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Division of congress members

Published on October 31 - Day 346 of the New World

Dear citizens,

In one of the last Insider articles we presented the improvements regarding the congressional elections. Most of the citizens asked us how the members of congress will be divided per region, and in this article we'll explain the solution to this challenge.

Number of congress seats in a country or region

The total number of congress members representing a region will be a minimum of one and a maximum of 10, depending on the number of regions in each country.
The normal number of congress members will be 40. The full division of congress seats depending on the number of regions can be found here.

Wild cards

Besides the candidates that have received a congress seat (the ones above the green line), the remaining candidates with the highest number of votes from all regions gain a wild card and become congress members as well (see scheme). See how the number of wild cards are distributed per country depending on the number of regions.

These improvements will bring more dynamism and interaction to the congressional elections for the citizens in the New World. As always we're waiting for your feedback.

Increasing population

The number of congress seats in each country is influenced only by the number of regions. We won’t take into account the size of the population. Of course the eRepublik population will increase a lot, but this doesn't mean that we should start having congresses with hundreds of members using the same tools.
Instead we will focus on increasing the number of administrative positions (judges, mayors, etc.).

The same situation happens also for parties. Only the top five parties, in terms of members (the living ones, of course) in each country can participate in the election. It would be pretty difficult for the regular voter to choose among a higher number of parties. A better solution here is to facilitate the development of political alliances and, even better, improve the ways that parties express themselves so that they can grow their base.

Thank you,

The eRepublik Team

Country budget improvement

Published on October 30 - Day 345 of the New World

Dear citizens,

Country presidents and congress members brought to our attention the fact that in V1 all the money taken from the countries’ budgets was considered new money by the system. In doing this, countries had to pay the 0.005 Gold fee for the budget’s revenue (from taxes or donations). The following improvements are being considered for addition in the next updates:

  1. Bring back the simpler 'Issue money' feature used in beta, which allows congress members to propose a value of local currency that, if voted, will enter into the country accounts. Printing money will still have a Gold fee of: 1 local currency issued = 0.005 Gold. This Gold cost fights against puppet administrations who print huge amounts of money to destroy economies from the inside.
  2. Remove the Gold fee that was paid when donating local currency to organizations. Also, when a member of congress proposes a sum of money to be donated to an organization, he/she must make sure that the country accounts still have enough money left to cover citizen fee costs for the next 500 new citizens in that country.
  3. Closely related to the previous improvement, when congress members propose a new citizen fee, this value should be less than or equal to the country's budget divided by 500. Therefore, you make sure to keep your new citizens happy, as they will receive their deserved starting fee.

Important updates:

  1. Every day, a citizen can receive gifts up to 10 wellness units without encountering any problems
  2. New feature: You can edit the country of your newspaper from the 'edit newspaper' page
  3. New feature: you can buy a market license for Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD if you don't have one for the country in which your company is currently located in (helps companies situated in occupied or liberated regions)
  4. Fixed a fatal error on edit company upload avatar
  5. Experience points were recalculated for each citizen and now the correct value is displayed

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

Congressional elections improvements

Published on October 29 - Day 344 of the New World

Dear citizens,

Quick info: We are sorry for yesterday’s downtime, there were some severe issues that affected some European hosting providers and unfortunately both our providers were affected.

After receiving your feedback about the congressional elections system and based on your requests regarding the political module, we've focused on finding solutions to the following challenges:

  1. Easier access for the elections results and voting page.
  2. The congressional elections should be region related.
  3. The voters should not have to choose among hundreds of candidates.
  4. Candidates should have an easy way to present themselves and their program.


  1. In the main menu, after accessing the 'Community' tab, a button named 'Elections' will be displayed for all citizens. This way, during your navigation in the New World you will only be at a one click distance to see what's new in the eRepublik elections.
  2. The mayor position was missed after the V1 launch and we've focused on bringing back the citizens that represent the interests of the communities in their regions. Therefore, if you are a member of one of the top five parties in your country and you have at least 100 EP, you have the possibility to run for a congressional seat in your region between the 16th and 23rd of each month. On the 24th the list for congressional candidates will be closed and the party president will have the ability to manage the position of the members on these lists. We wonder how this phrase will sound - “Hello mister congressman of Alabama”.
  3. The number of congressional seats will be determined by taking into consideration the number of regions in each country and it will vary between one and ten congressional members per region. This way a citizen will not have to place a vote among a list of 200 candidates.
  4. When you decide to run for a congressional position, you'll have the ability to provide a link to a presentation for your potential voters.

