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A new Erepublik Citizen in our team

Published May 30, 2008

Dear Citizens,

As most of the Romanian users who joined our meetings have realized from this photo Geo (aka Belea2008) is our new team member and he is the second person recruited from Erepublik Citizens after Cristesco. He is helping Citizens with their requests on the forum and he will answer most of the messages received from the contact form. Geo will also have special administration preferences on the eRepublik wiki.

With the new version of Erepublik, we will have moderators from other countries, not only for Romania. They will help us answer the messages received from Citizens and special tools will be available for them to solve issues regarding the community. All the moderators will be selected from the Citizens of Erepublik. We will come back with more details about this in the next months and how to apply if you are interested.

Also we are not hiring just in Romania, alexis bonte is also looking for someone to help him in the Spanish office in Madrid you can find the job description and how to apply here.

Other interesting things:

  • Starting today, offers on the monetary market will have five decimals instead of two.
  • New rules for Simulated Organizations can be found here - Chabier from Spain wrote an interesting article about the political and military activities in Erepublik
  • Poland is now counter-attacking in the war versus Germany. The Polish with a massive help from the USA managed to secure all its regions.

Good luck to all competitors for a Presidential seat in the elections on the 1st of June.

Don't forget to vote!
The Erepublik Team

Erepublik meeting in Paris

Published May 28, 2008

Tomorrow on May 29th, an Erepublik meeting will take place in Paris. The meeting was organized by Papa Frantz and we hope that many Citizens from the New World will join. We are waiting for stories and photos from the meeting and we will be back with more details on our blog.

Read more about the event here and for more information please contact Papa Frantz.

Average age of Erepublik Citizens

Published May 20, 2008

Dear Citizens,

Average age of Erepublik Citizens

The average age of registered users in Erepublik is 26.39 years old and 25.19 years old for active Citizens.

Here is the list for the average age of Citizens divided by country on 16th of May 2008:

Other stuff:

  • Today local elections take place for the 6th time in Erepublik. Good luck to all competitors.
  • This is how the Erepublik map looks like after 180 days in the New World. Thanks to the_mihai for it.
  • Our latest insider article about a clean Erepublik forum created a bit of a debate. Our objective with this is not to limit free speech or fun or become “big brother” (1984 is a great book by the way, so is Animal Farm by the same author), it is simply to state some simple civilized rules that allow all of us to have a good time. The philosophy we are following there is a simple one, along the lines of the US constitution’s first amendment so we won’t be judging what is moral or immoral (bad choice of words there). You don’t see a lot of newspapers in real life filled with insults, that doesn’t mean they can’t have constructive or playful criticism. The same applies for Erepublik. As for pornography, several citizens are less than 18 years old and there are obvious legal reasons why we can’t allow it. The same applies to racism and xenophobia we are European based and these are considered illegal in Europe.
  • Dishmcds wrote an interesting article about Business Ethics Contracts - All Citizens that had no invitations left will receive 3 more.

Best regards,
The Erepublik Team

A clean Erepublik forum

Published May 16, 2008

Dear Citizens,

A clean Erepublik forum

Starting this week, we will start moderating with more attention the forum. We took this decision after several Citizens complained about the language and trolling used on the forum. Until we will change the forum format and have forum moderators (in the new version of Erepublik), discussions will be moderated by the admin.

Within the Erepublik forum and site, any illegal or immoral discussions (obscenity, vulgarity, pornography, xenophobia, racism etc.) are strictly forbidden. This rule applies also to avatars, signatures and Citizen names. In forum discussions, offending others in order to prove you are right is not OK and its also not very effective. Don't answer with insults to insults; report to us the offending message (please use the contact form) and we will take all necessary measures. We will not tolerate insults, threats or other unjust manifestations to other Citizens. Please, use arguments not invectives. Learn to respect other Citizens’ personality and opinion. Those who will not respect this rule will be temporarily banned and their comments will be deleted.

Please do not try to use “*“ or “beep” instead! We all know how to read between the lines and, since the intention is the same (to attack other Citizens), you will be banned for it. Also, as this is an international forum, we only accept posts (in the forum) in English, as we consider that it is an internationally known language (it is still OK to use national languages for national papers).

