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eRepublikans for Change

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation RFC
Founded January 2008
Dissolved Early January 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Conservative Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

eRepublikans for Change (abbr. RFC) was a political party in the United States of America. Its name was changed to Conservative Party sometime in February 2009.

Party Presidents

Year 2008
m m m d d d t r r df df df
Party President Tenure
Maalygos Jan 08 - Mar 08
Dishmcds Apr 08 - Jun 08
ThisGenMedia Jul 08 - Aug 08
Ron Paul Aug 08 - Sep 08
Desertfalcon Oct 08- Jun 09*

* party president of RFC who changed the name to Conservative Party, but remained as party president for several months after.


The conservative party was founded as the Republican Party in January 2008, and was later changed to eRepublikans for Change by Dishmcds when he took Party Presidency in April. Later in early October ThisGenMedia was made interim party president after Ron Paul stepped down. TGM said he would consider changing the name and then posted a vote on the issue. When the votes were tallied, the name change was in order, but members protested because they said the original name had won in voting. This was debated back and forth on issues such as multi member voting and vote changing. However the day before the elections TGM changed the name of the party to the Federalist party claiming that the old name alienated democrats and that the issue had been solved democratically and that it kept Rise from creating a federalist party. This met with much controversy in the party and may have resulted in TGMs loss in the party elections the next day.

In the October party elections Desertfalcon defeated the incumbent TGM and then, jokingly, changed the name of the party to the Jedi council. He kept the name for a day and then changed it back to the original name of eRepublikans for Change. After the RFC convention, he then posted a new vote on what the name should be which included both the current name as well as both the old Republican Party and Jedi Council. This was debated because it included only republican names and a joke name. It was seen as largely undemocratic. In this election, the RFC name ended up winning by a slim margin over the Republican party and thus the name remained eRepublikans for Change[1]. A few months later another vote was held and the winner was the conservative party and thus the name was changed to the Conservative party.

Strong Beginnings

The Republican Party, as it was first named, was founded in early January just after the General Elections by Maalygos, who hailed from Lansing, MI. It was founded because all of the parties that existed in the United States were either Center-Left or Far-Left, and it's founding members thought it best that we needed some political balance in the US. They founded it based on the ideas of expanding the US through privatized programs and encouraging international economic growth (exporting, in short, which Maalygos started doing in late January through the companies he owned. It quickly gained membership to compete with the other parties, but lacked the strong base the Democratic Party controlled. It shaped up quickly to be a two horse race in the February Elections between Maalygos and Korbin King, the incumbent President. Although the Republican Party couldn't truly challenge the numbers that the Democratic Party had, they did influence society in many ways.

A Middle Ground

Shortly after the February elections, membership hit a state of stagnancy. They quit attracting as many new members with the new emergence of the Libertarian Party, which was taken over by future President Nave Saikiliah in the February party elections. The party would keep this stagnation and begin to fade until April, when Maalygos officially passed away. Another future President, Dishmcds took the reigns and made some immediate changes, including some changes to the name and party goals.

His policies were aimed more towards activity rather than political belief, and they had an immediate impact on the political landscape of the US. Party membership once again began to surge with his almost daily Press Releases and coordination of the party. He immediately opened a Vice President spot (which was handed to Richie Rich, one of the parties more active supporters before he passed away), a welcoming committee for the party (originally held by Ron Paul, and an employment committee (which was held by our current Vice President and GM of Stiletto Weaponry, Daphne Lilac. These have become staples of political parties throughout the US, and are now employed by most of the active parties.

The reason he did this was to ensure that the Party was well taken care of. He realized that he needed to encourage activity throughout his ranks from top to bottom, in an effort to encourage things such as support for the General Elections (which he won in both June and July), and the military.

A Promising Future

In the July party elections, which Dishmcds officially retired from party leadership were closely fought by a couple of eRepublikans. Desertfalcon and ThisGenMedia both campaigned well for the position, and were joined late by a newcomer whiteboyadr. All of the candidates seemed to have a clear and distinct path on how the party was going to continue.

The party was still moving strong, with 109 members. It trailed the United States Workers Party and Libertarian Party in membership, but could boast that its active members are still in equal balance to those parties, with successful Mayor Elections and Congressional Appointments that rival parties that are much larger. As of then, the RfC party is tied for second most seats in Congress, and can boast that it has more Mayors than any other party.

ThisGenMedia promptly resigned due to real life issues. Seeing as he couldn't devote enough time to RfC, he decided to let someone else take over for the good of the party. It was an admittedly flawed scale, because TGM could only get to the computer with 2 days before Party elections. Two suitors, Took Lowind and Ron Paul made campaigns as quickly as they could.

Ron Paul Era

Ron Paul was elected on August 1st Party President elections and since then his role has been both attacked and praised since he took office. His supporters say that he has helped bring the RfC into the future by giving the RFC both a new logo and a brand new website with a public forum but his critics say that he has done little to expand the party in both membership and to increase its activity.

Since Ron Paul took office September 1st the party membership has increased 30 members to 231 total members.In early October Ron Paul resigned as president of the RFC and left the party to ThisGenMedia.

October Party Elections

After Ron Paul's resignation, three major contenders emerged as candidates for the party president. ThisGenMedia who was given the party president spot by Ron Paul and Desertfalcon fought each other in a rematch of the July party elections. Jefferson Steelflex entered the race as well and despite being new to the higher ranks of the RFC he was a contender.

This election was the most controversial in RFC history. First Desertfalcon realized that Jefferson Steelflex, who had just had a very strong start, had been moved down in rank and thus moved down on the ballot. This made it harder for people to notice Jefferson Steelflex and benefited ThisGenMedia because his name was at the top. Once Desertfalcon brought this to the public there was public outcry against ThisGenMedia, He claimed that he was actually trying to move up Desertfalcon and Jefferson Steelflex so that they would all be at the top of the ballot and that something in the game glitched, After a few hours TGM finally got around to fixing the party rankings to what they were before the elections. Many did not believe TGM's excuse and accused TGM of rigging the election.

Jefferson Steelflex was angered by this since he and many others believed this was an unfair tactic of TGM trying to keep Jefferson down and gain his voters. Jefferson went on to get more votes after the rankings were fixed but he later decided there was no way he could bridge the gap between him and TGM who was in first and at 17:08 erep time he pulled his campaign and then threw his support behind Desertfalcon. This gave Desertfalcon the extra support he needed. All day long Desertfalcon had been trailing TGM by three or four but now that the support for people unhappy with TGM was not split he was right back in it. About two hours later Desertfalcon bridged the gap and he was tied with TGM at 27, if the election were to of ended in a tie then TGM would have won as the incumbent. However, Desertfalcon's momentum carried into the later hours and he ended up winning the election 36-33.

The Desertfalcon Era

Immediately after taking office Desertfalcon went to work on the party and started to build his cabinet. However, he soon encountered his first real test when V1 was released. Soon after that most of his cabinet either left the game or became a lot less inactive. This made the first days of V1 difficult for the RFC and they actually lost membership which got down to about 203. Desertfalcon was in a tough spot he had to do something to revive the party. He decided that he would run for president in the November elections with emerick as his running mate. He never had much of a chance with Benn Dover running but he did rake in 10% of the vote.

After the elections things started to turn around for the RFC and membership began to grow. By the end of Desertfalcon's first term membership had reached the 240 mark and showed signs of more growth to come.

In early 2009, Desertfalcon released an article for changes that he wished to implement within the eRepublikans for Change. One of them involved the change of the name, and that is how the Conservative Party was born[2][3].