We'll do our best to implement these improvements before the next congressional elections take place on the 25th of November.

Still to come: updates for the battle system and a new tool in the country administration.

Thank you for your feedback,

The eRepublik Team

Organizations in V1

Published on October 28 - Day 343 of the New World

Short history Banks, lotteries and ministries have appeared in every country. Some were created by presidents to help them administrate their countries and others by regular citizens to make their mark in the New World. In order to help citizens, the “organization” structure was implemented.

What is an organization? An organization is based on a citizen profile, with some rights restricted and others added instead.
List of restricted rights:

  • cannot train, nor fight
  • cannot be politically involved, cannot be a party member, cannot own a party, and cannot vote
  • cannot be part of country administration
  • cannot register/login as another organization
  • cannot have Experience Points
  • cannot send invitations
  • cannot be hired/work
  • cannot have wellness, doesn´t eat (doesn't have a house and does not have the "human" wellness avatar on the left of the page).
  • The "To Do" list on the home page is not available for organizations.

List of rights added:

  • Organizations have all features unlocked from the start
  • Organizations can stockpile raw materials

How can you create an organization? You can create an organization following the link from My places - Organizations.

  • Experience level required: 11 (90 Experience Points )
  • Cost - Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD

What happens with SOs from beta? In order to transfer SOs from beta to V1 (as organizations), each citizen that has created an SO in beta must send us a message from their SO account using the Contact form (subj: Others). If you fail to do this by the 15th of December, we will have to ban the old SO account.

What are the advantages of having an organization? Organizations can be administrated by more than one citizen and are the basic structure for holdings or other types of administrative structures. The owner’s imagination is the only limit to an organization’s use. Besides this, administrating an organization instead of an extra citizen avoids the risk of getting banned for multi accounting.

Community coverage and updates:

PS: We're working on important changes (many of them based, as usual, on your feedback) on the congress elections. More details to come and additional suggestions welcome.

Best regards,

The eRepublik Team

First congressional elections in eRepublik V1

Published on October 25 - Day 340 of the New World

Why should you become a member of Congress?

It is an opportunity to enhance your skills while contributing to your country’s development. Members of Congress, with the help of the president, ensure the political and economic stability of the country.

As member of Congress you can propose the following: a new citizen fee value, the amount of national currency/Gold to be donated from the country's treasury to an organization, tax changes, a new minimum wage and presidential impeachment (propose a forcible removal of the country's president).

You also have the power to express your vote regarding: the message to new citizens, hospital and Defense system acquisitions, mutual protection pacts of your country, declaring war and peace proposals, and stopping trade with other countries.

If you become a member of Congress, you receive 20 experience points. Considering the citizens’ requests in beta, members of Congress now have the ability to change their residence and can also resign from their seat in Congress.

What do you have to do to become member of Congress? In order to be a candidate for the congressional elections, you need at least 100 experience points (level 12) and you also must convince your party president to nominate you for a congressional seat.

How do elections take place? On the 25th of each month, the congressional elections take place in eRepublik. You will need to visit the voting polls in order to see the list of candidates. After selecting the candidates of one of the first five parties in your country, you can vote for the one you consider to be the best candidate for a seat in Congress. In these types of elections the uninominal voting system is applied, which means that the first 40 candidates obtaining the total number of votes received become members of Congress.

Recent updates:

  1. Removed the fatal errors that appeared after accessing different links from a party page
  2. Special characters should work now
  3. Fixed fatal errors on send messages
  4. Fixed a problem that was appearing during the registration process
  5. Removed the possibility to embed on forum
  6. Citizen fee issue fixed - if you registered in Moscow, you will receive RUB instead of NOK
  7. Company donations of raw materials - now you can donate only the specific raw material needed by a manufacturing/construction company

We are starting to work on small modules improvements. Better trivia questions and improvements to the war module are among our top priorities.

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

Finland back on the New World map

Published on October 24 - Day 339 of the New World

The first resistance war in eRepublik ended with the liberation of the Eastern Finland region. The war was started by Forconin and blink-az was the hero for the resistance warriors with an astonishing total damage of 15.016 (took out more than 15% of the wall by himself). After just one day, Finland already reached almost 500 citizens.

