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Icon-eRepublik Rising.png eRepublik Rising is the second real version (V2) of the eRepublik and it replaced the V1 on July 7, 2010. It was in turn replaced by version 3 (V3) on September 27, 2010[1].


Icon-eRepublik Rising.png eRepublik Rising was designed to add more modules to the game. On day 956, there were added a turn-based combat, the ability to customize products, a new time-management systems, and many more. Many of the these modules were removed later on.

Removed features

The list below is the list of features specific for Icon-eRepublik Rising.png eRepublik Rising which were later removed.

Time management

In Icon-eRepublik Rising.png eRepublik Rising there was a time management system which was configured for: Working, Training, Studying and Leisure.


Main article: Rising:Uptown

Uptown was the first option from the My places drop-down menu. You could access the Company, Training grounds, Library, and Residential district pages from this area. The areas available from the uptown menu helped to support the citizen by advancing him in work skills, military skills, happiness, or by allowing him to gain money.

Library and professions


Library helped the citizen to study. Studying lowered citizen health and happiness, but increased his skill.

Studying increased the skill of a profession by citizen choice. Citizen could study a profession for at least two hours and a maximum of 12 hours. Citizen could choose to study for either one profession, or multiple professions, however citizen could not study one profession twice a day.

Residential district and happiness

Residential district.png

After a hard day of work, studying, or training citizen happiness could be low. Residential district was a place where you can chill out and increase your happiness.

The limit was to spent 12 hours at most for chilling out. If a citizen wanted to chill, he must use at least 1 hour. Happiness increased 1 point for every hour citizen spend at residential district. Citizen could choose a booster to be able to relax. Boosters will increase the amount of happiness received.


Main article: Rising:Downtown
The Downtown screen

Downtown was the second option from the My places drop-down menu. You can access the Party, Newspaper, Country stats, Chat rooms, Organization, and Advertising agency pages from this area.

Advertising Agency

The place where you can advertise your articles.

Opposition to eRepublik Rising

Many players in the game have reported that "version two" of eRepublik, is a massive drop in quality compared to the previous V1. This is due to the perceived constant flip flopping of the admins on any and all decisions, and the fact that their stance on battles overextending their time, varies depending on what day it is.