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Important info please read

Published on November 30 - Day 10 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

Yesterday was a crazy day, the first real first big test for the Admin. With the population growth, the number of queries to our database and servers jumped trough the roof. At some points of the evening, we had more than 200 simultaneous citizens in erepublik plus several more trying to get in. As a result, a few of you might have seen a not very nice page stating that we were doing "server maintenance".

To be more specific what we had to do is streamline a lot of the queries because due to the very large stats system and a points system that we have, erepublik.com creates a lot more queries than a normal website. So when we have 200 concurrent citizens in our world the load on the servers and database is the same as if we had 2000.

We had planned the "beta" to be able to hold 500 concurrent citizens but hadn't counted on the huge number of queries. The result is that although during the day yesterday we managed to streamline several of the scripts and add server power, therefore, doubling our capacity that still wasn't enough.

We are going to double again our capacity today and have started working on a much more scalable hosting solution but we will need a few days to move to it. Also, we didn't want to make such a major change just before the elections.

So in order to be able to deliver the required performance to all citizens and avoid major server outages we have decided to take the following temporary measures:

  • All new citizens will from now on only receive 2 invitations instead of the 5 usual invitations. This is the only way we have to keep the growth somewhat under control, of course, we want our little world to grow as much as you but not at the detriment of every user's experience.
  • We have removed for the moment the country ranking points system and replaced it with each countries present population. This was one of the major query loads on the database and it was not working properly anyway (bug). No points have been lost, we are working on fixing the points system bug and will put it back on as soon as it is fixed and that we have moved to our new hosting solution.
  • We will be looking at other things like the points system that cause large server loads and might have to disable them from time to time, we will do our best to limit this to non-critical functionality.

We are doing everything we can so that we have a lot fewer issues today and give you as good an experience as we can.

Thank you all for being a part of the erepublik adventure, we might have had no sleep yesterday but we are thrilled by the positive responses of so many of you.

The eRepublik admin team

We are 1000 Erepublik citizens!

Published on November 28 - Day 8 of the New World

After a little more than 1 week of launching the beta version of the Erepublik world, we have reached 1000 citizens. Several hundred more have pre-registered and are at this time waiting for an invitation to join our young but fast growing world.

A big thank you to all of the citizens for joining us in building a different world history, we apologize for the bugs you may have encountered, some of you have really been outstanding at helping us spot them. We are all working round the clock to fix them and bring you improvements. The present beta version is the very early beginning and a lot of additional functionality will be added over the next few weeks and months as soon as we have finished correcting the major bugs.

We have also been amazed at how smart some of the citizens have been and how they already have used the large liberty and interaction we have built into Erepublik to invent new ways we honestly hadn't thought about to overcome the challenges in growing their citizen, their country, companies, newspapers or political parties. A lot of the improvements we will bring in the future will be a direct result of this and of your suggestions.

After one week we can already share with you a few initial basic stats (from Google Analytics):

The average citizen visits Erepublik at least once per day, in his visit he stays an average of 18m58 minutes and views 25 pages. depending on the day between 80 and 180 new citizens are born and about 150 people ask for an invite and join the waiting list. Oh, and Erepublik citizens really like Firefox (56%).

Today's special citizen is Fredy from Spain for his interview in the Erepublik version of el Pais of another Erepublik citizen King Juan Carlos! You can see the interview here (in Spanish).

Again thank you to all citizens from the Erepublik dev team.

Elections waiting

Published on November 27 - Day 7 of the New World

Next Saturday be prepared to place your vote.
On the 1st day of each month, all Erepublik countries will choose their leaders. Top 5 parties (considering the number of members) in each country will appear in the elections list.

Their Presidents will candidate automatically to be elected as Country President. Besides choosing the President, Erepublik citizens will elect also their Congress. So parties with the biggest number of votes will get the biggest number of Congress seats. As a Party member, you have bigger chances to become a Congressman if you are placed on top of the Party members list (Party presidents can arrange those lists).

