. Three opened fronts in three big regions, three simultaneously epic battles. Of course, other resistance wars or subsequent battles have been opened in order to split damage away from the important battles.

In this article Desertfalcon is analyzing the war events that occurred in The New World in general, and in North America more specifically. This citizen is a true living American historian, his newspaper keeping track of almost all the events that took place since the beginning of the Third World War. Of course, today the battle for California is the most important thing for Americans, but the author notices that USA is winning their regions back. Not long ago the USA consisted of only two regions, but today they have 18, halfway towards conquering back their homelands.

In Canada, President Jacobi is trying to encourage his fellow citizens here, stating that this is the big day, the day of revenge, the day to win back their capital-region, Ontario. True it is, the 112.200 points wall needs some braveness, against the explosive-growing France, in a 1v1 battle.

The third big battle is the resistance war started in Asturias, again against France. Spain is trying to get their vital high iron region back, and it seems determined to do so. It's clear that France is going to have a hard time against both Canadians and Spaniards, given the fact that they are not helped by MPPs, but neither Spain nor Canada is.

This official French article seems to put Asturias on the very top of priorities, asking the defense of Asturias at all costs. It's easy to understand why, Asturias` iron is vital for Spain.

California, Ontario and Asturias battles are keeping citizens connected to the New World. It's indeed a massive counter-attack against Peace, and we will see in the following hours how the battles will end. For sure, we'll face some great fights and battalions parades toward the final hours, like usual.

Speaking of wars, we have an important announcement to make: starting day 652 of the New World, Presidents will be able to retreat from battles only in the first six hours since the battles beginning. The “retreat” button will be inaccessible after the six hours period has ended.


The eRepublik Team


Maintenance announcement:

eRepublik servers will be inaccessible on day 652 starting 03.00 AM, for about 30 minutes, due to some maintenance work.

Phishing attempts

Published on 28 August 2009 - Day 647 of the New World

Dear citizens,

We would like to warn you about several phishing attempts that have been taking place, which has not necessarily been a widespread problem, but have still nonetheless fooled some of our citizens. And it's always better to be safe than sorry. The mechanism of the phishing attempts is very simple: somebody promises GOLD, or other benefits and all you have to do is to either install a “wonder software” or use an external site where you are asked to enter your eRepublik username and password. Of course, not only will you not receive anything, but immediately your money and items will be “drained.” Such software, some of them promoted on YouTube and other international sites, asks you for your eRepublik username and password and then lets you choose how much Gold you would like to receive. 10? 1000? Icon - Gold.gif 10.000 GOLD? Just type it in. Pretty tempting, but instead of a thousand GOLD, you'll lose everything that you worked hard to obtain.

It's all about your password. Please don't choose a weak and easy to guess password. An easy password can be figured out without even using an elaborate program or complicated methods. Keep in mind that eRepublik admins will never ask for your password, so please don't share it with strangers promising you all sorts of goodies. If an eRepublik “admin” asks for your account password, for “verification” or other excuses, report that citizen immediately. And never, never type your password in places other than the erepublik.com. There have been, and we are sure there will be, sites that appear as though they are eRepublik, so be careful when you follow different links. Web pages that promise GOLD, items, etc, are all just ways to get your password and hence everything that you possess.

Private messages like “dude, I found a site where you can get Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD in a minute, here's the link” should be reported immediately. And of course, don't follow the link, if you care about your stuff. Also, rumors that X citizen has a cool software that only asks for your password and will make you rich, should be reported in order to stop the spread of the phishing attempt.

You must be careful when you use a shared computer. Be sure that your password is not remembered, and don't forget to log out, especially if other eRepublik citizens use the same computer. There are some ways to retrieve a typed password when there is physical access to a computer, but this falls under your responsibility: make sure your account login details are safe. If you share your password with somebody, or enter it in any place other than www.erepublik.com, it would be entirely your fault for the lost goods.

So, take care of your account and don't let yourself get hoaxed by the “easy money” promises.


