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Daily tasks, hospital system, changes in media module and some free alliances

Published on: October 12, 2010 (Day 1,057)

Daily tasks
WorkTrainGet rewardDaily tasks 0.png

Dear citizens,

We have a lot of topics for you today, also, so... here we go...

What does this button do?

You were probably wondering what are those 3 buttons that suddenly appeared on your home page. We are sure that by now you’ve tried them and figure out their use, but we are going to do our job and explain them.

Every day each and every one of us works and trains, so why not to receive a reward for completing these actions? This was the main idea behind this project along with the fact that the Daily tasks can be used as a reminder of the activities that you forgot to do. We hope that you enjoy this feature and we wish you as many rewards as possible

The future hospital system - Part 2

Analyzing a little more this new feature we realized that it would not fit the current state of eRepublik and it would be better to delay its implementation for an indefinite period of time. In this decision, your feedback had a very important role.
In the last weeks, we implemented many changes/improvements within eRepublik. Some of them with very good results, others with less good results. As every change can affect a part of the eRepublik community we have to be very careful how often and in what way we implement them. Your opinions are shaping this implementation.

Improvements in the media module

In order to decrease the number of articles spamming different countries one small step that will be implemented starting today is that you will be able to publish articles from your citizen account only in the country in which you have citizenship.

Free alliances for the new eRepublik countries

We’ve heard that living in a new country is an amazing experience... but things don’t look so bright from the military perspective. A new country is not involved in any wars and having no government means not even fighting for allies.

Fortunately, on Day 1057, we’ve arranged that the new countries propose alliances to the “old countries”. Good news won’t stop here - both the old countries and the new countries are spared from paying the fee for these alliances in the New World. Free alliances for everyone!

This means that the Congress in each of the old 60 countries has to vote on six alliance proposals, determining which of the new countries they wish to have as allies. The offer is available only now, once a congress is elected in the new countries, the alliance fee will be the regular one, no matter if the existing alliances will be extended or new ones are to be signed.

Keep in mind that the alliances that will be signed now will expire while the new countries are still protected against war declaration, and they will need to be extended in order to be active after the protection is removed.

Best regards,
Your eRepublik team

Let's welcome our six new countries in the eRepublik

Published on: October 7, 2010 (Day 1,052)

Dear citizens,

We have a lot of topics for you today, in the current Insider, so prepare yourself for a wall of text. Just to give you an idea, we will discuss the new countries that entered eRepublik, the new alliance system, the military skills and the new hospital system. Since we have a lot to tell you, here we go...

Six new countries in eRepublik!

Like usual we want to start with the good news: today is a big day for the New World, is the day when we welcome in eRepublik six new countries! Finally, our eRepublik Map starts to look complete and we are very glad that we've managed to do this together. So, take a look at the Map of the New World and discover: Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)***, Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro, Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan), Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus, Icon-Belarus.png Belarus and Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand.

What about their status for the first 45 days?

Well, if you are dreaming of attacking one of these countries from the very first moment, hold your horses! We have to give them some time to be prepared. That's why in the first 45 days (until Day 1,096 of the New World) you cannot declare war to these countries and they cannot attack also. But the citizens of these new countries can fight in battles, based on their future alliances.

As for economic details, in all the countries the citizen fee will be 10 currency, the minimum salary will be equal to 1 currency and all the taxes will be set to 10% (except on land, where the taxes will be 0%).

Welcome guys and may your existence in the New World be a successful one!

***We have a short comment about Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). At the moment we have announced these new countries, we have stated that FYROM will be the official name. Since then, a lot of countries representatives sent tickets telling us that their countries officially agree either the Republic of Macedonia, FYROM or both. So we have analyzed the worldwide status. And we have discovered that 91 countries use "Republic of Macedonia" in their official purposes, 16 countries and 20 international organizations use "FYROM", 62 countries are using either both names or they are not decided and 28 states have no official reports about the name usage.

You can easily realize that this topic is not for us to decide, since the whole world cannot decide. That's why, in order to be totally neutral, until there will be an official decision on this topic, we will use both names in eRepublik: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Please respect the neutral position of eRepublik and please do not debate on this topic. We want to inform you that we will apply penalties for every attempt to disturb eRepublik's neutrality on this topic!

New Alliance System!

By now, you should have already received our notification (private message) regarding this topic, announced last week. Here is the list of the implications of the new alliance system:

alliances are also activated for the attacker when they attack a region (until now, alliances could have been used by the defenders only); automatic triggering of wars was removed (until now, there was a complex system in which wars could have been started in automatic ways - based on a set of "triggering alliance rules" and/or "chain reaction rules"); the alliances become active no matter if the region is an original or not (until now, alliances could have been used only in defending original regions of the country)

Also, some of you have sent us tickets asking us the following question (or derivations): If COUNTRY A and COUNTRY B both have an alliance with COUNTRY C, and COUNTRY A attacks COUNTRY B, what happens to the alliance between B (the defender) and C? In these types of cases, the alliance between B (defender) and C will be completely deleted; thus leading to new strategy options. In these types of cases, the alliance between A (attacker) and C will be completely deleted.

Additionally, we received complains that the Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD fee for alliances is too high for small countries. For the moment, we just wanted to let you know that we are analyzing it (and its implications) and we will come back with an official statement as soon as we reach a decision.

Military skills migration

Based on your overwhelming requests to migrate the military skills, we will implement an easier to understand the solution: we will migrate all military skills into... one skill. Guess how the military skill will be named? Yeah, you're right... Strength! We intend to implement this change at the beginning of next week, so we will come back with more details about the topic and about the weapon companies in the following days.