Of course the vast majority of Citizens already follow these rules and we hope that from now one everyone will. We can all just concentrate on having fun, helping and or competing with each other and using our smarts and wit.

Other issues:

  • New rule: each law will become active within one hour after being approved by Congress. This will also include war proposals.
  • A great wedding between Allyenna and Zhuge Liang took place last weekend. Find out more details here in the article coverage of the event, written by Lint.
  • Have a look at our team picture that we took yesterday in a local park. Now you can put a face on the mysterious admin.
  • alexis bonte is a globetrotter not only in the real life, but also in Erepublik.

Thanks for your support,

The Erepublik Team

Answering your questions

Published May 11, 2008

Dear Citizens,

As we have stated in a comment in the last article of Erepublik Insider, today we will answer some of your questions about the next version. Please do not be upset if some answers are not as complete as you would want them. We want to keep some surprises for the next version.

Benn Dover - Will countries continue to grow as they have been so far? Are other countries, like Australia, going to be reset?

No countries will be deleted from the database. Once we will launch the next version, Citizens will be able to start resistance wars and countries like Australia will have the chance to reappear on the Erepublik map.

Benn Dover - Have you thought of employing (in real life) people to help you guys out?

The first step was already taken when Cristesco became our Community Manager. With a project that evolves so fast, our team must keep the same pace and new people will be hired. Being a Citizen of Erepublik is considered to be a big plus for future employees.

jmatic - Are you guys going to implement a Judicial system?

We will create a system that will diminish the corruption cases made by the Presidents. Also we will provide better tools for the Presidents and Congressmen.

ImaNewbie - I mean will we start over and will it be different from the new world?

As we have stated before, the New World will continue its course and Citizens and company accounts will not be deleted.

Pearlswine - Will you be reviewing the rules dealing with SO's?

We will create another entity besides the existing ones (Citizens, companies, etc) that will replace the existing Simulated Organizations.

Pearlswine - Do you have any plans to change the way gold is gained from invites, eg adding additional requirements before the gold is gained?

Citizens will receive Gold from their invitations after the invited people will reach a certain level of experience.

Justinious McWalburgson III - Are any major changes coming to the work and market aspect of the game?

The working system will be improved as we want to add more fun to the work, train and fight pages. Also we plan to have more diverse products on the marketplace.

Anduu - Will there be the possibility to donate something else besides gifts, money and gold?

Yes, Citizens, companies, simulated organizations and countries will be able to donate products, materials or currencies.

Anduu - Will there be the possibility to make economic agreements (for taxes reduction) between a country and a company?

We will consider this issue, sounds interesting.

Autokrator - Will new countries be added with V1? If not, when?

New countries will be added also before launching V1. IT will not be possible to attack a new country before a certain period of time has passed since it has entered the Erepublik World.

Thank you for your questions, and all additional feedback and questions are welcome.

The Erepublik Team

Next version of Erepublik

Published May 7, 2008

Dear Citizens,

Next version of Erepublik

The next version of Erepublik will bring many new features requested by Citizens and some very interesting modifications within the gameplay. We will reveal some of them as we approach the launch date, but we will also keep some secrets to make it more interesting. We will constantly keep you updated with the work in progress for this new version. But main goals will be to maximize fun, simplicity / ease of use and performance (including less bugs) without sacrificing depth.

Taking into consideration that building the new version involves almost the entire team, we decided to focus more on the quality of the new version. Meanwhile, on the current version, we will continue to administrate and fix the bugs and work on performance tuning but won’t be making major improvements. We won't reset the current Erepublik facts when launching V1 so the story continues.

Other issues:

  • The military rank is now working and Citizens that fought in battles will now be able to see their progress in the military section on their profile page.
  • We gave 3 more invites to Citizens who had no invitations left. Another set of invites will be given next week for all Citizens (as long as performance is ok)
  • This week 1000 more invites were sent to people from the waiting list;
  • There was a problem with the database that affected the private messages system, but now everything should be OK.
  • Today we uploaded a lot of bug fixes and until the end of next week we should resolve most major bugs.

Thanks from the Erepublik team

1st of May - General elections coverage

Published May 1, 2008

The 6th general elections in eRepublik ended. Here are the new elected Presidents in each country:

Many of the new elected Presidents are at their first mandate, so we want to send them our best wishes. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants!

Erepublik team