The eRepublik Team

200 EI articles

Published on 26 August 2009 - Day 645 of the New World

Dear citizens,

We have just celebrated the “200,000 citizens” milestone, but another one has been achieved: this one is the 200th eRepublik Insider article! Two hundred articles were published in 645 days - that is one article every three days, for almost two years! And we will keep doing so, because the purpose of the eRepublik Insider is to keep citizens informed about the progress made, future plans, events that happen in eRepublik, and all sorts of other important subjects.

The first article published in eRepublik was this one announcing the very birth of the New World. A shy start, this first article of EI initially received only five comments :). Well, since then other citizens have become interested in reading that first article ever published by admin, hence we have seen many more comments added, such as “Greetings from the future," or even requests to stop "disturbing" the article. Almost religious feelings for this article, but we can understand why.

We move forward several Insiders and reach this one, announcing the first elections held in eRepublik. Also, citizens are told that in eRepublik they can choose their leaders by voting. Within weeks of the Beta launch date, the eRepublik world population reached 1000 citizens and this Insidercovers the story.

This Insider announced the creation of the first eRepublik National Bank and also the introduction of the gifts industry. We take a jump over time, and a few months later this Insider announced the introduction of "Organizations" and their rules (actually, back then Organization accounts were identical to citizens). Next, eRepublik received its first war module, which was announced here. After another jump we reach the beginning of the summer of 2008, when everyone was working hard for the upcoming version of eRepublik, code-named "V1."This Insider is one of the series, announcing the raw materials which were to appear in the V1.

Exactly 12 months ago, the first public screenshot of the V1 version was released - this article received 505 votes and 226 comments. That's more like it! It was clear that everybody was waiting for V1. The next Insiders explained one by one the main concepts and features of V1, which finally was released on October 14 2008. Back then, there were 35.000 citizens in the New World. On 20th November 2008 we celebrated one year since the birth of eRepublik

Finally, we approach more recent times. In the first days of January 2009, the eRepublik team expressed their plans for the first half of 2009. We can see that most of the list is now complete.

Seven months ago the trivia system, which was introduced along with V1, was removed as its removal was highly requested by the community. Still, "5/5 supershot" brings back memories to many of our citizens, we are sure :)

You wonder when the "headless chicken" arrived in eRepublik? :D This 6 month old Insider tells you the story.

Four months ago our programmers' priority became the citizenship module, at the request of community, and here a brainstorming session is proposed. We approached the end of our journey with the announcement of Spanish Version implementation, three months ago. Starting in June until today, another 25 Insiders have been published, covering various themes like citizen ads, the ticketing system, the new eRepublik map, citizenship, the Third World War and various “record-breakers battles.”

These are just a small fraction of the total articles published by admin. But we can see that by zooming through them we actually sail through the entire eRepublik history, from the beginning until now. This is the Insider's purpose - to keep citizens informed about what's going on in eRepublik. We hope that we are achieving our goal.


The eRepublik Team

eRepublik reaches 200,000 alive citizens

Published on 24 August 2009 - Day 643 of the New World

Dear citizens,

There is some news around the world that is worth mentioning, like the fact that two months after the burst of the third World War, PEACE's victorious march seems to have reached a halt point: after being wiped out, Icon-Canada.png Canada slowly recovered most of its regions through Resistance Wars; in Europe, Icon-Russia.png Russia didn't succeed in conquering Icon-Finland.png Finland's Nord Norge region. Neither Icon-Hungary.png Hungary nor Icon-Serbia.png Serbia succeeded in the attempt of conquering Central Croatia. Icon-Greece.png Greece defeated Icon-Turkey.png Turkey several times during this period. Icon-Spain.png Spain has probably deliberately chosen to be wiped out in order to “get rid” of all those MPPs helping Icon-France.png France. Now Spain is doing the same thing as Canada, recovering its regions one after another through resistance wars, and is also declaring war against France. After a long time, the USA is the one pushing the “attack” button, trying to recover one of their regions from Icon-Portugal.png Portugal.

