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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

eLotaria Portuguesa
Logo of eLotaria Portuguesa
Owner ABCRic
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Headquarters Lisbon
Founded Day 707 of the new world, 27 of October of 2009
Founder ABCRic
Services Special: Local Currency Lottery

eLotaria Portuguesa (Eng. Portuguese eLottery) was an organization founded by ABCRic.

Founded on the 27th of October of 2009, it's purpose was to host the unofficial Portuguese eLottery.
The lottery details are to be found on its newspaper (written in Portuguese).


13th Round - ???
12th Round - Big_Killer - Flag-Portugal.jpg 109.25 PTE
11th Round - Costa - Flag-Portugal.jpg 185.25 PTE
10th Round - Janad0 - Flag-Portugal.jpg 209 PTE
9th Round - Arthk - Flag-Portugal.jpg 99.75 PTE
8th Round - pesgores - Flag-Portugal.jpg 68 PTE
7th Round - Costa - Flag-Portugal.jpg 74 PTE
6th Round - KaTiON_PT - Flag-Portugal.jpg 84 PTE
5th Round - Giscate - Flag-Portugal.jpg 62 PTE
4th Round - abcdav - Flag-Portugal.jpg 60 PTE
3rd Round - TNT19 - Flag-Portugal.jpg 82 PTE
2nd Round - Tiago L - Flag-Portugal.jpg 80 PTE
1st Round - luis_paulo - Flag-Portugal.jpg 46 PTE