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2008 - Accomplishments this year

The first days of this year were great moments of joy that citizens wanted to mark by offering gifts to one another. Out of the benevolent desire of 10.000 citizens, the gift industry was born. The concept of a “contract” emerged in those days and some visionary citizens from Ireland even thought about making a constitution.

February was the month of visual improvements – many visual tweaks were implemented in eRepublik - the most interesting ones being the country page (with the now famous tabs: Society, Economy, Politics and Military appearing) and the Human Resources page which was also redesigned.

One month later, the term “republic” was defined by the first major improvements for presidents (budget administration, taxes administration and “change citizen fee” page were redesigned, also trade agreements and mutual protection pacts were introduced). It was clear for everyone that the countries of the New World were presidential republics. Also, by the introduction of “Tops” (later known as “Best of” and now known as “Rankings”), it became possible to better compare citizens, companies, newspapers, parties or even countries. A new form of tax was also introduced – the now defunct house tax.

When Caesar replaced Plato in April, citizens knew that the war module would affect the New World's environment. But not everyone thought about conquering the world. Romania and Moldavia decided to make a union through referendum, Cristesco and elena.coman were the first marriage in eRepublik, the first wig party in Spain, the first community meeting took place in Bucharest, the current Contact page appeared and the official Wiki was launched.

Important economic tools like the Inflation system and five decimals in the Monetary Market (known in the past as the “Exchange Market”) were added at the half of this year. Also, citizens were getting more experienced on the battlefield, -Alucard Bloodlust becoming the first general in the New World.

While the majority of citizens were doing a great job sending their enemies to the hospitals, both the new version of the eRepublik Blog and the creation of the History page in the Wiki passed by almost unnoticed five month ago. The addition of Slovenia was cheered and parades were held in celebration of the new country.

On 14th of October, V1 was launched bringing many improvements to the New World and after a few weeks of fine-tuning a real new world baby boom. Citizens could now shout, donate items and get a better sense of their experience level. Finding a job became a lot easier with the help of the “Human Resources” office that replaced the traditional “Post a CV” feature. Useful information also became more accessible once the Wiki was integrated in eRepublik.

Researchers finally put together a map showing where Raw Materials could be found and how productive land-work companies would be in those regions. These raw materials affected the New World on a large scale. Goods of a quality never seen before were now being offered on the new markets. Higher quality houses and hospitals were being produced to offer better support for the citizens. Organizations emerged and fights for resources became as fierce as those of soldiers on the battlefield. As Defense Systems were integrated to help secure important regions, the war module was changed as well.

But with the new version, the improvements did not stop. eRepublik had its one year anniversary and in the same month the members of Congress realized that they were going to be very busy: they were now representatives of their region and had a say in the issuing of national currencies as well as new laws with even the power to impeach the president.

Recently, we have added Croatia and our team members got back from LeWeb with tons of ideas. According to some citizens, the second World War is reshaping the New World map.

As a special present from the eRepublik Team, from now on citizens will have 20 slots available in their inventories by default instead of 10 slots (also the citizens/organizations that have an active extra storage package, the limit of this package will be extended with one month ). Find out more about this present [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/forum/topic/81534/erepublik-updates/1]here[/url].

Best regards, The eRepublik Team

What’s new in eRepublik

Dear citizens,

The New World is expanding. Researchers plan to welcome a new country every month, offering more residence choices to the citizens of eRepublik. Even more, a development program has been launched in order to create a multi-language support.

If you want to contribute we would be happy to receive your help.

If you have fought, worked or trained lately you have probably observed a new link on the page where the answers to the questions are shown. [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/trivia-suggest-question]Click[/url] on it next time. You will access the “Suggest Trivia Question” module designed for citizens who want to be a part of the development program and help eRepublik progress.

You have a trivia question based on history, art, politics or geography that you'd like to recommend? Submit your suggestion and its correct answer. Remember to also give three incorrect answers - depending on these alternative, incorrect answers, the question could get more or less tricky.

The more questions that are suggested in a certain language (other than English) the faster that language will be implemented.

More suggestions concerning this module can be accessed on wiki : http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Submit_trivia_questions/Submit

A taste of what you can do in eRepublik

How is your career developing in eRepublik? Where do you see yourself 5 levels from now? Tough questions? Not if you check out the new career path page. Access it now from the “Bio” tab in your profile or by clicking [b][url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/career-path]here[/url][/b].

