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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


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This is a script which changes the function of eRepublik. It is not accepted by eRepublik Administrators and you can be banned for using them.

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Some functions of eRepublik Plus doesn't work in rising. This article tells about all functions of eRepublik Plus whether they work or not with current version of eRepublik.

eRepublik Plus

eRepublik Plus logo

eRepublik Plus is an user-made script written in JavaScript that adds various features to game using eRepublik API, helping citizens to organize their daily life better. The script is written by Croatian citizen PeeKaBooh, who posts updates about eRepublik Plus on his newspaper eRepublik Plus. eRepublik Plus is probably among the most popular API applications; PeeKaBooh's newspaper that he uses to promote his work has over 5000 subscribers, and his articles have gotten several hundreds of votes.[1]

How to install eRepublik Plus

Installing eRepublik Plus is easy. The script needs to be run using Greasemonkey which is a Firefox extension, so you'll need to have Firefox installed.

  1. Install Firefox
  2. Install Greasemonkey
  3. Once Greasemonkey is installed, go to eRepublik Plus download page and click the green Install button. Make sure Greasemonkey is enabled when you do this!
    1. If everything went as expected, you should now have eRepublik Plus script running on eRepublik when the Greasemonkey is enabled on your browser.
  4. Log in to eRepublik and enjoy your additional features!


This section lists the different features eRepublik Plus provides, where to find them and how they work. If you feel you don't need all of the features, you can easily disable them in eRepublik's Tools section where Plus Settings are located.

Visible everywhere

In addition to the special eRepublik Plus logo, there's only some feature you see on almost every page.

Quick links


When eRepublik Plus is enabled, you may set a number of links to be displayed under main menu bar. These links can lead to any site inside or outside eRepublik. For example, you may save a link to one of eRepublik statistics sites to access it easily while playing. These links will show no matter what part of eRepublik you're browsing, as long as the menu bar is visible. You can save yourself up to ten links, and even choose which ones open in a new window. This can be done in the Plus Settings.

Plato's hat

Unless disabled, Plato is wearing a Christmas hat with flashing lights on it.



Wellness calculator

On the left side of your profile page you can see the profile preview. There you see your current wellness displayed on a blue background. Under that, on a green background you can see the wellness you'll have after the day changes with your current house and food. Also, clicking the "wellness-o-meter" will open a list showing what your wellness would be if you ate food of a different quality.

Super Soldier medal calculator

On your profile page you can see the achievements you've gained. If you mouse over the Super Soldier medal, you'll see four rows of statistics about how many times you need to train to gain the next medal if you use each one of the advisors, or don't use any. at the end of each row there's also the amount of Icon-gold.gifGold you'd spend.

Additional buttons on others' profiles

Under other citizen's avatar on their profile page you can usually see four buttons: Send message, Add/Remove friend, Offer a gift and Donate. eRepublik Plus adds two more buttons: All donations and Fights. "All donations" opens citizen's donations list, and "Fights" will show what battles did the citizen take part in.

Training grounds


Damage calculator

If you enter training grounds after you've already trained that day, you'll see the basic information what your citizen's like as a soldier. eRepublik Plus adds a chart of the damage you'd do with every kind of weapon. The damage with your current wellness is displayed first, and then in brackets the highest damage you'd be able to do with a single hit with that kind of weapon. In other words, with 100 wellness.


On the bottom of the page, next to the Battles you can fight in button, you'll see button with text "Wars" written on it. It will take you to the Wars page where you see all the active wars of the New World. However, eRepublik Plus also adds Wars button to My places menu, so there really is no point accessing it through Training grounds.

Country stats



When you access Country stats and open the tab Society, you'll see list the country's regions. Next to every region, eRepublik Plus adds a picture of what is the region's hospital's quality, or if the region even has a hospital. This helps if you're going to battle abroad and wonder what region to move your residence into.

Interactive map

When browsing tabs on Country stats, there's a new button next to the On the Map button that links to eRepublik's own world map. Interactive Map button will link to eGobba's map.




When you browse marketplace, you normally only see the company that produced the product, it's quality, stock and prize. eRepublik Plus displays the product's prize in Icon-gold.gifGold. When buying raw materials of higher quality, eRepublik Plus also calculates the prize for a single unit. This will help general managers to compare prizes between different companies.

Monetary market


When buying currency or Icon-gold.gifGold in monetary market, you sometimes need to switch the currencies you're buying and selling. Instead of playing with clumsy drop down menus, eRepublik Plus provides a singe button to switch the two currencies. Also, if you mouse over an existing offer, you'll see the exchange rate of that particular offer.

Job market

In job market, salaries are also converted to Icon-gold.gifGold.




On company's page when you click Show all employees you see a page with all the company's employees, their skills, wellness and statistics about their productivity. eRepublik Plus adds two icon next to the employee's avatar: an Envelope icon.png envelope and a Icon - Gift.jpggift. As expected, the first one can be used to send a message to thee employee, and the latter to give them gifts. General managers will surely found this useful.


eRepublik Plus users may choose how many of the latest hits they see on the battlefield up to ten hits on each side.


Writing an article

eRepublik Plus provides press directors with additional text editing tools. eRepublik provides writers with buttons for only bold text and adding links, whereas eRepublik Plus has buttons for making italic text, underlining, changing the size of the text and adding images, in addition to those two already mentioned.

Reading an article

Newspaper readers are given an additional "Show all comments" button in the upper part of the article, as well as chance to translate the article to the language of their choice.


eRepublik Plus adds three additional tabs to Tools section. When eRepublik Plus is enabled, Plus Settings is the default that opens when accessing the page.

Third Party Tools

Third Party Tools list other pages and applications that utilize eRepublik API for various reasons. These are:

National Pages and Forums

National Pages and Forums, as the name implies, has a list of every country's official community website outside eRepublik. This not only helps the citizens of those countries to find their way into the community, but also makes ambassadors work easier.

See also: Community communication

Plus Settings

Plus Settings is the heart of managing one's eRepublik Plus. There the user has an option to disable the features he or she doesn't need. Quick links, amount of hits seen on a battlefield, and the language the user wants the articles and their comments to be translated to are also set here.

Associated links

  • eRepublik Plus newspaper - PeeKaBooh's newspaper that he uses to post updates about eRepublik Plus
  • eRepublik Plus - Install eRepublik Plus (requires Firefox with Greasemonkey installed)