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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

References & Fictional Content

General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

Fictional content is defined as any page that is the product of imagination rather than a documentation of fact in eRepublik. Characters and events in such pages may be based in eRepublik life, but their ultimate form and configuration is a creation of the author. This content should not:

  • insult other citizens;
  • be ironic to other citizens;
  • be a form of attack towards other citizens.

Most of these pages should be fairly obvious to most readers, but sometimes, these pages are hard to distinguish from factual pages. So, it is important for the reader to be able to discern between fact and fiction. This page will inform you how to distinguish fact from fiction, and will guide you on how to label these pages for other readers.

Rules for fictional content

The main objectives of this Wiki are:

  • help eRepublik citizens;
  • inform people that are not eRepublik citizens about the New World.

Therefore, fictional content is not allowed on the following pages:

A way to add fictional content to these pages is to create a fictional subpage (example: Portugal/Portugal Defense Center).

Marking fictional content

There are many ways to mark fictional content on the Wiki, with each method designed to work best with the situation that calls for their use.


This template ({{Fictional}}) can be used to mark an article or paragraph that is entirely fictional. It should not be used multiple times in the same article and it should always be put on top of the article/paragraph. If you want to mark multiple paragraphs as fictional, use the Fictional Template once on the top of the page and use additional methods to mark the fictional paragraphs or sentences.

Article Comments

<!-- This article or section contains fictional information. Please do not change it. -->

This comment, when added above a paragraph, will notify would-be editors that the content is intentionally false, and that it should not be changed. Since it is only visible when editing a page, it should be used only after you used Fictional Template on top of the main page.


  • Code
This sentence serves as an example for this template.{{Ref|!}}
  • Result
This sentence serves as an example for this template.[!]

This template is used to tag ONE individual sentence from a paragraph or ONE individual paragraph from an article as fictional. Clicking this tag will direct the reader to this page. If you want to mark multiple sentences from a paragraph or multiple paragraphs from an article as fictional, consider using Template:Fictional or an Article Comment instead.

Issue Resolution

In cases where there is a heated debate due to differing opinions, the following will occur:

  1. The page in question will be moved from the Mainspace to a subpage of the author (such as a Sandbox)
  2. The following text will be added: <center><big>'''''The following article contains the opinions and biases of the author.'''''</big></center> to the page.
  3. Consensus on the article will be developed on this page. The author and other contributors will make improvements to the article so that the issues discussed in the talk page will be resolved.
  4. When the issues have been resolved, the modified page will be moved back to Mainspace. The tag will be removed and the Unreviewed will be added to it for Syops approval.

Other issues

  1. You can find more information about any of the templates described in this policy by pressing "(What's this?)".
  2. This policy does not refer to biased articles. See the Reference policy for more information.
  3. When creating a fictional page, keep in mind that the content you create must respect the Terms of Service and the eRepublik Laws.
  4. Any case that cannot be resolved using the "Fictional content policy" will be resolved by a SysOp.