And just in case you have decided to develop a career in the media and become known as a Media Mogul, we have opened a contest. Provide coverage on the current war in France, post a link to your article in [b][url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/forum/topic/83115/erepublik-contest---best-war-coverage/1]this forum topic[/url][/b], and then a secret prize will be offered for the best article by the end of this year.

Good luck and thanks for your involvement, The eRepublik Team

PS: 'Pertamaxx' comments to this article will be deleted.

ATLANTIS invasion – France, a PEACE member, is at war

Dear citizens,

It seems that we are witnessing the beginning of a New World War.

Following the Spain's declaration of war against France, four other members of the ATLANTIS military alliance – United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada and USA – transformed their borders with France into battlefields.

Mutual Protection Pacts that France has signed with Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Indonesia (all members of the PEACE “People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence“ Global Community) could help France in the battles of this invasion. However, in some cases, these countries are directly in conflict with the attackers they border: Spain has opened war against Brazil, Italy, Portugal and Venezuela, while the USA has opened war against Portugal.

This is the first time when USA has declared war against a country situated on another continent. It seems that the intention of the invasion is to diminish the PEACE influence on the coast of Western Europe.

It is most likely that the other members of the PEACE defensive military alliance will get involved in the fierce fights that follow. These include the military forces of the Netherlands, Pakistan, Indonesia and Iran – all who could help the French citizens. It is also expected that the troops of other PEACE members such as Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey and Japan will join the conflict.

New pages of eHistory will be written in the following days and as citizens' knowledge in the New World increases, more and more pages will continue to be added. Such an increase in knowledge was recorded a few days ago when the experience gained in the New World took many of the citizens to a level beyond the known limit (experience level 14).

Those that researched this field of interest discovered that the ones that are experienced enough to reach these new levels are blessed with [b][url=http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Gold]golden gifts[/url][/b]. What was discovered was then made known to all citizens so that everybody may know what the benefits are of such self development.

You can access the informations on [b][url=http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/EP]eRepublik Wiki[/url][/b].

Best regards, The eRepublik Team

eRepublik @ LeWeb in France

Dear citizens,

On the 9th and 10th of December, eRepublik will participate in the '08 edition of Le Web, the #1 Internet event in Europe. Therefore, Alexis Bonte, George Lemnaru and Cristi Badea will be in Paris next week. They will arrive on Monday and will stay in France until Thursday. It would be great to have an eRepublik meeting in Paris during one of those days. If you wish to attend, please submit your proposals concerning the setup of a gathering. Further details about the meeting will be given in a future Insider article.

Meanwhile, we want to announce that your citizen can now use its gained experience to go beyond level 14. More details regarding this improvement can be found on the [b][url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/forum/topic/81534/erepublik-updates/1]eRepublik UPDATES[/url][/b] forum topic.

[b]Keep an eye on this one as this is where new features or updates will be announced in the future.[/b]

Newly added notice: Today (December 3, 2008), between 05:00 and 05:30 (eRepublik time), the avatars/pictures from the website will not be available. There is no need to worry if you see that problem.

[b]Mutual Protection Pacts[/b]

Over time Mutual Protection Pacts have changed and evolved. As a result, an updated description of an MPP is now necessary.

A Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) is an agreement between two countries. If one county in the pact is attacked, the other country automatically becomes an ally in the war. This agreement is favorable as you can count on your partners to come to your defense in case you are attacked. On the other hand, you will be forced to fight against any attacker of the countries linked to this agreement - even if that attacker is a partner of your country in another Mutual Protection Pact. (Example: If countries A and B both have an MPP with country C and country A decides to attack country B, the MPP between countries A and C will be canceled.)

MPPs can be proposed by the president of any given country. If accepted by Congress, it will be valid starting the day it was accepted for one month. After one month the MPP is disabled automatically. Before being disabled, the president can propose another MPP with the same country and, if approved by Congress, the end date is delayed for 30 days.

MPPs work only for the regions that have always belonged to a given country (a region in which a resistance war is impossible to start). If the country that is being attacked tries to conquer one of the original regions of the attacker country, attackers' MPPs are active and all its' allies can fight in defending those regions.

A special case is encountered when your country borders the attacker that declared war on an MPP allied country of yours. In this situation, a war is automatically opened between your country and the attacker. No MPP will be activated for this secondary war.

Best regards, The eRepublik Team