A series of victories for Eden/Fortis lately, some of them smaller but good for morale, others very important. All these could announce a more stable balancing of power distribution.

But at least for today, we should forget about the wars, battlefields, guns, strategies, marching soldiers, screams and suffering. Today we should celebrate, all of us, like brothers, no matter the nationality! What is there to celebrate? Well, if we look back over the past two to three months and count the improvements added to eRepublik, we could find some reasons, but the true reason for celebration is that eRepublik has reached 200.000 citizens! One-fifth of a million alive citizens, no Organization or dead citizens counted here. A big number that is!

Of course, the eRepublik team is very proud of this achievement. This is the result of two years of hard work, passion and dedication to this project, which aims to offer you, our citizens, a fun time and lots of new friendships. We could not have turned eRepublik into such an interesting game without the help of our citizens, whom we thank. Both the “pillars” who are more than 1 and a half years old and can remember eRepublik having only 3-4000 players, as well as the newer citizens who remember the V1 launch of eRepublik having some 30,000 citizens. Since then, eRepublik has grown ever larger, month after month, now reaching over 200,000 citizens. What a journey, we would say!

When our dear Plato (the historical one) was born, Athens was at the height of its power, and in those times excluding slaves, there were some 190,000 citizens. We have more citizens than Plato had townsmen!

In order to celebrate this day, we are proposing you three contests in the forum, and three on Twitter, with questions about eRepublik. The contest will start today (day 643), in the forum at 04:30, 06 and 08 AM, and on Twitter at 04:30, 06 and 12 AM. To participate on Twitter, you need an account in order to follow eRepublik and see the questions. Also, you should answer this way: “@erepublik your_answer.”

Of course, there will be some winners (for example, the funniest eRepublik related story, and the winners will receive some prizes! Good luck!


  • our first lucky winners from the Twitter contest are Ryo E, pepsiMIN and alby. More will follow!


The eRepublik Team

The new eRepublik map

Published on 18 August 2009 - Day 637 of the New World

Dear citizens,

About a month ago we promised you that pretty soon eRepublik would receive its deserved and much needed professional map. A map to mirror rapid changes that occur in the New World. A map to show you how big your empire is, or what enemies surround the region you live in. A map to show you the richest regions of eRepublik, as well as the most populated ones. A map to develop military strategies as well as a map for managers searching productive regions. A map for everybody!

Well, there we have it, like we promised! The new map is live (can reach it by clicking Info-World Map) showing you The New World as you have never seen it before. Filtering tools are located in the upper part of the map.

In the far upper left zone, we have the zooming tool, which you can use to zoom in order to see more details. For example, when the zoom level is 0, you can see the complete map, with all countries. After a certain level of zooming, the regions constituting countries appear. Once your zooming level is high enough that you can see regions not just countries, additional info is available by just clicking a region: name of the region, country currently owning the region, population of the region, resources available in the region, and constructions (hospital, defense system) built in region. Some of the information is updated virtually in real-time, while other info, such as population number, has a small delay. But the delay for the update is no longer than 24 hours, at most.

Near the zooming tool, we have a mini map, which you can use to navigate faster than point-click-drag across the entire regular map. You may hide this mini map, if you wish.

Next, we have a country selection tool. Here you can quickly navigate to a specific country. By selecting any country from the drop down list, the map automatically moves and centers on the selected country. Also, having chosen a particular country will add two more filters: its active MPP's and trading embargoes.

Next, we have a set of filters which offer us a range of information. By choosing “Political Map” we see the normal map, showing countries and regions. By choosing “Population” we see the distribution of population across the New World, that is, the densities. The filter “Active Battles” highlights the regions having an active battle at the moment of selection. Next, we have the "Resources" filter, which shows the Iron, Oil, Wood, Diamonds and Grain distribution across the New World. And finally, we have the "Constructions" filter, which can highlight what kind of hospital or defense system is built, what quality and in which region.