New formulas for raw materials industry

As we have emphasized in the last Insider article, now is the right time to create a raw material company in eRepublik. Here are two more reasons to do that:

  • the raw material skill of the employees will have a higher influence in their productivity. Check the new formula on wiki.
  • upgrading your raw material company will bring more benefits for the company owners as employees are able to produce more than they did before. Check the new formula on wiki.

Tip: Remember to search for regions with high values of productivities (this info can be found in each region page). Raw material companies in these regions will double the productivity of their employees

Recent bug fixes:

  1. Fixed the President impeachment bug (in the coming days we will put the new presidents in power for Canada, Hungary, Czech Republic and US. They are the runner-ups from the last presidential elections)
  2. Now you can buy wellness packs without getting any fatal errors
  3. Fixed an error in the Start resistance war module
  4. Major fixes of fatal errors in the Monetary market
  5. Other small bugs

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

Raw materials are the next big thing in eRepublik

Published on October 23 - Day 338 of the New World

Dear citizens,

The introduction of raw materials in eRepublik brought new tools for citizens to test their management skills. In this article we will present a business plan for a raw material company. Also, it would greatly appreciated if experienced company owners in eRepublik share their tips and stories in the comments section of the article.

Set up your own raw material company in eRepublik

  • Time needed: 20 minutes
  • Total initial investment: Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD
  1. Visit the marketplaces of different countries to find out the demand and supply for each product.

Special tip: Check if there are any wars in eRepublik. If you can find any, you can be sure that in the conflict area there will be a high demand for weapons. (5 minutes – 0 Gold invested)

  1. After deciding which product has the highest demand, try to find more details about the country where you intend to base your business. Import and income taxes should be as low as possible to have a higher profit. Additionally, the minimum salary, GDP and inflation are all indicators that you should consider.
    Special tip: Check the trading embargoes list of that country and make sure it is not a big one, as it will be impossible for you to export your products abroad. (5 minutes – 0 Gold invested)
  2. To ensure that your company productivity remains as high as possible, check all regions to determine which one has medium or high values for the type of raw material you have chosen in the previous step. (see Table (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pGmk9oLcxIcMhZ5pBlHDCZA) with all region productivities in eRepublik - (3 minutes – 0 Gold invested)
  3. Enough research - time to take action. Buy a moving ticket from the marketplace and change your citizen residence to the region you picked earlier. Any existing companies that you may have will stay in the same place, and function normally as you'll be able to manage them from abroad (2 minutes – 1 Gold invested).
  4. Once you have moved to the new region, it will be time to create your raw material company. Provide a cool logo for your company (might help attract customers) and a catchy name. Having your 'Discussion area' set up will prove to be useful in the future, as communication with your employees is the key to keeping them happy (happy employees = higher productivity). (2 minutes – 20 Gold invested).
  5. Congratulations, now you are the owner of a raw material company. Time to invest some money into your company accounts. Remember first to change your Gold on the monetary market as it is important to have national currency in your company to pay salaries. Post your job offers on the human resources market to hire your first employees. Consider the minimum salary in that country and also the recommended number of employees to obtain high results with minimum costs (3 minutes – 19 Gold invested).
  6. Your employees start working, your company stock keeps growing, find the best price to sell your goods. Remember to include the cost and your profit in the selling price. Be sure to keep watch of how the raw material markets are developing in other countries and consider buying a market license to export your goods. Now you are on your own... good luck!

Recent updates and bug fixes

  1. Manage congress candidate is working.
  2. Improved the loading speed.
  3. Country Administration - now you can see the administration tab in every country.
  4. Added new 'bold' and 'link' buttons on the write article page. The old toolbar created some problems so it had to be removed. A new cool system for citizens will be live soon.
  5. Fixed the filter bugs on the media page.
  6. Fine tuning and bug fixes for the shout system.
  7. Solved different visual errors on the Marketplace and Human Resources page.
  8. Fixed the bug that caused two offers of the same price to be overwritten (this is an important one).
  9. Country Administration - fixed different fatal errors.

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

PS: Welcome back Finland!

Wellness in eRepublik V1

Published on October 21 - Day 336 of the New World

How does your wellness increase?

