EIrish Republican Brotherhood

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

eIrish Republican Brotherhood


General Information
Founded August 2008
Disbanded 23rd September 2008
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland

The eIrish Republican Brotherhood was a paramilitary group of Irish citizens. The eIRB was merged with the IRA to form the Irish Volunteer Force.

 Once Democracy is in need of salvation or citizens' freedoms are being impeached please contact the eIrish Republican Brotherhood and if we believe in your cause we will do our utmost to assist. 


The eIrish Republican Brotherhood was set up in August 2008 by Igor Thunderbrow to help coordinate the resistance effort in light of the Romanian occupation. Its members returned from Győr, Hungary after their stalwart defense of their Hungarian Brothers.

The eIRB were redeploying to Hungary for the launch of V1 and the return of the violence of WW1.