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The Questions and Answers Insider - Day 1009

Published on: August 25, 2010 (Day 1,009)

Dear citizens,

We know that we are a little late than usual, but better late than never, so here is the Q&A insider with some of your last week questions and problems:

Q1. Why are we forced to lose health every day for nothing?

A1. This feature comes as an answer to the following question: “How will citizens die if you change the current automatic method of consuming food?” Although many of you will disagree with this, you must acknowledge the fact that this is a game and you need such a gameplay feature in order to give people various motivations to play.

Q2. What measures do you take against PTO?

A2. We put this question here because we want to bring to your attention to one case in particular, that we dealt with today. We’ve spotted a case of PTO in Icon-USA.png US Congress elections. To be more specific, the Republican Party entered in the top 5 parties using unlawful methods so we had to take action and interfere, thus: the illegal citizen accounts used were permanently suspended, the candidates were removed from the race and so there are only 4 parties participating to this election. All that we can say now is “may the best win!”

Q3. Why do I lose happiness if I own a house?

A3. At the moment all citizens lose happiness in order to create competitiveness in the house market. This being said we are taking under consideration to make some changes in this feature, if necessary, in the near future.

Q4. I cannot run for congress for Bolivia, what is happening?

A4. We are aware of this situation, but unfortunately, we cannot help you, since these are the current rules. The error that some of you encounter is due to the fact that one day before the elections, Bolivia didn't have any regions. This is how the system is intended to work, creating a strategic approach regarding the best time frame to recover your independence.

When we will work on improving the political module, this will be one of the first issues that we'll take into account.

Q5. What happens with Q1 food company now with the new food consumption feature?

A5. We’ve received this kind of complaints from many citizens. This “problem”, as some of you you call it will be solved in time. Why do we say this? Because the economy will balance itself so that neither companies will lose. For example: if you want to fight and you need food fast, it's better to have high quality food in your inventory because that will offer you the possibility to save some precious time, of course at a higher price. In other cases, you will probably need cheaper food so this will direct your attention to the low quality food companies. The economy has only one rule: the rule of supply and demand. The price of food will be one of the important factors which will bring “the order in the volatile markets”.

Q6. Why do the turn time in a battle is so long?

A6. As we’ve already announced in a past Insider, we’ve reduced the turn time to 2 minutes. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for many players so we’ve decided to listen to all of you. Please note that in the next few hours, we will change the turn time to 90 seconds.

This is all for today, we hope that we’ve cleared up some of your issues and we are waiting for your questions for the next Insider.

The eRepublik team

Anti-cheating Program and Food Consumption

Published on: August 18, 2010 (Day 1,002)

Dear citizens,

At first we wanted to publish this article as an update but, due to the fact that it contains very important information, we decided to make a separate Insider.

Concerning the topic of a few users creating multi accounts in large numbers since we launched the new tutorial for new players, we have been working hard on solving this issue from the root. We can't give you too many details so that these people don't use that information to try again differently, but we have been able to stop this now and have already taken steps to remove all illegal gains. We didn’t ignore this problem, more than that, we took action immediately in order to solve this issue as fast as possible. We should have communicated this to you right away, we are sorry for the delay, but we preferred to deal with the problem first.

Unfortunately, this is a constant battle that we have to undertake regularly against cheaters. This eats into our resources for fixing bugs and improving the game but we do think that it is essential, for everyone's experience, that we have no tolerance on cheaters or on citizens who do not respect the rules; and we will continue to do so.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to all of you citizens who play fairly and we promise that we will try to communicate better in the future. We would like also to thank all of you who have sent us tickets and messages regarding these cheaters, this helped us a lot and we really appreciate your passion for this game.

This being said we would like to remind you that the new Food Consumption feature has been implemented since yesterday. Being new, if you come across any difficulties, please check out the information from our wiki page. We’ve tried to gather as much information as possible about this feature, but we welcome any suggestion that could improve this page and also this project.

Thank you again for reading this and we hope that this information was helpful.

The eRepublik team

Questions and Answers Insider

Published on: August 16, 2010 (Day 1,000)

Dear citizens,

This is a very special day for us: Day 1000. It has been and will continue to be an adventure and we want to remind you that we owe this existence to each and every one of you. So we thank you for being the heart and soul of our community, this big family at eRepublik. We welcome all your suggestions, as we have until now, and we thank you for all your help. We couldn't have been here today without you.

