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eRepublik Survey - July 2010

Published 29 July 2010

Dear citizens,

Yesterday, we have started a long awaited eRepublik Survey: your opinion about the New World and its modules. It has just surpassed 19.000 answers. Thank you!

That's a lot of answers. Answers and suggestions. Suggestions which we will take under consideration in the next few weeks. eRepublik is changing, improving. Let's change it together!

To sum up, tomorrow (Day 983), at 00:00 eRepublik time, the survey will be closed and its analysis will begin. We estimate that we will share by the end of the next week the most important results and conclusions.

Thank you again for your passion and dedication!

Best regards,

The eRepublik team

The Questions and Answers Insider - Day 979

Published 26 July 2010

Hello everybody!

Today is a special day for the Insider: we are proud to introduce the Q&A Insider!

We received a lot of tickets with questions. We did not have the opportunity to answer all of them yet; thus we want to dedicate this day to you. What does this mean exactly? In this Q&A Insider, you will find the most frequently asked questions of the last 7 days. Of course, they will be followed by answers and detailed explanation.

We are counting on you to point out, in comments, other questions that you consider important. If you will have a lot of questions for us as comments to this Insider, we will try to answer them in a future edition of the Q&A Insider. You can find below the first series of questions from last week. Enjoy!

Question 1. ”What happened with the Super Soldier Medal?”

Answer: The Super Soldier Achievement gain is currently disabled. We're aiming to introduce four new achievements for the four types of military skills, but we do not have an estimation regarding the time of implementation. We’ll let you all know as soon as we reach a decision regarding this subject.

Question 2. “I would like to know how health and happiness regenerate over the next day. How much is the regeneration influenced by my food and my house?”

Answer: The influence upon health and happiness depends on the quality of the food and house. You can find the latest news about this topic right from the previous insider.

Question 3. “While defending, if no one attacks me, is the selected booster going to get consumed?”

Answer:No, if you choose a booster when you are defending the tile and nobody is attacking you, that booster will not get consumed.

Question 4. “When attacking in berserk mode, if there are more than 1 enemy on the area, the selected booster will be charged only 1 time or it depends on the number of the attacked enemies?”

Answer: The booster will be charged only one time.

Question 5. “For example, if I have a house giving me 8 health, food with 7 health and I fight down to 20 health, tomorrow I'll have my health restored to 70 and after food/house bonuses are calculated, my health will be 85?

Answer: Yes, because the food/house bonuses are applied after the “70 health restore". This also means that next day you will have less than 70 if no food is present in the inventory.

Question 6. “Do you get experience from battles?”

Answer: You do not receive experience points from battles. Experience points will be received only when you: Work, Study, Train, Relax, Vote, Candidate. You can check the eRepublik Official Wiki for more info: Experience points

Question 7. “How do we use the hospital?”

Answer: When you fight in battle, you will use hospital automatically if:

  • you're deployed;
  • you're inside the area of effect of a hospital;
  • the hospital is controlled by your team.

The amount of health you can receive depends on the roof of the hospital and is limited by the amount of health you had when you entered the battle.

Question 8. “If there are two hospitals that cover one area, do they both lose durability when one person gets healed?”

Answer: No, only one of the hospital is used and the one chosen is the one with a bigger bonus.

Question 9. “What happens if I deploy on the battlefield before the beginning of a war?”

Answer: We want to inform you that if you deploy yourself on a map before the beginning of a battle this could affect you when the battle starts. Don’t be mislead by the idea that you are outside the battle area, because when the battle starts you will be automatically involved in it. Not being able to defend yourself, implies that you may lose easily. So if you decide to deploy your unit in this way, take into consideration this possibility.

This is it, for now, don’t forget to post your questions and we will see you next Monday.

Kind regards,

eRepublik team

UPDATE 1 - Day 980, eRepublik time: 09:06

Tomorrow (day 981) we will take the servers offline for at least 2 hours, starting at 01:00 (eRepublik time) in order to implement changes resulted from your feedback tickets.

1. “Please change the way hospitals work. they are used up in the first few hours of a battle.”

