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Raw Materials industries available in V1

Published on July 25, 2008

Dear Citizens,

Following the good response that we have received regarding the API idea we have created a wiki article where you can find more details about the external application system. What we can say for the moment is that a lot of new modules and features will be created outside of Erepublik but stay connected with it.

In v1 we will also have available new economical domains and most important of all will be the introduction of raw materials. Labor and raw materials will be needed in order to create final products like food, weapons and so on. For example, if you are the manager of a hospital company, you will also need to buy stone from the marketplace. Citizens will be able to create specific companies in order to extract the raw materials with the help of their workers.

Kaleb wrote an interesting article about the skills available in v1 providing more info and some tips.

Community coverage:

  • el de antes de el celebrated 200 articles in Se Lo Que Hicisteis (SLQH). Congratulations to him and hope this will motivate other newspaper owners to reach and outrun his performance.
  • The 250th day in the New World is approaching fast (this Sunday). Special goodies will be available that day in Erepublik.

Best regards,
The Erepublik Team

Create your own Erepublik application

Published on July 17, 2008

Most of our team is now developing goodies, which will be available when we launch the next version of Erepublik. One of these will be a small widget that any user can install in order to be notified when he receives a new message or alert, without having a web browser open. Large sets of XMLs (Extensible Markup Language) like the latest news or the war coverage, will also be available in order to help others create this kind of widgets.

Erepublik API

The Erepublik application programming interface (API) is a set of functions (or procedures) that we will provide, in order to support requests made by other computer programs.

We will offer the necessary tools for Citizens that use our API system, to link their external application (banks, insurance companies, lotteries, casinos, etc) to Erepublik. The applications approved by us, will receive a unique key, that we will help users transfer or withdraw Erepublik money or Gold from that specific application to their Erepublik user account. Regular Citizens will have to register themselves on the external apps in order to use the two functions (transfer and withdraw).

These external applications will help extend the boundaries of the Erepublik world and will act as a solution to more complex modules like a stock market. With the launch of this new feature, we can truly say that what Citizens can do in Erepublik is only limited by their own imagination. If you are interested in receiving information about the XML or the API as soon as it is available and be one of the first to have an Erepublik app please contact us and let us know what sort of application you would like to develop.

Any other tips or suggestions are welcome.
The Erepublik Team

Inflation in Erepublik

Published on July 11, 2008

Inflation represents the rise in the general level of prices of goods in Erepublik over time. Inflation can be thought as a decrease in the value of the unit of currency and it is believed that high rates of inflation are caused by high rates of growth of the money supply.

We have introduced the inflation rate system in Erepublik, which will help Presidents to have another tool to use when they decide the tax rates in a country. The inflation rate is daily updated and you can find it in the economy section of each country page. It is calculated based on the rise in prices of all goods sold from the marketplace during the last seven days.

Here are the inflation rates for all countries in Erepublik for the last seven days.

Community coverage

  • The Swedish Nobel Prize[1] was an interesting event organized by Hypogeum last week. The prizes won by the competitors covered a large range of domains including Society, Economy and Media. Special awards like the Political and Honorary distinction were also given to important community members such as Ziggyzag and Misho.
  • Another Erepublik community meeting, this time in Constanta, Romania will take place tomorrow at 17:00 local time. Three team members (George, Cristi and Geo), will have the chance to meet Shoby, the President of Romania and other Erepublik Citizens from that region. For more details please contact Shoby by private message and you can also read the announcement made here.
  • The top wiki contributors contest is about to start. The prizes for the first places will be Erepublik T-shirts and stickers. We will judge the quantity and also the quality of the content published by users. We will be back in the following days with full coverage of the contest on our wiki and forum.

The Erepublik Team

1st of July - General elections coverage

Published on July 2, 2008

Dear Citizens,

The 8th General Elections in Erepublik just ended. Here are the new elected Presidents in each country:

Close race in Norway, where Sjefen defeated his runner-up Mendel for only one vote.

Congratulations to all winners and good luck in their new mandate!

Off-topic: More than 1700 Citizens with no invitations have just received three more.

The Erepublik Team

Coverage of the latest events in Erepublik

Published on July 1, 2008

Dear Citizens,

Last week we had a good time reading stats about country's populations and growth rates made by gR3Ed. Interesting to see that the population in all the Erepublik countries had at least a 30% growth in the last month.

One of the features in v1 is that all countries (and citizens, organizations, parties, companies) will be linked to their wiki pages. There, citizens will be able to read about the history of the Erepublik countries. You are, of course, welcomed to complete and edit those history pages.

As you may know, last week we had some issues with hacking attempts on the admin account. The situation is now under control. Sadly, these events consumed time and resources from our team. As a result instead of working for V1, some of us had to track down and solve those glitches. We just worked extra and now we are back on schedule and full speed towards the next version.

Another Erepublik meeting, this time it is in Bilbao and it will take place on the 16th of August. As we have stated before, we encourage Citizens to organize this kind of events and we always try to help if we can. For more details, you can contact Taguaro or read a complete coverage in Agora. If you wish to organize an event in your city, please let us know.

The first set of statistics about the city's population in Erepublik was presented by Astromaniac in his newspaper Vere Mundus. In his latest articles, the top three cities in Erepublik (regarding the number of inhabitants) were presented:

The 8th General Elections in Erepublik are taking place today. Please remember that Citizens who moved from one country to another in the last 10 days are not able to vote in these elections. Good luck to all competitors and tomorrow we will be back with a full update of the new Presidents.

Thank you for your support.
The Erepublik Team