We hope you will remain brave citizens and continue to help us improve the New World. The future is only as bright as we make it. And we will make it monumental. We thank you again for these wonderful 1000 days and we hope that you’ll be reading the article for Day 2000, as well

In order to mark the moment, we have created some new eRepublik's badges. Also, all the badges now contain your very own referrer link! So bring your friends to the game and get a 10% gold bonus from them. We also have a special promotion for you, as all Gold packs contain 25% more Gold during this week.

All these being said, let’s go back to our “Questions and Answers”. First of all, we saw that many of your topics were related to the new Military updates, but we are planning to make a special Insider just for these questions so don’t hesitate to put them as comments to this insider.

But, for now, here are some topics you have asked about last week:

Q1. If more players attack the same tile which has only 1 enemy, how is it decided which one is the attacker?

A1. When multiple attackers target a tile upon which only one citizen is deployed, the attacker is chosen randomly.

Q2. You know that you get 3 free health kits (60 health points) on the battlefield if you lose, but what happens if you lose again? Does it go to 20 or do you die?

A2.In case you lose a battle, and you have no more free health kits available, you will be withdrawn from the battle (it will count as a loss in your statistics), and your health will be below 20. Your final health depends on the damage that the enemy does on the last hit against you. For instance, if you had 23 health left, and your enemy’s last hit did 7 damage, you will end the fight with 16 health. If your enemy’s last hit did 16 damage, you will end the battle with 7 health left.

Q3. When fighting in berserk mode, in the case of winning all the fights, does your health go down 5 health, or 5 health each fight?

A3. When you berserk (by clicking "go berserk"), you get placed into a berserk queue and you will start to fight with the enemies on that tile. If you do not lose the 5 health that you would normally lose for fighting a single opponent, then the health loss for fighting will equal the amount of damage inflicted upon you by the opponents. As per normal fighting rules, if all of the fighters have been defeated by other players, you will gain +2 skill points and +2 rank points, and 5 health loss. You can also find this information on our official eRepublik wiki page.

Q4. If I go on holiday for 2 weeks, will I be dead when I’ll be coming back?

A4. No matter how much health you lose in your vacation, you can recover it by eating food multiple times in the day you return. For you to rest easy on this one, here are some facts: if you have 100 health and you have no house in your inventory, you will die in 45 days. So there shouldn’t be any worries regarding this concern.

Q5. Will the companies (food and houses) be given a free chance to customize the products (because many products are customized specially for the current conditions)?

A5. All companies can change their customization points without upgrading/downgrading. Please take into account that, when making these changes, stocks are lost and, also, the current marketplace offers are deleted if you try to add them back to the company. More information about this and for more related questions please access this eRepublik Insider article.

Q6. When will the new food consumption button be available?

A6. This feature is in testing right now and we are planning to launch it tomorrow. So we would like to let you know that we will have 2 hours of maintenance between 4:00 and 6:00 eRepublik Time on Day 1001.

This is all for today, we hope that we’ve cleared up some of your issues and we are waiting for your questions for the next insider.

Until then, Happy Anniversary everyone!

The eRepublik team

Update 1

Day 1001, 02:30

Dear citizens,

On a security base, you will be able to add texts in eRepublik only by using the BBcode, not with HTML tags. These changes were applied recently also on the shouts so some citizens shouts will look "weird/wrong" because they are using or they used HTML tags.

This is not a bug, you just have to adapt the codes and everything will be fine.

Don't forget that in a few hours will go into maintenance so we will see you soon with the new food consumption feature.

The eRepublik team

Military updates and daily food consumption information

Published on: August 10, 2010 (Day 994)

Dear citizens,

I. Military updates

A. First of all, many players complain that capturing empty tiles is boring and unrewarding. They are right, this is why we are working on making the capture of empty tiles more rewarding.
We'll get back to you soon with the final details. Of course, it would be very helpful if you could post feedback regarding this feature.

B. The first change, that is currently in testing, represents the removal of the redeploy rule. At the moment, when you retreat from the battlefield or when you get removed from the battlefield after a defeat you can only redeploy on the same tile or, if this tile belongs to the enemy now, on the nearest possible tile.
The problem is that the situation on the battlefield can change rather quickly within a few turns. In many cases, this leaves you stranded on a tile far away from the front line, far away from a hospital and far away from your friends. This is especially worrying when you return to the battlefield after a few hours. So after a defeat or retreating, you will be able to deploy in the next turn on any tile owned by your side.

