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Erepublik, War is coming!

Published on February 27 - Day 99 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

The Platon Erepublik era has come to an end. As war is about to start, we found a new advisor, the Great Emperor Caesar! Adopting the motto of the historical conqueror, "Alea iacta est" (The dices have been thrown) Erepublik will allow wars in about one month!

States, war and alliances

Although the war module hasn't been launched yet, countries have started announcing Mutual Protection Pacts. Icon-Norway.png Norway and Icon-Sweden.png Sweden made public their established agreement as reported by the Nippon News Network[1]. This made Norway leave the Northern Alliance. Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan, however, has another strategy, as Dio Brando (President of Pakistan) stated his policy regarding peace through war in the Stardust Crusaders.

Better regulations for banks

Banks on Erepublik are becoming more and more mature. Since banks have started, things haven't been always smooth and easy due to the lack of clear policies that led to unfortunate situations for both banks and clients (lent money was never returned in some cases).

However, experience counts, and at the present moment, banks have come a long way. We noticed articles that are meant to be guidelines for banks administration and public loan contracts. For example, in Icon-UK.png UK, Citizen Kaleb started a bank management tutorial.

All the best from the Erepublik team

Top Erepublik Citizens

Published on February 22 - Day 94 of the New World

Dear Citizens

Erepublik Top

Starting today, Erepublik displays a clear evidence of its best performers. The new Top Erepublik page is a helpful tool to establish who is who in Erepublik and to keep its Citizens informed on the world charts. Access the lists of Top Citizens, Countries, Companies, Parties or Newspapers sorted by Society, Economy, Politics, Military and Media Points and other features like GDP, Unemployment, Gold, etc in every country or region that you want to see.

House taxes

Starting from next month, all Citizens will start to pay a house tax to their regions treasury before the 15th of the following month. If the tax is not paid the house will be automatically demolished (yes pretty radical we know). This tax will help mayors have a bigger budget to buy hospitals and do other things that they may imagine to help their city. If you have a house you can pay the tax accessing your profile page.

President of USA announces his retirement

The President of the Icon-USA.png USA, Korbin King, has made official his voluntary retirement from the next race for USA's Presidency. Korbin King is enjoying real popularity among the American Citizens for his active implication in his country administration for 3 mandates. Korbin was supported by the Democratic Party, the largest American party (considering the number of members). Looks like the next US elections will be a very interesting one to watch.

The Erepublik Team

T-shirt design video

Published on February 18 - Day 90 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

Customized articles

Some basic features are back for the media section: Citizens can now insert bold text, links and videos in their articles and press releases.

We had to remove this feature in late November for security reasons and just like you we didn't like not being able to use them in our Daily Erepublik articles.

To test the Youtube integration, George just created a funny video this evening presenting the first Erepublik official T-shirt. He used Marius ("le designer") as a model and here's what they came up with this video.

Daily Erepublik translated in Spanish

We really appreciated the initiative of taguaro that translated our latest Daily Erepublik article and posted the Spanish version in Piticli News newspaper.

Until we will have Erepublik live in more languages, these ideas and initiatives are helping the communication within our community.

Rules in companies

We noticed many improvements in the Human Ressources market as contracts and rules are established.

Chrisclamp, for example, presented in this article the internal rules of his company. Interesting is the fact that the rules also give benefits to the employees.

Any feedback or suggestions you may have on how to better administrate an Erepublik company is welcome.

The Erepublik team

Erepublik's democracies

Published on February 13 - Day 85 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

Erepublik's democracies

When creating Erepublik political system we thought of letting Citizens choose democratically their leaders. Still, the Citizens are able to choose at some point also their government type. We watch closely how some of the Erepublik countries have implemented (or want to implement) different types of political systems (dictatorship, communism, etc.). Doctor John Smith's article "Seven signs of communism" is worth reading.

What is the most important aspect Citizens should understand is that CITIZENS BUILD EREPUBLIK. All the problems that you meet can be resolved by you and the community, a big part of the new ideas comes from your suggestions and, in the end, each country is administrated and organized only by its Citizens. We, as administrators, are focusing only on providing you as complete as possible platform and supporting your actions.

Pacific Time on Erepublik

As you have noticed yesterday the Erepublik time changed to Pacific Time. We apologize for the problems this caused (some forum discussions and comments appeared as if they had been written in the future) and we would like to underline that we've chosen this new system just to run the Erepublik daily cronjobs (ie: calculations) on the Romanian working hours (where our dev team is based). This way we can resolve much faster the problems that may appear.