The new product specification for hospitals will be as following:

  • Health/player/turn: division = 2 CP, 2 CP = +1 Health (max 50 Health restore)
  • Health budget: 1 CP = 2500 Health (max 250.000 Health)
  • AOE: division = 20 CP, 20 CP = +1 tile (max 5 tiles)

In plain English, this means that a Q5 hospital will last for about 5000 fights (if you maximize the health budget and health/player/turn). Currently, a hospital can be used only for a couple of hundreds of fights (less than 500).

For further balancing, the new product specification will be as following:

  • Defense: division = 2 CP, 2 CP = 1 Defense Bonus (max 50 defense bonus)
  • Durability: division = 1 CP, 1 CP = 50 uses (max 5000 uses)
  • AOE: division = 20 CP, 20 CP = +1 tile (max 5 tiles)

In plain English, this means that a Q5 defense system will last for about 5000 fights (if you maximize the durability and defense). The current usage rate of a defense system is approximately 100000 fights.

2. “I did something wrong when I customised my products and now I can’t change it.”

Based on the multitude of the similar tickets, but also in order to offer a way for General Managers of hospitals and defense companies to adjust their products based on the changes explained at point 1, we offer you free of charge, without upgrading/downgrading, for a limited time (a couple of weeks) to adjust your product customization. Although all general managers will have this option enabled, you can see it as an opportunity to correct any blind choices and to respond to hospital/defense systems modifications explained above.

3. “It annoys me greatly that, in a fight where I know the enemy was too inferior to even touch my chopper and do any damage (such as a level 1 Greenhorn Infantry, who was foolish enough to step out onto a plain next to my Veteran Helicopter), I know I'm guaranteed to receive -10 health when the fight ends because others on my side also dogpiled into that fight and it counted as supporting the battle.

This feature can be resumed as such: whenever you “support a battle” (your opponent is defeated by another ally fighter), you gain 2 skill point and 2 rank points and you lose 10 health. We’ve decided to reduce that health loss from 10 to 5. After the implementation of change, the second round of analyses will be made (behavior, the average maximum number of fights of a citizen, etc.) and we’ll decide if further improvements will be made or not.


UPDATE 2 - Day 981, eRepublik time: 08:06

As you might have notice, there's an eRepublik Survey ongoing (liked in Homepage). We would like to encourage you to answer it since based on your answers, we may take important decisions about the future of the eRepublik modules. Thank you!

Plato's retirement! (by Carla)

Published 23 July 2010


Hello everybody!

I`m sure that most of you have noticed me in the past days but I would like to introduce myself: I am Carla, your new Advisor. Before you even think about it - no, I had nothing to do with Plato's retirement! The old man was already on his way out, I suppose. Anyway, my job will be to keep you informed, if you need help along the way. Of course, my top priority will be the new citizens, which have so many things to learn in their first days in the New World.

Today I want to share some gossip with you, some news about bug fixes and also a list of known issues which my colleagues are working on at the moment. What would you like me to start with? Of course ... the gossip! Here you go: I caught some whispers around here that the team is considering the option to change the customization of hospitals, like durability, and so on. Also, it seems that pretty much everybody considers the military bonuses almost useless, so the team is also analyzing the idea of making the bonuses more effective. I am sure they will give you an update on this as soon as they come to a conclusion. You didn't hear this from me, ok?

Oh, before I forget: I discovered a very nice video on the Internet, about the military module. You can give it a try and maybe share it with your friends.

Now, let's have a look at some solved issues. If you don't know what we're talking about, even better, this probably means you didn’t encounter those bugs ;)

  1. Search issue. The feature only worked on the homepage but nowhere else. The bug has been solved.
  2. Job market bug. This affected some types of companies, mostly in the manufacturing and construction sectors, which were unable to post job offers. This is no longer an issue.
  3. Help text in battles. It was impossible to make the help text disappear as the turning off had no effect. The bug was solved.
  4. Issue money law bug. Some countries were unable to correctly issue money. Solved.
  5. Military help page bug. We discovered some old information on the help page, especially regarding the bonuses, who gets an advantage on what terrain against who, and so on. Help page updated.

I also would like to remind you of some two things:

We received some complains that there is a bug with Gold donations. Actually, there is no problem with Gold donations, but you should know that citizens are unable to donate their Gold until they reach a certain level. This was one of the measures implemented by the anti-cheating project.