C. We also received a lot of complaints regarding the health lost in a battle. Right now when you are defeated by an enemy, your health goes automatically to 40 points (the first 3 times). Well, we decided to change this feature also, so, in a very short time, we will make the following change: when you get defeated your health will go to 70 points (the first 3 times).
This will be a temporary measure, because it will depend on the Food Consumption Project’s evolution.

D. Last but not least, we are analyzing right now the weapon balancing. We received a lot of tickets and complains about this issue and we decided to fix it. Indeed, right now the weapon damage is unbalanced:

  1. Tanks in the hands of high-skill and high-rank players are overpowered, while infantry units are too weak.
  2. Tanks win most of the time.
  3. Infantry rarely wins against other units.

How can we tackle this?

  1. We will consider reducing the maximum critical hit chance.
  2. We will consider reducing the maximum weapon damage
  3. We will analyze the boosters' effects

This project is in the concept phase, but we wanted to let you know that we are working on it and that we are listening to your suggestions and working on implementing the most important and pressing ones.

II. Food Consumption Project - More information

As we announced in yesterday’s Insider, we wish to make changes in the way food is consumed in the New World.

At the moment, one unit of food is consumed from your inventory at the beginning of each eRepublik day. With these changes, you will be able to eat the first food from your inventory by clicking on a new button in the sidebar. Multiple times a day; you can restore up to 300 health/day this way.

Taking into consideration that the health and happiness given by certain food may be higher than what you need at a particular moment, you might want to edit your inventory before using this new feature. In case you do not have any food in your inventory, the same button will direct you to the marketplace.

Of course, the new introduced manual food consumption will make the automatic eating obsolete; thus the food will not count in the beginning of the day’s calculation of health/happiness. The only item which will be taken under consideration will be the first house from your inventory. For those of you who like math, let’s describe the amount of health/happiness given by the first house with H. At the beginning of each day, each citizen will lose/gain X health/happiness points. Here is how X. is calculated:

  • If you have <=10 health: X = H-1
  • If you have 10<health<=50: X = H-2
  • If you have 50<health<=80: X = H-3
  • If you have 80<health<=100: X = H-4

But wait, we have more good news for house companies owners. The amount of health given by the customization points of houses (the roof component of them) will be multiplied 5 (five) times. As an example, a Q5 house customized to give you maximum health now will give you 50 health per day.

And there’s more: the changes in houses will be made in the entire economy system of the New World. This means current citizens/organizations inventories, company stocks, company customization pages, marketplace offers and company for sale offers.

Along with these changes, we’re going to remove the “70 health check” feature (if you fight in a day, you will not receive a free 70 health bonus recovery the next day). It has become obsolete and... we admit it... we received more than the expected share of tickets from you complaining that it was not working properly.

That being said, we hope that we covered some of the worries you shared in the eRepublik Survey.

That being said, we wish good luck to all company owners!

Best regards,
The eRepublik team

Update 1 - The good and not so good news

Published on: Day 995, 13.30 eRepublik time

Dear citizens,

The not so good news

The eRepublik engineers are still working on fixing the mess with the alliances (some of them where malevolently deleted as a result of the last security breaches).

Please be a little patience; we'll publish another update as soon we have good news (in the next few hours). We've read all your tickets and we’ve taken into account all your suggestions and complains.

The good news

As part of the security fixes, we've disabled for a limited period of time the embedding of images in articles. We're happy to announce that we tweaked this last final detail: you can use BBCodes in articles without any worries. For further information regarding BBCode usage, see the "all mighty" Wikipedia article: wikipedia:BBCode

The eRepublik team

Update 2 - Alliances and wars - what’s happening with them?

Published on: Day 995, 09:22 eRepublik time

Dear citizens,

As we mentioned earlier today, we will keep you updated regarding pressing issues. We’re happy to finally announce that we solved another batch of issues caused by the security breach last week. We concentrated our efforts towards fixing the “mess” with the alliances so here is the story and the decisions that were taken so far.

The entire chain of problems started when the accounts of the Serbian and Hungarian presidents were compromised. The first battle that triggered all this “mess” was Serbia vs. Pakistan. When Serbia attacked, Hungary became automatically Pakistan’s ally in the battle and the alliance between Hungary and Serbia was automatically cancelled.