The last filter is the date selection. You might be interested in how the world looked a week ago, or a month ago, etc. Nothing simpler, just select the desired date, and you'll see the world configuration as it was back then. This “tracking” of history started today, with the implementation of the new map.

One thing that should be taken into consideration: at least at a high level of zooming, when there are lot of information on the screen, you need a fairly good computer to manipulate the map fluently. Older generation computers might have problems dragging the map for example, on such high levels of zoom.

We would like to emphasize that the new eRepublik map is in its beta phase, so changes/improvements might occur.

Other changes you may have noticed are on the graphical side: our team redesigned most of the icons seen in eRepublik.

Concerning the Party President Election, we are working on it and will fix it soon. Tomorrow at most we will solve this issue.

The Spanish version of eRepublik has been updated and we encourage native Spanish citizens to use it. Any issues concerning the translation should be reported using the Feedback department.


The eRepublik Team

Interesting articles around the world

Published on 18 August 2009 - Day 637 of the New World

Dear citizens,

Today we would like to bring to your attention a set of interesting English-written articles published in eRepublik, debating different subjects. There are a lot of events happening right now in the New World, and as we all know, so information is the power.

We start with an interesting study published by Firilacroco which nicely lists the distribution of populations across the New World, the average strength of different countries, as well as combined info about the existing alliances or neutral countries. For instance, we can observe there that the PEACE population is more than three times larger than EDEN`s. You can read other interesting statistics by opening the complete study.

The hottest topic right now is America's surrender. In this article President Emerick announces to his citizens and allies that he signed capitulation. The terms and conditions, war reparations which Americans need to pay, and other details can be found in the linked article. Most likely it was a tough decision to make, but this is what Emerick thought would be best for the USA. Naturally, many many allies, as well as Americans, don't agree with the surrender, pointing their fingers toward Canada, which preferred to fight to the end, no matter what. They say that death is preferable to dishonor. For sure, the USA's image suffered a great loss both in the eyes of their allies, as well as in the eyes of some of their conquerors, and this could be easily seen in the negative comments and articles all around the world. eRepublik history shows that it takes a long time to change images and feelings concerning countries, but it does change. With hard work and dedication, the USA could get back on track, and time will prove if it was a wise or a bad decision.

Mistwalker republished an article here about what seems to be smaller or larger ruptures inside PEACE command headquarter. In this particular case, it is about Italians being not so satisfied with the help received from their allies, in contrast to the fact that they have always been on the battlefields helping in PEACE wars. Of course, these kinds of internal fights are usually solved “inside the family,” silently, but this shows that some frustrations have piled up. The dispute has been solved pretty quickly, and this is normal if we consider that PEACE is the oldest alliance, in which their leaders have known each other and worked together for a long time. Still, it is a warning sign that the Hungarian-Indonesian center of power needs to be more careful with their own allies. Countries with rapid growth like Russia and France become stronger and stronger, hence, their influence inside the alliance needs to be adjusted from “satellites allies” that used to be just months ago, to pillars of power and decisions, or even leaders, in the near future.

Everybody feels that the next target of PEACE will be Romania. That's because there are old issues - Romania is the country that has almost completely wiped out Hungary in the past, Romania is the country that conquered most of Asia, and Romania is the one which after it had levelled up two continents almost reached Indonesia's homeland in the process. Now, many citizens ask for payback, especially Hungarians, because right now they are on the top of the wave and feel they have the power to beat their old enemy. Romanians know that sooner or later the attack on their homeland will occur, and as a reaction to the USA's surrender, we can see articles like Green Sidhe's stating here that no matter what, there will be no surrender. This article reflects the general feeling among Romanians - they ask for death on the battlefield, they ask for a bullet coming from their own President instead of a peace treaty. They are ready to accept being wiped out completely by enemies, and then to rebuild their nations, but not a capitulation. We'll see in time how these feelings will change, if they do at all.


