eNZ Democratic Party

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eNZ Democratic Party

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation DP
Colors blue and white
Founded April, 2012
Dissolved October, 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Crocus Valley
Succeeded By Te Pori
Orientation Centre
Ideology Libertarian

The eNZ Democratic Party was a political party formally active in New Zealand. Throughout its history the served as the political wing of the Serbian military unit, Templari_Srbije.


The Democratic Party (DP) was founded in April 2012 by CKIMIY, then party president of Crocus Valley (CV). The reason for founding the new party was because CKIMIY and many others members of CV felt the party was still an artificial creation and believed that they had earned the right to found a independent political party, free from the prior influence of L&P and UIS (both of whom had a role in creating CV for them).

Therefore in April, CV was dissolved and the DP founded. The party took in the April parliamentary elections and won 4 seats, this was a major increase from the 2 CV previously held. Some elected members included MjoyReborn, Frostmaiden and Cifoo. In the May Presidential race, it ran CKIMIY but he came a distant third with 9 votes (4%).

CKIMIY was re-elected in the May PP race, over Dario_XD. In the following parliamentary race the party saw its numbers drop to 2 seats. Many considered the party to have reached potentially a peak, the same issue that hindered CV. These results, led CKIMIY to resign as PP and in the June elections, Aty87 was chosen as the new PP.

However, over his single term, Aty87 was unable to get the DP to grow much. Mostly because it was distrusted as a PTO party and seen as offering little to aid NZ. In the subsequent elections, Disekslican was elected PP but he was unable to reverse the trend and decided not to run for election. The DP also failed to elect more then 2 members to Congress and this only hindered their political agenda.

In August, Lord_Max was elected PP but by this time the Templars had lost interest in NZ politics due to their exclusion. A mass exodus from the country followed, with most returning to Eastern European nations. With the Templars gone, a group of members from the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party jumped to the DP and led by former PnPP PP Ginny Tory, took over the party. She was elected PP in the September elections and dissolved the party into the new Te Pori.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
April - June, 2012 CKIMIY Founder, 2x PP.
June, 2012 Aty87 After defeat joined the Red Squad party
July, 2012 Disekslican
August, 2012 Lord_Max
September, 2012 Ginny Tory Last PP and dissolved party