Because Hungary, Serbia and Pakistan were neighbors at that moment, Hungary automatically attacked Serbia. To keep the story short, due to the “very easy” to understand chain reactions of the alliances, the gates of hell opened and the New World delicate balance started heading towards very unfair results.

Without further prolonging the tension, here are some of the important decisions taken:

  1. The opened battle between Hungary and Poland was stopped and Podolia was given back to Hungary. If the security issues wouldn’t have occurred, Hungary would have had 10 alliances against Poland in this battle, but instead, it had none and lost. The main factor in our decision was that Poland used in this war Gold obtained through illegal methods.
  2. Regarding the battle from Southern Great Plain (SGP) between Romania and Hungary: Hungary got back all the alliances that it had before and, on the other hand, Romanian’s alliances were lost (all the allies were undeployed from the battle). This will give Hungary the chance to redeem all it’s lost territories and to concur new ones.
  3. Additional battles that shouldn't have existed in the first place like were closed: Serbia vs Croatia, Hungary vs.Serbia, Hungary vs.Slovenia.
  4. Also, Hungary got back Galicia and Lodomeria.
  5. Poland lost all his allies.

We will analyze what if and what penalties/fines need to be applied to the Romanian and Poland Presidents for agreeing and participating in all this situation.

Please take into account that this are not all the measures that will be taken so stay around for further updates.

The eRepublik Team

Update 3

Published on: Day 996, 08.50

Dear citizens,

This probably will be the last update to this Insider and we are planning tomorrow to focus on your questions in a Q&A Insider, as we’ve promised at the beginning of this week. Right now we wanted to let you know what is the status on the Military Module changes.

The first improvement that you’ll notice tomorrow is that the turn time will be reduced to 2 minutes. This was one of the majors complains in the survey and, as we told you, we will focus on all of your problems, one at a time.

Another thing that would like to let you know is that also tomorrow, you will be able to experience some of the updates that we’ve announced yesterday: removal of the redeploy rule and health will go to 70 points.
We are waiting of course for your feedback about these features after you’ve tried them.

This is all for today, see you soon!

The eRepublik team

Day 1000 and other important updates

Published on: August 9, 2010 (Day 993)

Dear citizens,

As you probably know, the last days were filled with events. We will try to cover all the issues from last week in today’s Insider so bare with us because this will be a long road. We know that you've got used to the Monday Question and Answer Insider, but due to these issues we decided to postpone it, but don't worry we will publish it in the following days. Also, we want to let you know that we are planning to make some changes in the game but we will start with the most important issue:

I. Security breach and its effects

In the last days, we’ve experienced 2 major security breaches. Unfortunately, many citizens were affected by these events and we wanted to apologize again for this inconvenience. As we’ve informed you in the last Insider updates, we’ve taken care of this problem right away and we’ve managed to reverse all its effects. Right now we want to be sure that everything is all right with the affected accounts and this is why we ask you to read below:

A. If your account was compromised please send us a ticket at support@erepublik.com with the following details: Subject: Regain access to compromised account Body:

  • Account ID
  • Old email address (*before the unfortunate events)
  • New email address (*you can choose to keep the old email address if you wish)

B. If your Gold was stolen and not recovered yet please send us a ticket at support@erepublik.com with the following details: Subject: "Request of returning lost properties" Body:

  • Account ID
  • Lost amount of Gold

Please try to send us the tickets as soon as possible so we can solve this issue until the end of this week.
This being said, let’s talk a little bit about some major changes in the military module, which we hope will please you:

II. Food consumption project

We also have good news for those who wish to fight more. In the following two weeks, we will remove the automatic food consumption. This implies that you will be able to manually eat food multiple times a day. More information about this subject will be revealed in a future update/Insider.

III. Day 1000

To end this insider in a joyful manner, we want to remind you that Day 1000 is approaching and this calls for a celebration.

1000 days, this is a lot of time. Every anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that’s why the next 16th of August we will celebrate the 1000th day of eRepublik. We've lived together so many things! Of course, many of you are relatively new in this world, but the New World owes its existence to each and every one of you. The community is the very fundament of eRepublik. For this, we thank you!

The New World is constantly changing, constantly moving, constantly improving. The innovative idea behind eRepublik, unfortunately, has one disadvantage; like almost any other innovation, the lack of previous “success stories” means that the idea must be constantly tested and fine-tuned and your feedback is very important in this matter. This means that it takes a while before it reaches the desired level of quality. We are really working hard to reach that level of quality with Rising.