Also, the Alliance expiration date was reported as bugged. We checked it and found no problem. Actually, it is the timing which is confusing and the source for misunderstandings and maybe sometime we'll be able to work on such minor details too. For now, if an Alliance is about to expire in two days and 23 hours, the system will report that the Alliance will expire in three days. Please keep this in mind.

Last but not least, there are some problems which the team is aware of but have no estimations yet when they will be solved. It could be tomorrow, it could be in one or two weeks time.

  1. Avatar bug. We know that you can't change avatars right now. There is something dodgy going on with the server at the moment. We'll fix this as soon as possible.
  2. Company migration bug. Some managers sent tickets asking to migrate their companies into tank or helicopters companies, which did not happen yet. We can't estimate when this will be done, but hopefully, pretty soon everybody will receive their shiny new companies.
  3. Buying buildings bug. Presidents are unable to buy and deploy buildings in any region. This is an important issue and our engineers are working hard to fix it.

The eRepublik team would like to apologize for the 8 hours downtime of the military module on day 974. We have learned a lot from those hours and this will help us in future. Also, for 12 hours, in the same unlucky day 974, the productivity had gone with the wind and employees worked for nothing as no new stocks were created. Well, the productivity will be added back in companies, today, by the end of the day.

In this very Insider, we can all see two things: that there are still some issues and that the team is working hard on fixing them. As your Advisor, I would recommend you to refrain yourself from posting articles complaining about every technical issue. I am telling you this not because the team wants to censor your opinions but, like we told you several times now, the team needs to use this time to solve your problems and answer your tickets, not investing it reading and moderate articles and comments. Every hour invested in media means a few tickets solved less. Think about it. This is the best way to go, to construct your feedback in a positive and comprehensible manner. Furthermore, if you have some pertinent questions, feel free to post it as a comment to this Insider.

Thanks for your support,
Carla & eRepublik team

UPDATE 1: Day 976, eRepublik time: 07:39

I’m happy to announce you that the team has just solved an annoying bug regarding citizenship: when you moved to another country, due to some display errors, the citizenship was shown incorrectly (the new country’s citizenship was displayed instead of the accurate one).

UPDATE 2: Day 977, eRepublik time: 07:40

We’ve got some good news! Since Day 975, we have enriched our team with four new Community Officers in order to deal with the high number of tickets that we have received from you in the past two weeks. We would like to share with you the fact that the number of tickets submitted by you has increased with around 100% since v1. This is the main reason why you experience the current delay in receiving an answer. We want to apologize for the late reply and to assure you that in the next period, everyone will receive a proper answer from us.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support!

UPDATE 3: Day 979, eRepublik time: 02:00

More good news: the engineers have just updated the automatic health and happiness gain process (which runs at the beginning of each eRepublik day). From now on: you will receive both the bonuses from your food and house and the “70 health check” if you fought in the previous day.

The change was set in motion since two hours ago and the team encountered no technical difficulties when this process ran this morning.

Real time updates

Published 21 July 2010

Day 974 - Company stocks bug update

Dear citizens,

As some of you may have noticed by now, for several hours, today, the productivity of workers was not correctly added in the stocks of the companies. We are happy to announce that this bug was fixed.

Regarding the lost productivity, this will be added back in your companies in the following three days. As a result, all your products will be back in the company stock.

Best regards and don’t forget to check the Insider from time to time for future updates.


The eRepublik team

P.S.: We still have a backlog in processing the messages we received from you through the contact page. As we speak we are doing all we can to answer as soon as possible to all your messages in the shortest time.

UPDATE 1: Day 975, eRepublik time: 03:08

The recovery process has started smoothly and we are happy to announce that we are on track to deliver the missing company stocks. We’re also working on fixing the issue because of which some country presidents cannot buy hospitals or defense systems.

One last detail: as mentioned in the previous Insider’s comments, some of our engineers are making modifications so that you receive the “70 health check” and the health and happiness increases from food and house in the same time.

UPDATE 2: Day 976, eRepublik time: 03:00

We’ve got some good news! Since yesterday, we have enriched our team with four new Community Officers in order to deal with the high number of tickets that we have received from you in the past days. We would like to share with you the fact that the number of tickets submitted by you has increased with around 100% since v1. This is the main reason why you experience the current delay in receiving an answer. We want to apologize for the late reply and to assure you that in the next period, everyone will receive a proper answer from us.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support!