Active user Dan-Zisso, president of Parti Social Démocrate is making efforts to create a worldwide Social-Democrat coalition. Until now, US Democrats and Spanish Social Democrat Party joined the coalition. You can access their discussions on this page: https://www.erepublik.com/forum-topic-84.html

Activity report

  • when users were bringing friends in game using invitations sometimes the Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD wasn't received - fixed;
  • online users' pagination problem - fixed;
  • possibility to work for more than one company - fixed (only one job/citizen)
  • after training in the company page the "Work" button was disappearing - fixed
  • server overloading error page created;
  • testing the general elections;
  • system to ban easily the fake accounts, delete their votes and their party memberships;
  • on the HomePage - instead of War News, now appears Local News
  • we gave 3 more invitations to each user that spent his first invitations.

Speed improvements

Published on November 26 - Day 6 of the New World

1. Erepublik World updates:
We haven't been very happy with the server load time last 2 days.
Some scripts were slowing down the server. We've debugged and in the last hours, the loading speed was improved a lot. That's why we've let more people into the Erepublik World by sending them the invitations requested.

We will keep the loading time on the website as our number 1 priority.

2. Citizen initiative of the day
User darkfloppy has translated the FAQ in Spanish. You can access the translation following this link.

No points for friends

Published on November 23 - Day 3 of the New World

Because a lot of users kept adding friends just to receive points we considered that we should not give any more points for adding friends. If your points number decreased, this is the cause. More changes will come to the points system.

Donations disabled

Published on November 23 - Day 3 of the New World

Donations system has been disabled for the next period of time. That's because we've found out a few fake accounts created just to get gold. The fake accounts have been banned and the main users received fines.

In the future, if we find out more fake accounts we will start giving bans to the main users accounts too. We strongly support people that play together with their friends or relatives, not people that are creating fake accounts to get undeserved benefits.

Undeserved benefits = receiving from fake accounts gold or any other currency, votes, being party members in your party, selling products to them, having your company financed by fake accounts.

Is there a final version?

Published on November 22 - Day 2 of the New World

Erepublik is now just a small percent of what we would want to be. We will constantly add new modules to make it more entertaining. We have a list of very cool features that we want to implement in 2008. The list is open waiting for user's feedback. But we haven't planned a final version. We don't think that exists something like this.

Also, even if we are in beta version, the points that you will get won't be deleted for another launch.

The Erepublik history started officially. You are its first citizens.

Win more gold - new invites added

Published on November 22 - Day 2 of the New World

Citizens that used up their invites will get extra invitations: First 20 citizens of each country (that received Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD at the beginning) get 2 more invites. All the other citizens will get an extra 5 invitations.

Again: to receive this you should have sent all your invites!

Don't forget that sending invites to people that later register will get you Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD for each new citizen brought.

The 1st day after the launch of Erepublik.com

Published on November 21 - Day 1 of the New World

It is the first day of Erepublik.com, beta version, and there are about 200 users who subscribed. They are from all the corners of the world (Europe, America, Australia) and they really enjoy playing Erepublik.

They have created companies or they decided to work for a certain company, they started their political life as party presidents or party members. Many of them created newspapers to keep informed the other citizens about certain topics in Erepublik.

Most of Erepublik citizens invites their friends to join Erepublik. And Erepublik World becomes more and more populated.

Stay tuned for more and more news about what's happening in Erepublik.

Erepublik after 24 hours

Published on November 21 - Day 1 of the New World

24 hours after the launch here are the first stats:

  • 332 invitations sent
  • 145 opened
  • 128 people clicked at least a link in the invitations
  • 106 registered as citizens
  • 86 of them sent 372 invitations bringing 106 new citizens


Thank you also for the bugs reported. Your feedback is really, really appreciated.

Erepublik.com is launching

Published on November 20 - Day 0 of the New World

Beta version of Erepublik.com is launching today.

Those who have already subscribed as beta citizens will receive invitations to register in Erepublik.com. They will be the first Erepublik citizens.

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can get an invitation now. The first Erepublik citizens will have more influence on the future of Erepublik World.

Once you have become an Erepublik citizen, you can also invite your friends to the New World.

Take into account that this is a beta version of Erepublik.com, so you might find some mistakes on the site, but we are constantly improving and adding new functionality to the Erepublik.com world.

For more information about Erepublik, please read our Tutorial.

Thank you,
The Erepublik Team