We want to make this a proper celebration, so there will be surprises waiting for you during all the week, starting on the 16th of August. What better way to celebrate eRepublik’s 1000th day than getting to know the people with whom you usually play? Meeting to share all your experiences in these first 1000 days of eLife and to change the future of the New World. We want to offer you an online tool to better organize these meetups all around the world:

And remember to send us your pics, videos and articles about your meetings to anniversary@erepublik.com and we will publish them in future Insiders, our blog, twitter and facebook!

What else can we say other than: happy anniversary everybody!

Best regards,
The eRepublik team

Survey results and tickets' status

Published on: August 4, 2010 (Day 988)

Insider - August 2010 - Survey.jpg
Dear citizens,

In this Insider, we'll share with you the conclusions of the last eRepublik survey, which brings some interesting results. But first, we'll shade some light over another topic, the ticket response time issue.

First of all, we would like to apologize to you about the delay or lack of answer to some of your tickets in the past 3 weeks. We would like to explain a little bit about the situation, although this doesn’t excuse us.

Some of you may know, we had an issue with one of the moderators. It may have affected directly only about 80 citizens, but that is 80 citizens to many so we decided to close down momentarily the moderator program in order to reorganize our process and controls on the moderator side.

So, we had to deal with two major things in parallel: Rising's launch and the fact that we were seriously understaffed with more than 60 moderators less solving tickets. That's why it took longer than usual to get your problems solved. We are very sorry for this, but the alternative would have been to willingly accept far greater risks and we hope that you understand us. Your problems are our problems and we should have communicated better than we had this issue when you sent us your tickets.

Our ultimate aim on the community side is to improve the quality and efficiency of our communications with you in order to serve you better. We are listening, always have, always will and we will do so more and more, better and better for all aspects of the eRepublik experience. Fortunately, things have already started to improve as we build up a new Community Officers team as well as a new Moderators team.
As proof, last week we managed to answer more than 80% of your tickets and solve more than 90% of the problems found. We will make sure that until the end of this week each and every one of you will receive a proper answer.

All this was made possible partly with the help of a new team of Community Officers and partly with the new Game Moderators team. We are positive that this collaboration will be very helpful from now on, and we hope that you will agree with us after seeing the results.

The second topic is the survey, which gathered a surprisingly total of 22,561 complete answers. The first result we came up with is that the average age of eRepublik citizens is 22 years. We really have a young base-population.

At the question “What do you enjoy most in eRepublik” we have, as expected, a wide distribution of preferences, with the economy being in the top (36,5 %) followed by the military, socializing, politics, other and ending with media (5,9 %). When it comes to things that citizens dislike most we have bugs (89%), military, rising and cheating (67%).

When it comes to the military module, here we found out that almost 75% of those of you that fight, fight at least 3-5 turns per battle and around 60% of you are pretty satisfied with the result of your fights. Another result says that the majority of players consider that the current winning condition are “just fine” but the military module is too time-consuming - as a result, many of you expressed the wish for a shorter turn duration.

This survey busts the myth regarding the exaggerated complexity of Rising. We've seen many such comments, that “eRepublik became way too complex”. Well, 24 % of responders believe that eRepublik is today “rather complex”, whilst 62,2% believe it is either rather simple or at least simple enough that they can understand it.

As for customer support, the majority consider the answers OK, the only problem being the delayed response time. This is being taken care of as you read above. On the other hand, the majority is “pretty satisfied” with the Insiders as a mass-communication channel but we aim for a majority of you to be “very satisfied”.

And because surveys are not just conducted for nothing, the conclusions we gathered are: on the military side we need to accelerate the bug-fixing process and do something about the module being too time-consuming and also too expensive. We are analyzing these and will come up with solutions, very soon. Also, we will focus on “fixing” the economy (we would rather call it fine-tuning, adjusting formulas) and improve the anti-cheating project, which were the most shared advices.

As a final word, thank you everybody for participating - 22,000 responses and almost 25.000 participant is... just wow! - and thank you for showing us that you care about this game. We extracted great information which we hope that pretty soon will translate in a better experience for you.