Military Module Updates - Day 972

Published 19 July 2010

Battlefield 1280x1024.jpg

Dear citizens,

The military module has been live since this morning, and until now we can say ... so far so good. Let’s start with a few tips:

1) You can learn more about fighting on battlefields on the special military help page;

2) You also might be interested in the “Options” button in the military client (you can, for example, turn on/off the tutorial, as well as sounds and other things). You’ll find the button in the top right corner of the military module, right next to the Battle Info button.

3) You can only fight on one battlefield at a time. If you want to join a battle and your unit is already deployed in a different region, click on the coloured link in the pop-up message that tells you that you are already deployed somewhere else. The link will lead you to the region where you are deployed. Then retreat from that region. Now you can join any battle your country is involved in.

4) If you are deployed on a battlefield and you want to go offline, please keep in mind that your unit will stay on the battlefield! You can use the “retreat” button to un-deploy your citizen from the battlefield. Of course, you can stay on the battlefield to protect it from attackers. But you might also get defeated by another player while you are away.

5) In order to make it easier for you to see where battles are taking place, we added the “Wars list” entry to the main menu under “Info”.

In the previous Insider we announced the “70 health rule”, now let's shed some light on other rules. The following rules are important especially for the leaders of the New World:

1) If a country is queuing to attack a region and meanwhile that region has been conquered, the queue is dissolved without refunds. It is important to think and carefully analyze the situation. The safest way to go would be to attack a region only if it's not already in a battle.

2) The alliances are working about the same way as they did before. If a treaty is not renewed, the alliance between the two countries is removed from all wars. Even if the two countries will sign a new treaty later on, the alliance will not become active (not appearing in wars) until an attack in the original region occurs.

Also please be aware of this:
Tomorrow (Day 973) we will take the servers offline for about 2 hours, starting at 05:00 (eRepublik time). If you are wondering why, well, we are deploying the new eRepublik advisor. As so many things changed lately, we want to offer new citizens a helping hand, during their first days.

That’s it for today. If you have questions concerning the military module, questions for which you couldn't find an answer anywhere else, please add them as a comment to this article and we'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks!

Your eRepublik Team

The Military Module is just around the corner

Published 16 July 2010
Battlefield 1280x1024.jpg

Dear citizens,

We know that you are all waiting for the new military module, as the beta testing served only as a teaser, a warm-up.
You will be happy to hear that we aim to switch on the military module on the Day 972 of the New World! eRepublik will be finally complete, with the economic module nicely blending with the military one.

But hold your horses, soldiers! We strongly recommend avoiding starting huge and important battles, in the first days (and especially in the first 24 hours), because issues might appear.
Just like in the case of the economic module, we need a few days to fine tune everything and make sure that the future battlefields will work like a charm.

Please keep in mind that a region can only be attacked by ONE country at a time. Allies of the attacking country can, of course, join the battle.
If another country wants to attack the same region, it needs to wait until the active battle is over.

Speaking of battlefields, those are filled with soldiers and soldiers wear their ranks with pride, don't they?
Yes, there was a problem with the military ranks system, but we will have this fixed before the activation of the military module.
Your rank is your fortune!

We have noticed your worries about maintaining your health when fighting in many of your submitted tickets during beta testing.
In order to help you in this matter, we have established the following rule: if you fought in a battle and you ended your eRepublik day with less than 70 health, then the next day we will restore your health automatically to 70. So, essentially, if you fight at least once, your health cannot be lower than 70 the next day. Let's combine that with the new house/food rule which states that you receive health and happiness exactly as much as you see in the marketplace when you buy the product, regardless your current health and happiness. Now, we can easily say that today’s badly wounded soldier will be just fine again tomorrow. It's not exactly the old “kamikaze”, but pretty close, isn't it? :)

One more thing.
The next few days, which hopefully won't be filled with huge battles, can be used to learn more about the military module. We know that the new module seems complex, but it's not that complicated such that it can't be mastered.
It’s actually very straight forward. There is a special help page which you can reach from within the battle page (a help link in the upper right side). Don't hesitate to open the help page, you will learn many important things!

Thanks for reading and see you on the battlefields!