The eRepublik Team

Company tools

Published on 12 August 2009 - Day 631 of the New World

Dear citizens,

As it seems, after citizenship implementation there are three “big boys” left: the new map, company tools and the war module. We have already described the new eRepublik world map, which is scheduled to go live in about one week. The next major feature will be the company tools module, and in this Insider, we will offer you a sneak preview of it.

Company tools (manager's tools) had not been as widely requested as other features given the fact that only managers will have access to this new module, but still, we have conferred its great importance and worked hard for it. Because happy and satisfied citizens need pleased managers, and pleased managers need great tools to manage their businesses. The new company tools will introduce in eRepublik one of the basic concepts of capitalism and the free market: everybody should get paid according to the amount of delivered profit. We all know that right now the quantification of the total productivity of a specific employee is impossible, so salaries are somewhat unfair.

Companies are paying salaries such that they still maintain a profit, but that does not mean that employees are paid as they should. Some are paid more than they deserve, and some less. Some employees are taking care of their wellness and hence have much greater productivity than others with identical skill, but still, they are usually paid alike. Some 10-12+ employees are paid just double compared to other employees that produce four times fewer products. All this might change soon, with the implementation of company tools.

In every company, the finances page will have new tabs, accessible by the manager (citizen/organization) of the company. Please bear in mind that the revenue that goes into the company is “income” and the cash that goes out is “expenditure.” So, for example, collected profit means money for the owner, but a loss for the company. And invested money to pay salaries is “income” for the company, but “lost” money for the manager.

There are three types of information you can get:

1.Specific currencies account balance. Here you will have a comprehensive balance of both incomes and expenditures for the selected currency within the date interval. Information about the product sales made in that currency, monetary market exchanges bought or sold, invested and collected money from the company account, expenditures with salaries and bought materials, paid taxes like VAT or import tax, and others, will be available. You only need to select the currency and date interval, and all the info you need will be listed!

2.Sales history. Here you will have listed all the sales made by your company, in all marketplaces for which you own a license, grouped by the same selling price. Also, you can see both gross and net price - that is, you can easily see the profit made by you in specific markets.

3.Employees list. Here you will have information about skills and wellness of the company's employees. Also, employees' history is available, showing their presence at work and daily productivity. This new list will replace the current employees' list, and will be visible for all citizens, not just managers.

Widely speaking, these will be the tools for better business management. Employees' productivity will be easily measurable, so they should be paid accordingly. Their presence at work is another factor to be taken into consideration. Specific and detailed information will be made available regarding currencies, markets, market sales, net incomes, net expenditures - all of which will hopefully provide you with a better opportunity to stand up and be profitable in the economical jungle. As for the time frame, we expect to have these tools live in September.


The eRepublik Team

The battle for Ontario

Published on 6 August 2009 - Day 625 of the New World

For almost 24 hours the wall of Ontario has been incredibly steady, the variation is pretty small compared to the almost 400.000 defense points. 30 minutes before the battle end, attackers rushed onto the battlefield, quickly and impressively conquering two zones, and 2/3 of the last zone, of the last remaining region of Canada, Ontario. Battle time expired at 07 30 eRepublik time, with just 25.000 points needed by attackers to make Canada vanish from the eRepublik map. Practically this was the beginning of the true battle.

After a heroic struggle, when everything seemed to be lost for Canada, their allies pushed back invading soldiers from Administration and City area. Almost 200.000 recovered points, despite PEACE armies and tanks' resistance. After that, we had a great amount of inflicted damage per second, but the wall went upward very slowly, in small steps, which only proves the balanced distribution of gunfire. After another 30 minutes of intense fights on both sides, the defenders recovered some 20.000 points out of the needed 150.000 to secure the region. After another 20 minutes, the needed 130.000 turned into 105.000. For the next 20 minutes, the armies annihilated each other and the wall remained almost the same. At 09 30, two hours after the 24h counter reached 00 00 00, the wall was 85.000 short from the secure point.