In V1 we have changed the formulas that determine the way your wellness level increases each time you consume food units from your inventory. The idea is simple: the smaller the level of wellness you have, the easier it is for you to increase it; at the same time, the higher the wellness level you have, the more difficult it is to increase it (just like in real life, the better you are feeling, the harder it will be to feel even better). If a citizen has 100 wellness points and has no food items in his inventory, he will die after 45 days. Also, if he has 50 wellness, he will die after 30 days. Learn more about how wellness is influenced by the quality of your house and food units: Wellness.

Tip: Having high quality food in your inventory is vital if you want to keep your citizen’s wellness at a high value. Make sure you check the marketplace daily to find the best prices for the products.

You can also increase your wellness by:

  • Receiving gifts (increases by a value equal to the gift quality)
  • Buyin a cool house
  • Purchasing higher quality moving tickets when you travel between regions
  • Buying wellness packs (10 wellness units for Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD)
  • Visiting your local hospital once a day during war (wellness will increase by 10 times the quality level of your hospital)

How does your wellness decrease?

Wellness will drop in fixed values, independent from your current wellness level:

  • -1 Wellness every time you train
  • -Q Wellness every time you work (Q= quality level of your company)
  • -1 Wellness every day for General Managers (for each company they manage)
  • -10 Wellness every time you enter a fight (also you will lose 5 wellness units if you don't answer \ one of the trivia questions correctly, or 20 units if you skip the trivia)
  • -Y Wellness each time you travel (Y= 2 if the quality level of your ticket is one and Y= 1 if the quality level of your ticket is two).

Additionally, having no food won’t make your citizen feel very healthy, so it will of course cause you to lose your wellness pretty quickly.

Tip: Being a General Manager can be fun in eRepublik, but not when you own 12 companies – this is because your wellness will drop by 12 units daily. The best way to manage a large amount of companies is by using an organization because these entities don't have wellness.

What have we been up to lately:

  1. Change residence - now you can move to any region, even if it is conquered by another country.
  2. Donate currency – fixed the bug so that now you can donate any currencies without encountering problems.
  3. Added a maximum value for a job offer - the salary shouldn't be higher than 10,000 of the national currency. Also the maximum value of a minimum wage and the citizen fee is 1000 national currency. This way we avoid any attack of the administration against their own country economy.
  4. Small design improvements can be found on the results pages for working and training.
  5. Fixed the issue involving the alerts sent when removing a friend. Now your ex-friend will receive an alert, not you :).
  6. Now you can use paragraphs in your comments for an article.
  7. 'Visit hospital' bug solved.
  8. No more economy questions in the Work Trivia.

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

Friday updates

Published on October 18 - Day 333 of the New World

Dear citizens,

Our team focused today on improving the server performance. That's because next week we expect a large number of new Citizens to join the New World.

These days there was a problem with our contact form and we were not able to receive any message from you. This issue was fixed today and we kindly ask you to resend your messages. Also please consider there might be a few days delay to our answers as we will have a high amount of incoming messages.

Another set of updates and bug fixing will be performed during the week-end and we'll be back with another report on Monday.

Economy Tips
In order to be a successful business citizen, it's better to invest your money into smaller companies rather than creating and administrating a huge one (in terms of number of employees), because:

  • smaller companies just like start ups receive a higher productivity (a company having the recommended number of employees can produce even twice more products) - wiki link;
  • a raw material bonus is offered by the Admin for each company, so having more companies will get you more raw materials for a limited amount of days (be careful as the Admin won't keep offering this bonus for a long time);
  • you can diversify the production and spread risk;
  • you can build your own raw materials companies (on the V1 transfer we gave 20 gold in order to help you on that);
  • you can create companies abroad;
  • the cost to create a company is half the price from Beta;
  • Raw materials map can be found here (thanks, Sandtux).

Thank you all for your support,

The eRepublik Team

V1 updates - 16th of October

Published on October 16 - Day 331 of the New World

Dear citizens, Here is the daily report of the latest updates regarding eRepublik V1. What we have done since the last Insider article was published:

  1. Removed the pagination from the article comments
  2. Fine tunning of the search function and removed the case sensitive option
  3. Fixed a bug regarding the registration: you couldn't select the regions from the countries that were occupied. Now you can. Also, in the registration form the completed fields are now remembered and will be displayed if you make a mistake during the process.
  4. Fixed the 'resign from your workplace' bug6. Small design changes for the country donations
  5. The revenues for the sold products in the marketplace enter the company accounts, also transactions from the last couple of days are now updated (currencies for these transactions are now back in the company accounts)
  6. The citizens who paid Gold in the first days for editing company, party or newspaper profiles now have their Gold back into their accounts.
  7. Each citizen received 10 wellness units due to the inventory loss in the first days
  8. Introduced eRepublik badges
  9. After you reply to a private message you are now redirected to your inbox, not to the sent messages.
  10. Solved the negative stock and queue of raw materials bug
  11. Changed the user productivity, the skill has a higher influence now. See the Formulas
  12. Fixed the resign from party bug
  13. Region page – productivities are now displaying the correct values for each region.