Your eRepublik Team

BONUS: We have a little gift for you. Check out this link.

eRepublik Rising Updates - Day 966

Published 13 July 2010

Dear citizens,

Today we will keep you updated regarding the things we are doing to improve your eRepublik Rising experience. First of all, we would like to thank you for your support.
We really need and we really appreciate your feedback, as this is the only way to move forward and turn eRepublik into a dream world.

Speaking about feedback, on one hand, we received many tickets lately and on the other hand, we've been focused on solving some nasty bugs and analyze the balancing and formulas.
As a consequence of that, there is a delay in answering your tickets, for which we apologize.

Now, would you like to hear some good news? Of course, you'd like! Well, we are going to change an age-old characteristic of eRepublik game-play: when it comes to your house and your food attributes, what you'll see is what you'll get!
That means that if you see in the marketplace some food which gives for example 3 health and 6 happiness, this is exactly what you are going to get the next morning, regardless your current health and happiness! How cool is that? To maintain your character happy and healthy should be so much easier now. When is this going to be the truth? No later than a few days, so stay tuned to be informed.

The team also fixed numerous bugs. To enumerate just a few of them:

  • Sidebar bug. This bug essentially caused the health and happiness to be incorrectly displayed in the citizens' sidebar. In the profile page, the values were correct, but in the sidebar the health and happiness were one-day delayed.
  • Creation of the newspaper bug. Due to some technical changes for the Rising version, the creation of newspapers could not be completed and the citizens lost Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD if a newspaper logo was selected. We fixed that and returned the Gold to the rightful owners. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  • Dead Monetary Market; we solved the issues related to monetary market, which was inaccessible, for some of our citizens.
  • Subscribes problems. If you have been affected by this, you would be happy to hear that we fixed this problem today.
  • Avatar upload is not working. We are aware of this issue, and working on fixing it. In the next 2-3 days avatar uploading should work like a charm.

Well, that would be it for today. If you have more feedback or if you wish to report some issues, don't hesitate to contact us. Even if we don't manage to answer you quickly, we do read and solve your problems. Thank you for your time, and stay tuned for future updates. Who knows, maybe more good news will follow! :D

The eRepublik Team

P.S.: Tomorrow, day 967 of the New World, eRepublik servers will be taken off-line for about half an hour starting at 00:01 (eRepublik time).

Welcome to eRepublik Rising!

Published 7 July 2010

Dear citizens,

Welcome to eRepublik Rising!

After a hard night's work we are pleased to announce that eRepublik has risen. You can now enter the New World! Keep in mind the fact that it might be a bumpy ride for a few hours, so please fasten your seat-belts and brace yourself for some turbulences. We believe that all your doubts and fears will disappear step by step while you play eRepublik Rising!

As you can see, our Tech Department is ready for the ride! :)

For the beginning, we have a nice surprise for you! As a welcome gift we have increased the health for all of you to 100! We want to thank you all for your patience and for your support.

Regarding the languages, we want to let you know that eRepublik Rising is currently available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Please be aware that for the last four of them you might encounter some display issues. We are already working on resolving those issues.

That’s it for the moment, but please stay tuned and check the Insider as often as possible because we will come up with further updates like: known bugs or issues, details about current balancing, the plans for the following days, details about future languages, answers for your questions and many others.

Until the next update, enjoy playing eRepublik Rising!

Kind regards,

Your eRepublik Team

Update 1:

I am sure you have noticed some new levels on your profile. Well, this is happening because we have changed a bit the Experience Tunnel. You can check the new Experience Tunnel on eRepublik Wiki: Experience_points

Also, don’t worry about the avatars displaying. This is a known issue. We are using the server where the avatars are located for other purposes. In a few days, all the avatars will be OK.

Update 2, Day 961 - 03:20

Be aware of the fact that until the moment we will effectively launch the Military Module, the Rank migrations from v1 to Rising are not final. As a result, if you identify any issues, don’t worry because in a few days everything will be solved.

As for the Economic Module, we are constantly checking its evolution and in the following days, we will make improvements. Keep in mind though, that the new economy module has a lot of new features and it’s normal to pass a couple of days until it reaches a possible equilibrium state (unlike real world economy Regular smile.gif).

eRepublik (is) Rising!