New President for Portugal

Elected President of Icon-Portugal.png Portugal, lribeiro81, has resigned from the leadership of his country. According to his statement, he decided to make this step as a consequence of changes in his personal life. He nominated Citizen tostex as the interim President of Portugal until the next elections. tostex is a member of the Social Democracia Portuguesa Party, a center-left orientated party, and he owns the newspaper Diario Economico.

Have a great day

The Erepublik team

New server time for Erepublik!

Published on February 9 - Day 81 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

New server time for Erepublik!

We would like to inform you that we will adjust the server hour to comply with Pacific Time. The reason for this change is to synchronize the cronjobs with the Romanian working hours. This way we will be able to fix much faster the problems that might appear on the cronjobs connected to food consuming, death, elections results and macro-economical statistics.

HR market

One of the next things that we want to improve is the Human Resources page. We've found ways to make it more helpful both for companies and Citizens. We recommend to new Citizens that are searching for a job that besides posting their CV on the market, they also contact directly company managers and ask them for a job. In parallel, on the forum a thread was created where you can find job offers and Citizens searching for jobs.

Monday we will put live the new modified Marketplace page. You will find there a very cool tool to sort and filter all product offers from the market. We look forward to your feedback.

The Erepublik team

Rules for organizational entities

Published on February 6 - Day 78 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

Rules for organizational entities

As you know, eRepublik Citizens constantly come up with new interesting ideas that we never thought of or that we haven't been able to develop yet. Banks, lotteries and ministries have appeared in almost every country. Some were created by Presidents to help them rule the country, some by regular Citizens to place their mark on the New World.

Notwithstanding, new entities have to respect the Erepublik rules. The exception concerns the rule of one citizen = one real person, that we have. It is OK to administrate your personal account and another organization entity account as long as you abide by the following rules:

  1. The new account should not be hired (an employee)
  2. The new account should not be a soldier
  3. The new account should not be a member of any party
  4. The new account should not vote in any elections

Additional explanations:

  • As administrative expenses, you should buy food in order to keep the new account alive.
  • The accounts created by Presidents and representing country entities should contain within their name the world "National". The current Presidents can demand from the former Presidents the login details of those accounts and we will help, if needed, to make the transfer.
  • We strongly advise Presidents to start working on a set of rules (Constitutions) that should be voted by the Citizens after a public debate. We will promote the voting of country constitutions and help that country, if needed to apply the law.

For paid law consultancy we recommend you contact Platonic or any other Citizen that has a juridical background.

  • Without a valid contract (see Forum - "Contracts" category) it is difficult for us to administrate problems concerning your loans, game prizes, law contracts or any other agreements between Citizens. Therefore, again: if you want to have a back-up, use the "Contracts" category.

These rules are provisional until where needed an alternative is developed.

Turning the media into a profit source

Newspapers are considered to be a profitless source, not a real industry as it does not produce money. It is meant to be a useful tool to help Citizens build democracy (or not), dialog and promote their ideas in their country. As at this moment we are working on improving this module we would be happy to get your feedback.

We are interested to hear your suggestions that will satisfy both the publishers and the readers.

New invitations, more gold for each citizen

As the loading speed on eRepublik got better and we want to let countries populations grow larger we decided to give 5 more invitations to each of eRepublik Citizen. We advise you to make good use of those invitations as you can get up to Icon-gold.gif 25 GOLD if they are well and allies.

The eRepublik Team

Reactions after the elections results

Published on February 4 - Day 76 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

On the 1st of February we did a communication marathon to cover all the full period of the elections. Basically we tried to stay close to the Citizens, fixing as fast as we could each problem that appeared and banning reported fake accounts. This is how UN observer must feel.

The results

In UK it was a very spectacular race between Kaleb (incumbent UK president), and 94asm (leader of the party Now El313ct Winners). 94asm had a very strong community very determined to win, but the vote result was 107 vs 107. Knowing the rule that the oldest candidate in Erepublik wins, Kaleb kept his seat as the President of the Icon-UK.png UK, but it looks like he will face stiff opposition during his term and in future elections. On the other hand, 94asm, in an act of honor, announced his resignation from his party presidency because of the elections results.

In Icon-Spain.png Spain n37 and Fredy had also a breathtaking finish (99 vs 99 votes). n37 won due to the fact that he was born few days earlier (older citizen takes precedence in case of a tie).

Just like Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, where om_mudakir won the elections, in Icon-Spain.png Spain, we found a bit of fraud with fake accounts that voted, off course we banned those accounts and deleted their votes.

In Icon-Norway.png Norway one of the top candidates was banned for creating several accounts.

In Portugal lribeiro81 had 106 votes, 2 votes more than PhuSiOn9. Another very close result.

We give our thanks to all the Citizens that voted or participated in the elections. Many of your actions are good examples for real life politicians and participation was on the rise in most countries.

The eRepublik team