Thank you for your support,

The eRepublik Team

V1 updates - 15th of October

Published on October 15 - Day 330 of the New World

Dear citizens,Here is a report of the latest updates regarding eRepublik V1. What we have done since the launch:

  • Fixed the inventory transfer for citizens (it was pretty crowded here having tons of weapons, food and gifts);
  • Imported all the exchange market offers from Beta.
  • Best of... stats for top citizens is now displaying the correct values
  • Citizens are now able to donate national currencies and Gold to the country accounts.
  • Removed the silly error from marketplace: You have successfully bought 0 product for 0 currency
  • Found and fixed an exploit in the monetary market (sorry, can't give you more details about this one)
  • Latest Insider articles are now displayed in the homepage
  • Loading time improved as a result of some fine tuning of the new servers.
  • Scalability code issues resolved within the pages
  • Removed the Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD fee needed for editing company, party and newspaper profile.

We're working non stop on fixing the remaining problems (we have a very interesting list of things to do). As soon as we finish that we will work on improvements that we had orignally planned and others we have added based on your feedback.

Thank you all for your support,

The eRepublik Team

V1 co-founder message

Published on October 15 - Day 330 of the New World

Dear Citizens,

We want to apologize for the issues that have affected some of you during the transfer of the database from beta to V1. Transferring 35,000 people and their full history and inventory is not easy but we should have done better.

Regarding the fact that the site has been unstable during this first day of the V1 pre-launch, this was due to some setting issues on our new super servers. They are still super we just need to set them up better (we thought we had it covered but we clearly did not), you should have already seen an improvement by now. The site is still quite slow and we are going to continue working on this.

Regarding the bugs, the bad news you know there quite a few more than we would have liked, the good news is that in V1 we can fix them much quicker than in the beta.
Finally regarding new features such as the trivia, battle system etc. we know they have issues and need some serious improvements and in certain cases in depth modifications. We will be working on this as a matter of priority.

Again the good news on this is that we can make changes much faster with the V1 architecture. Most of us haven't slept more than a few hours over the past week so that we could get V1 to pre-launch on time, we thank you for the positive feedback regarding some of the changes and we also than you for the negative feedback regarding others, we know that you do it because you care and we will do all we can not to let you down.

Thanks to you all,


Special Announcement - Erepublik V1 Launching Date

Published on October 11 - Day 326 of the New World

Erepublik Version 1 will be launched Tuesday the 14th of October at 00:01 Erepublik time.

In order to run the database migration script for the new version (so that citizens will keep their history in V1 too) the New World will not be available for 24 hours. So from Monday the 13th (00:01 Erepublik time) until the launching hour of V1 you will not be able to access your citizen account in Erepublik.

Thank you for your support.

See you in V1!

The Erepublik Team

LATER EDIT: We have eleven winners of the "Guess the launching day" contest: Infinity13, Nimrod Touval, Michael Collins, lucno, Mariano Vox, Bastiljen, Purohueso, Pier91, Lev Evtuscenko, Jacobo¸and barca. The winners will be contacted this week for further details. Congratulations to all participants.

1st of October General elections coverage

Published on October 2 - Day 317 of the New World

Dear citizens,

The voting polls of the 11th General Elections in Erepublik were closed a few hours ago. Here are the new elected Presidents in each country:

Once again, we had a close race in United Kingdom, Netherlands and Ireland. Also, in Czech Republic and France, two candidates had received the same amount of votes. In these cases, the winner of the elections is the citizen that registered first in Erepublik.

In this month elections, experienced citizens like Banach (one of the leaders in the USA-Canada War), 5n4keyes and IRUKANJI gained the presidential seat for the first time.
We would like to congratulate all citizens who kept records of the elections in their country, especially Moritan and Matthieu Bonne for providing these cool charts:

Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for your support, The Erepublik Team