Published 2 July 2010

Dear citizens,

The days of eRepublik V1 are almost over and we are working on the final steps for the transition to the new modules. As a result, we have many topics to share with you. Please try to stick to them in order not to lose any important details.

To sum up, we will focus on the following topics: the last migration days, the raw material companies and the first days of eRepublik Rising. In the end, we will answer some of your questions from the last Insider and we will share news about the current weapon companies.

In order to make it super easy to read let’s play the “Question and Answer” game during this Insider.

When will eRepublik Rising be launched?

On day 959, at 2 o’clock (eRepublik Time), we will take the servers offline for about 24 hours. This means that you should be able to log back into eRepublik Rising on day 960 of the New World! It’s important for you to know that in the first days of eRepublik Rising the military module will be disabled for about a week. Why? Because it’s important for you to get used to the new economic module first. Moreover, because of the customizable products and the certain degree of uncertainty (e.g. what kind of weapons are best for what kinds of war?) you should have some buffer time to prepare stocks (especially weapons), special buildings or to setup your defense systems and battle infrastructure before involving your countries in any wars.

What about working and training during the maintenance?

During the maintenance, you will not be able to work or train, but the day will count as worked and trained (with the highest bonus) for everybody.

Until when can I migrate my skills?

Day 957, at 23:59 o’clock is the last day for migrating your skills! Until then, you can change them as often as you want! But keep in mind the fact that after the Day 957 the migrations are over forever. And by forever we mean that we cannot change your skills anymore, nor can you, so automatic migrations following some predefined rules are applied in these cases! So, spread the word and let everybody know about this!

How can I migrate my skills?

Since yesterday, you can find your migrations panel on every homepage. Here you can decide how you want to distribute all your skill points. You can “invest” 100% of your skill points in only one new skill or you can choose to spread them over multiple skills. It’s up to you! That’s why we consider you should enter the beta server as often as possible, in order to decide on which economic skills and military skills you want to focus in eRepublik Rising.

What will happen with the Raw Materials Companies?

As you already know, in eRepublik Rising there will be no more quality differences between the raw materials companies. All of them will be equal (Q1). So all the Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5 companies will receive the sum of Gold invested to upgrade the company, from Q1 to Qn. Example: A Q3 Raw Materials Company will receive Icon-gold.gif 70 GOLD in its accounts.

What about my current raw materials stock, if I have a Q2-Q5 Company?

All the stocks will be transformed as following: Q2 = stock * 2, Q3 = stock *3 etc.

In the current Insider, we want to come up with a new concept. Except for the topics which we want to share with you, from time to time we will select your most interesting questions and answer them within the Insider.

Here are some of your top questions :

Can we transform our Weapons Companies in some other company than Rifle?

This was maybe the most debated topics in the community, in the last two weeks. So we decided to carefully analyze your suggestions and here is our answer: yes, you can!

But you have to follow the next steps precisely!

Step 1: Using ONLY the Organization Account, go to the contact page and submit a ticket! Of course, you need to submit the ticket from an Organization that has a Weapon Company!
Step 2: Assign the ticket to the Game Support Department!
Step 3: Write in the ticket subject: Weapon Company Change!
Step 4: In the message, please write only the following details:

  • Company link (URL):
  • Change into: Artillery or Tank

Step 5: Send the tickets and that’s it!

IMPORTANT! You can send the tickets from now on, but only until 4:00 o’clock eRepublik Time of day 958! Any tickets sent after this time will not be taken into consideration! Please follow the mentioned steps precisely, in order for you to be sure that the changes will take place. If you will not send any ticket, your company will change into a rifle company, as settled.

If I choose to change my weapon company into an Artillery Company or a Tank Company, what will happen to my current stock?

If you choose to have an Artillery Company, your stock will drop to 50%. As for Tank Company, your stock will drop to 25% of your current stock. Example: 10 Weapons will be transformed into either 5 artillery or 2.5 tanks. If you are wondering about customization points, they will remain the one we have settled in the current migration.

What are the final formulas for the new modules?

All the formulas and all the new details will be posted on wiki.erepublik.com in the following days.

These are the most important topics of the moment. If you have any other questions, please add them as a comment to this Insider. In the following Insiders we will try to answer some of your questions. For this to happen in a timely and friendly manner, please stay focused on real insightful questions.

Best regards,

The eRepublik Team