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Exclamation.png Recruitment open!

The eRepublik Game Moderators Recruitment is currently open.

Available positions: Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish Game Moderators.

What is eRepublik Game Moderators project?

The Game Moderators Project has started in June 2009 with the main objective to ensure content moderation in eRepublik by enforcing the eRepublik Rules and the Terms of Service. As the time went, for many the Moderators Team turned into a second family, where you will find yet another community.

Currently our Game Moderators support us with the following:

  • Moderating content posted in eRepublik
  • Assisting citizens on the Forums and Discord
  • Dealing with various support requests sent via the ticketing system
  • Act as a communication bridge between the community and the eRepublik Team.

We are in a process of revising the Game Moderators Project and there may be additional positions opening up in the nearer future :)

What do we offer?

  • You will be part of a second family and community :)
  • You will receive a full training on the tools we use and guidelines on how to act in various cases
  • A possibility of getting promoted through the levels of Game Moderators and dealing with a bigger variety of inquiries
  • Customer service training
  • Fun team and environment
  • Get rewarded for your time

What do we expect?

  • A couple of hours every week or more - The Game Moderators Project is a voluntary project with some perks, so we’re more than happy to work around your schedule, but we will need you to spend a little bit of time on the tasks assigned every week.
  • Intermediate knowledge of English language - As you will be responding to support requests, you will be required to have a good understanding of English language, spelling and grammar.
  • Maturity - “With power comes great responsibility”. As a Game Moderator you will sometimes have to make neutral decisions about various cases. You may know the citizens involved, they may be your friends but when it comes to making a decision it always have to be fair like if you never spoke to the person before.
  • A Good Sense of humour! Apart from the professional side, we all are humans and like to have a bit of fun. We do like to have a bit of banter in our “TOP TOP SECRET” chats ;)
  • As a moderator you will be enforcing the rules and be an example to others. Thus you should not have had any penalties in the past year and shouldn't have any major penalties since you have registered your account
  • Be polite and friendly - not all the requests we receive are colourful, but you will still be expected to handle it in a polite and professional manner.

What do our Moderators say?

 Being part of the moderators team means we are part of the whole community - despite how we play eRepublik. We try to help, advice and support every member the same way.

It's amazing to be part of this wonderful group. We may have some ups and downs from time to time, but the bounds we make are kept forever!  

(Advanced Game Moderator)
 The moderator team will be your second family, where you will find yet another community.

Being a moderator means you will be a guide and help the admin team make this a good place to spend your time. As moderator you will learn how the admin side of the game works, and from that be able to help other players with questions about game mechanics and rules.

But not all is so serious as it sounds, we are having a lot of fun with each other. A smile and a joke can save the day for even the most grumpy moderator. If you want to join in, prepare yourself to learn a lot as it aint as easy as it might look. But learning is only half of the fun, the team is the other half. Being social and having fun is a big part of being a game moderator 

(Team Leader)

How to apply

Are you up for the challenge? Simply fill in the following form.

We hope to see you soon as part of our Team :)

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