The future hospital system

In the last days, regarding hospital, your feedback stated that either "we want to have hospital also for attackers" or "the game is still too expensive". Plus, at the beginning of this new military module, we have promised you that you will have more free fights for every single citizen.

The solution? We will offer you the possibility to regain health 10 times for free, from the hospital, in every battle! 100% cost free! Not even the cost of the hospital! How come? Well... we will remove the hospital industry and we will implement an automated hospital for every region. You can read the roll out plan and post questions or suggestions here.

We believe this is quite enough for the moment.
As always, waiting for your questions and comments!

Best regards,
Your eRepublik team

Happiness was removed

Published on: October 4, 2010 (Day 1,049)

Dear citizens,

With a little delay, for which we want to apologize, we've managed to remove happiness. We are confident that this change will solve many problems that you've encountered in the house and food industry. If you have any problems due to this change please send us tickets with the issue and we will do our best to help you as fast as possible.

Also, you will probably discover shortly that we have added a new known feature in the game the Meebo bar. We didn't mention anything about this because we wanted to be a surprise, hopefully, a pleasant one. We really hope that you will enjoy this addition and it will improve your in-game communication with your friends.

This is all for now, we'll come back soon with more important updates so stay tuned.

Your eRepublik team

Military Module current status and future improvements- Downtime announcement

Published on: October 1, 2010 (Day 1,046)

Dear citizens,

We want to let you know that today, Day 1048, we will remove happiness.

For this to happen we will need to put the site into maintenance for a period of 1 hour and a half, between 05.00 and 06.30 eRepublik time.

Regards, Your eRepublik team

Dear citizens,

Three days have passed since the New Military module is Live: many battles were started, territories were conquered, we lost many brave soldiers but along with this we discovered all our battle heroes. So, we think is the right time to ask: what do you like and what you don't like about the current military module, so far?

Yes, we really want a straight, sincere and detailed answer from you! But when you are going to share your feedback, keep in mind that this is still a beta version and it will be improved in the following period using your suggestions and feedback. Step by step, we will make this module better and better, together with you.

Now let's get back a little bit to one of the most discussed issues lately, removal of happiness. Well, finally, we can tell you that on the Day 1,049 this change will be applied. What will this imply exactly? First of all the food will only provide health based on its quality: q1=2 health, q2 = 3 health up to q5=10 health. Also, houses will lose their happiness but instead of this, every house will win some more health points, depending on customization.

Getting back to our Military module: one of the issues spotted by many citizens is that the attackers have almost no chances to win a region making sometimes the attack a suicidal act (since the defenders have defense system, hospital and the attacker has to pay a lot of [[Gold in order to start a battle).

In order to solve this, there will be a few changes that we will do:

  • starting today, the cost to open a battle or a resistance war will be less than before.
  • alliances - starting with the beginning of the next week the rules for involving alliances will be simplified. The biggest change is that for every battle all the active alliances will automatically be available when a battle will be started.
  • hospitals - in this moment only the defenders benefit from hospitals and even the defenders get the hospitals randomly and cannot rely on their help in every battle. So we are taking into consideration the opportunity to make the hospital available for everybody. We will come back with more details about this topic in the next Insider (in which we will tell you more about the military skill migrations).

Another issue that we will handle today is the stocks on the weapons companies. Many of the managers complained that the stocks were affected by the changes that the new military module involved. Each of them will receive today a private message with our solution for their complaints.

Also, we want to share with you some fixed issues during these days. The fight button issue that was not displayed for some citizens is solved. There were also some issues regarding five battles that were not closed accordingly. We've spotted this problem and was fixed. All the regions were returned where necessary. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience generated by these issues.

In the end, here are some questions & answers for you, questions selected from the previous Insider comments.

Q. What are the resources of the new countries? How the maps of the new countries will look like?
Both pieces of information will be revealed when the country will be launched.

Q. What are you going to do about PTOs and new countries? If we are from those RL countries, how do we get citizenship?
The new countries will be protected for 45 days from wars. Also, at the beginning of next week, we will come up with some improvements to the voting system in order to help elections be more fair play.

Q. Can we still have more than one hospital in one region?
For the moment you can deploy a maximum of 10 hospitals per region but no more than one per two hours battle. As for the future, we are thinking to extend this feature for all the battles and for all the involved sides.

Q. Why can't we see all the battle heroes of one battle? And some stats after that battle? When this will take place?
We know that you all need more stats about battles. And we intend to work on this issue soon. But first we really want to make sure the military module is stable and bug-free and right after this, we will add stats for you.

Q. Will you increase weapons damage, in the future?
Yes, since many of you have asked this question, we intend to add more damage for fighting with the weapon instead of fighting without one.

Q. Do I get influence after I "kill" my opponent or I just need to hit him?
The only way to add the influence to the war is to "kill" your opponent. If you hit him and after that, you are leaving the battle page, the influence will not be added to the war.

Q. The 10 uses for hospitals is that per hospital or per day?
You can use 10 times the hospital in every 2 hours battle, IF you have a hospital deployed in that specific battle.

Q. There is no limit on health kits?
No, for the moment we have no limit in health kits usage.

Thank you all for support and feedback,
Your eRepublik Team

P.S. By the way, we want to let you know that starting today, we've added a new military rank. We want to wish you all good luck in achieving the Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal military rank.