At 09 45 what seemed impossible several hours prior, was happening: Canadians and their allies stepped into the Border Area. From defending the last remains of the Administration Center to claiming back the border area of a 380.000-point wall, an impressive march. Every passing second meant a little bit of extra hope for Canadians.

At 10.00 o'clock, 2,5 hours after the battle should have finished regularly, defenders needed just 35.000 points more to secure their last remaining region. They had recovered 300.000 damage points but at a painfully slow rate for them. It was normal, given the fact that the attackers fought back with great power, not discouraged by losing meter/yard after meter/yard of initially conquered Canadian land. The victory seemed really close for Canada. But then, for the next hour, a massive counter-attack of PEACE armies approached Suburbia once again.

At 11 45 the defenders once more faced two hard zones to secure. By this time, after more than four hours of prolongation time, with both alliances needing at one point just 20.000 damage for the victory, we had no clear winner. Next, attackers marched through Suburbia, City and Administration zones, obtaining the victory in one of the longest battles in eRepublik history, much longer than the usual 24 hour battles.

In this true epic battle for Canada, there were 17.000 soldiers inflicting more than 6.7 million in damage combined! It was the largest single battle ever, and could have been even larger had several other battles not been active at the same time. The greatest efforts for this battle belong to Hungary (1.8 mil damage) and Indonesia (1.2 mil damage) on the attackers' side, Romania (0.9 mil), Spain (0.5 mil), USA (0.5 mil) and Poland (0.4 mil) on the defenders' side.

A great spirit of sacrifice was shown by America, choosing to help their Canadian friends despite that they could have secured some of their own regions with that damage, regions which they lost yesterday. Many other smaller countries fought just as bravely for their allies. The hours of intense fights following the “00 00 00” moment squeezed every single drop of available strength, leaving almost all the soldiers of eRepublik emasculated. Several days might be needed for everybody to recover, and this shows us what a great battle it was.

We would like to congratulate all the soldiers providing us memorable moments in eRepublik. We all feel that the “Ontario moment” is a turning point, probably the former Atlantis members will become closer than ever, feeling the real danger knocking at their doors. For sure, interesting strategies will be developed by the newly elected presidents, keeping us connected to this incredible war.


The eRepublik Team

Presidential elections coverage – August 2009

Published on 6 August 2009 - Day 625 of the New World

Dear citizens,

The presidential elections have just closed, and we would like to present you with the winners. Here they are:

