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There are multiple terms used throughout eRepublik that have been coined in-game, and have in-game meanings of their own.

Currently used terms

  • \o/ – A way of dancing an expressing glee on the internet.
  • 2-Clicker or Two Clicker – A citizen that only works and trains.
  • ATO – The opposite of a Political takeover, an ATO, or Anti-Takeover, involves people working to defeat a political takeover.
  • Account sitting – When a citizen gives their login information to another player to work and train for them for a short amount of time. This is illegal and is considered having a multi-account. The term is based on the English phrase "babysitting".
  • Ass pack – Short for Assault pack.
  • Baby – A new player
  • Baby boom – A period where many new players join.
  • BBBaby boom or big bomb
  • BHBattle hero achievement.
  • BP – Abbreviation for Blitzkrieg pack.
  • CCCurrency
  • CH – Abbreviation for Campaign hero achievement.
  • Clone – A name for a multi-account.
  • COCombat Order
  • CP – Short for Country President
  • FF – Abbreviation for Freedom fighter achievement.
  • Headless chicken – The eRepublik staff, taken from their default downtime page. Since the term became popular, the staff has used a cartoon image of a headless chicken on 404 error pages.
  • HW – Abbreviation for Hard worker achievement.
  • IK – Abbreviation for Infantry kit.
  • Mods – Short for moderators – members of the community who volunteer to police eRepublik and award Forfeit points to players who break the rules, help other citizens in Game support department or ban multiaccounts.
  • MM – Abbreviation for Monetary market.
  • MMM – Abbreviation for Media mogul achievement.
  • MPP – Abbreviation for mutual protection pact.
  • MTO – Abbreviation for Military takeover, in which military unit performs a coup d'état upon another country during military coup.
  • Multi – Short for multiaccount; a citizen account created by another citizen primarily used for cheating.
  • NE – Abbreviation for Natural enemy.
  • o/ – An internet high-five. The act of high-fiving is such a joyous act that, after years of SCIENCE, the internet high-five was created by students at MIT. The proper response to someone offering you one of these internet high-fives is "\o", to return it. This is usually seen in chat rooms and IRC, and are acceptable on most occasions, including, but not limited to: making an awesome post, getting an awesome response, writing a good article, getting a promotion in the military, ranking up, winning an election, winning a battle, or saving your country from utter destruction. A high-five is usually reserved for happy occasions, so offering a high-five to a friend after hearing of his aunt's passing would be considered a faux pas in most circles.
  • o7 – An internet salute. Other acceptable ways of saluting include, but may not be limited to: O7, o>, and o/
  • PP – Abbreviation of Party president or Power pack or Prestige points.
  • PTO – Abbreviation for Political takeover in which one country performs a coup d'état upon another country during elections.
  • RH – Abbreviation for Resistance hero achievement.
  • RW – Abbreviation for Resistance war.
  • SB – Abbreviation for Society builder achievement.
  • Sub – Subscribe – refers to the act of clicking the subscribe button in order to receive a notification every time a new article is published in a particular newspaper (the one the subscribe button belonged to).
  • TF – Abbreviation for Top fighter achievement.
  • TP – Abbrevation for True patriot achievement.
  • Two clicker – See 2-Clicker
  • Wiped – the act of one country being completely conquered by others.

Version 2 and 3 outdated jargon

  • BHMBattle hero achievement.
  • Blocker – A blocker is a citizen who is running in a region for congress with no plans of winning. They run to prevent an enemy from running.
  • Kebabs or Kebab eatersSpanish slang for Pakistani citizens, popularized by Kartalon.
  • Matza – The mascot of eRomania
  • Monex – Short for Monetary market. MM is also commonly used.
  • MT – Abbreviation for Moving ticket.
  • obrazek – Word that appears when an image has been inserted into an article but it doesn't appear. The word actually means image or picture in Polish.
  • Owner – Wiki. Used to describe a wiki author who is overly possessive about any changes made to his/her page, no matter how constructive the edit. This possessiveness usually goes against the spirit of the collaborative nature of a wiki.
  • PHX – Abbreviation of Phoenix, the international military alliance.
  • Signed – Used when in agreement with the original post, often used outside of contracts for humorous effect; made famous on the Off-Topic forum after the forum was flooded with petitions.
  • Singed – Common misspelling of Signed, often used intentionally as a non-qualified signature.
  • Snipe – The act of voting, usually in congress races, 5 or fewer minutes until 24:00 eRepublik time, in order to ensure a victory for a particular candidate.
  • Talking Bank – An organization that leaves comments or replies in topics.
  • Twinking – method of saving experience points
  • Zombie1. A person who votes strictly for their party in the general election without regard to the candidate's competency. Coined to describe the United States Workers Party. 2. A another name for a multiple accounts.

Version 1 jargon

  • Channer – A name for a User from the website 4chan. These users are often PTOers. The most famous examples of Channers are Harvad University.
  • Dioist – An adherent of Dioism.
  • Goons – Users from the website Something Awful. Many Goons came to eRepublik in the summer of 2008.
  • Goldbeast – See Tank
  • Tank – Someone who spends large sums of Gold on Wellness packs during wars.
  • Fortress – A region that has been fortified by its controlling country by moving thousands of citizens to it in order to both increase the attack cost and the size of the wall.
  • Gifting – The process of sending Gifts to someone in order to increase their Wellness.
  • Pertamax – Indonesian equivalent for the English eRepublik meme First.
  • Wigs – The eRepublik staff, well known for their love of wigs and wig parties.Wigs
  • Wig party – Some eRepublik citizens claim server downtime is due to wigs holding wig parties. This claim is supported by the site's slow loading times at 01.00-02.00/1 AM-2 AM Romanian time (UTC +2)

Beta jargon

Due to gameplay changes in v1, some terms are out of fashion.

  • Belgiuming or Pulling a Belgium – Taking over a country through a Political takeover, and then having it annexed by war.
  • COOL CHANGES – Server downtime, taken from their default downtime page. Alternatively, a negative term for a bug or glitch. This has been replaced by headless chicken screens.
  • Double Spaniard or Double Swede – Semi-derogatory term for a Spaniard or Swede.
  • Giftbombing – Giving a gift to a defeated soldier to prevent the use of a hospital.
  • JapSouth African derogatory term for an Indonesian.
  • Pulling a Nave – A saying referring to Nave Saikiliah, the first goldbeast in eRepublik (during the USA-Canada War).
  • Scrote – a South African Zockyist. Used mainly as a derogatory term by South Africans in reference to Croatian Zockyist occupiers.
  • Zockyist – an adherent of Zockyism.

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