Kind Regards,

Your eRepublik Team

Update 1, 9:30 – Day 988 of the New World

Starting with 10:00 o’clock eRepublik Time, we will shut down the citizen ads module for about 14 hours due to server change maintenance. Hopefully, we will manage to put it back until 1:00 o’clock eRepublik Time, Day 989 of the New World.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

Update 2, 06:37 – Day 989 of the New World

Dear citizens,

We've just discovered a security breach in several modules. We kindly ask not to access any links you notice in your friends' shouts or articles. We also advise you not to access any ads that you are not certain that are secure. The eRepublik engineers are working to solve this issue and we will post an update as soon as everything gets back to normal.

Regards, The eRepublik team

Update 3, 09:45 – Day 989 of the New World

Dear citizens,

The eRepublik engineers have fixed the security issue and all the lost Gold has been returned to their proper owners.

Thanks for your support!

Regards, The eRepublik team

Update 4, 17:55 – Day 990 of the New World

Dear citizens,

As most of you probably noticed, we experienced again a security breach, this time exploiting a different vulnerability. Several country presidents were hacked and their accounts were used in order to open several battles.

Everything started at 14:16 eRepublik time, with UK attacking several USA regions, continuing with Serbia attacking China, Pakistan, ending with Hungary launching an attack against Serbia. Our engineers are actively working to resolve the issues, thus the battles have been closed and the MPPs are of course removed.

Also, the temporarily bans given have been already canceled and all the Gold will be soon returned.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we also thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind regards, The eRepublik Team

The Questions and Answers Insider - Day 986

Published on: August 2, 2010 (Day 986)

Dear citizens,

We once again try - and in most cases succeed - to answer your most important questions, which collected through several channels. Of course, as expected the Insider's comments are the most productive way to gather your questions and learn about your concerns. If there will still be something left buzzing your mind after finishing this article, don't hesitate to post your questions and we will try to answer it, as part of our secret project code-named AINABAIG (Admin Is Not A Bad And Indifferent Guy). So, here we go:

Question no 1: Tell us something about new languages and new countries.

Yes, as matter of fact we do have in our plans to develop a new pack of languages which will offer to an even larger base of our citizens the opportunity to enjoy eRepublik in their native languages. We sound too formal? OK, shortly said, yes, we'll add more languages, but can't tell right now when and which. As for new countries, we are working on expanding the eRepublik universe but this project will probably start this Fall because we want to be sure that everything else is working properly ‘till we make this changes.

Question no2: C`mon admin, prove to us that you love us. Allow us a second migration.

Well, would you believe us if we'd tell you that actually, we had the feeling that the huge banner urging everybody to migrate their skill wasn't, well, huge enough? Letting joke aside, there are a number of elements which make us think that would be “politically correct” to offer second skill migrations, one of the reasons being the fact that formulas and other things changed meanwhile. So, we have some good news for you: we will help you to migrate your skills the way you want them to be. In the following weeks, our tech department will develop a new Migration Panel. We are sorry that it cannot be faster but this is a delicate movement and we want to be sure that it will be made perfectly. As usual, watch out for future Insiders.

Question no3: Why don't you ban the multiple-accounts in countries taken over political? Why don't you care about the little guys? :(

We do care about every country that's why we've done so many things against cheating, in general. And we are talking with numbers here, these are not just empty words: cheating drastically reduced in the past months, as a consequence of anti-cheating project. It is true that we only removed the money temptation, as money was the driving force in the vast majority of cases. If experience taught us something about this, is that somebody willing to cheat in elections won't be discouraged because somebody else was banned for this reason. So, we are using our resources in PREVENTING, not analyzing older elections, which would bring us no improvement. We are confident that pretty soon we'll have an anti-cheating solution in the political world as well.

Question no 4: Why can't I change my company avatar?

This small issue should be fixed in the next days, or even tomorrow.

Question no 5: When are you going to solve the military module bug which skips turns?

We have already solved this, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Question no 6: About the job market..

Yes, overall the job market is working fine now. The job search filter still has an abnormal behavior, but not for long.

Question no 7: When will you put back the ban messages on profiles? We have no idea who is suspended and who is not!

We are aware of this and, as we speak, we are working to fix it. When the problem is solved we'll update you.

OK everybody, these would be one of the “hottest” topics nowadays. We know that there are a couple of questions about the military module which are also pretty frequent. We'll answer them in one of our next Q&A Insiders. Until then, thanks for reading and remember: admin is NOT a bad guy :)

The eRepublik team

P.S. Stay tuned for the next Insider, in which we will discuss your tickets’ situation and furthermore, we will share with you the most important results from the survey.