  • Argentina: krakonico obtained 232 out of 710 expressed votes;
  • Australia: Ranger Bob obtained 365 out of 459 expressed votes;
  • Austria: Lynari obtained 70 out of 101 expressed votes;
  • Bolivia: jesusfbo obtained 59 out of 104 expressed votes;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Les Paul obtained 280 out of 529 expressed votes;
  • Brazil: Nosrial Olem obtained 455 out of 925 expressed votes;
  • Bulgaria: cTaHucJIaB obtained 100 out of 125 expressed votes;
  • Canada: Jacobi obtained 579 out of 1056 expressed votes;
  • Chile: Purururin obtained 141 out of 268 expressed votes;
  • China: Snayke obtained 193 out of 336 expressed votes;
  • Colombia: Benito_Camelas obtained 226 out of 226 expressed votes;
  • Croatia: Croat4ever obtained 501 out of 1048 expressed votes;
  • Czech Republic: Nicneumel obtained 33 out of 63 expressed votes;
  • Denmark: Grev Per obtained 52 out of 87 expressed votes;
  • Estonia: Sim Maatriks obtained 142 out of 277 expressed votes;
  • Finland: Gabriel Lavanche obtained 246 out of 402 expressed votes;
  • France: nbatteur obtained 433 out of 1099 expressed votes;
  • Germany: Gobba obtained 497 out of 677 expressed votes;
  • Greece: Jaguaros obtained 533 out of 533 expressed votes;
  • Hungary: Falban obtained 1807 out of 4307 expressed votes;
  • India: shail.back obtained 97 out of 128 expressed votes;
  • Indonesia: wizzie_don obtained 1056 out of 2448 expressed votes;
  • Iran: milad_dante obtained 312 out of 623 expressed votes;
  • Ireland: Aran Tal obtained 181 out of 277 expressed votes;
  • Israel: BuzzyTheCat obtained 97 out of 141 expressed votes;
  • Italy: Fulvio Milocco obtained 343 out of 748 expressed votes;
  • Japan: Minamoto Yoritomo obtained 251 out of 423 expressed votes;
  • Latvia: Nameisis obtained 529 out of 836 expressed votes;
  • Lithuania: Rokas obtained 180 out of 312 expressed votes;
  • Malaysia: Nagyzee obtained 110 out of 126 expressed votes;
  • Mexico: Eisenhorn obtained 128 out of 239 expressed votes;
  • Netherlands: ThomasRed obtained 163 out of 260 expressed votes;
  • Norway: Evleos obtained 59 out of 162 expressed votes;
  • Pakistan: Iranianking obtained 67 out of 106 expressed votes;
  • Paraguay: Giampaolo Ficorilli obtained 178 out of 178 expressed votes;
  • Peru: Chisholm obtained 101 out of 238 expressed votes;
  • Philippines: Ariel David Buena obtained 78 out of 109 expressed votes;
  • Poland: Andrew6w6 obtained 1250 out of 2038 expressed votes;
  • Portugal: Raikael obtained 400 out of 666 expressed votes;
  • Romania: sebahmah obtained 1547 out of 2405 expressed votes;
  • Russia: My4eHuk obtained 1201 out of 2498 expressed votes;
  • Serbia: vonMartin obtained 1335 out of 2144 expressed votes;
  • Singapore: Woshiempire obtained 71 out of 96 expressed votes;
  • Slovakia: Andrejko obtained 67 out of 118 expressed votes;
  • Slovenia: StiH obtained 126 out of 126 expressed votes;
  • South Africa: Ines Schumacher obtained 102 out of 102 expressed votes;
  • Spain: Mixalberto obtained 805 out of 2037 expressed votes;
  • Sweden: st00r obtained 402 out of 641 expressed votes;
  • Switzerland: DomiBoss obtained 73 out of 134 expressed votes;
  • Turkey: mkiziltoprak obtained 346 out of 768 expressed votes;
  • Ukraine: Danylo Halytskyj obtained 543 out of 890 expressed votes;
  • United Kingdom: Hassan Pesaran obtained 588 out of 1114 expressed votes;
  • Uruguay: Daniel Gardel obtained 66 out of 131 expressed votes;
  • USA: Emerick obtained 1831 out of 4508 expressed votes;
  • Venezuela: Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide obtained 107 out of 163 expressed votes;

In yesterday's elections we have a total number of 41.265 votes expressed. Compared to May's election when we had roughly 25.000 votes expressed, we can see a big growth in just three months.

Most votes by country:

Most voted candidates:

It's interesting that except for Falban who is at his second mandate, all other most voted eight Presidents from the list above are at their first mandate. It seems that the ongoing World War has some effects on the political stage, given the fact that none of the most powerful Presidents last month obtained a new mandate. Some of them did not even ask for a new one.

Many eyes will be on Emerick, the new President of the USA, given the hard times his nation has right now, in the middle of several countries trying to conquer their homelands. Emerick is an old citizen, born on day 83 of the New World, an active and passionate player of eRepublik having a tremendous experience. After one and a half years of personal growth, he decided to take the big step, and serve his country from the highest position available. And in the current situation of the USA, not just the highest position, but one full of huge responsibilities, which can decide the future of the entire American nation.

Also, a very hard job has been assigned to the elected President of Canada, Jacobi. His current mandate may be remembered as the one in which Canada ceased to exist. Or as the one in which led by him Canadians rebirth from the ashes and ejected occupiers out of their beloved homelands.

We would like to congratulate all the elected presidents, and wish them a productive month as leaders of the New World.


The eRepublik Team