EYo y mis eCircunstancias

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eYo y mis eCircunstancias

General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Owner Siko Mojt
Subscribers 510
Content in Spanish

eYo y mis eCircusntacias (eMe and my eCircumstances) is the newspaper of Siko Mojt.

In it, she publishes comics that deal with today and does so with humor and criticism.

She left with the arrival of the V1, but in June 2009 he wrote again thanks to the insistence of his fellow party Kojiee. In your newspaper has portrayed a large group of players like:

Siko happily announces that she has reached the TOP5

She got its news more voted on November 20, 2009 to reach the TOP5 with the article Basado en hechos reales, which is about to engage the soldiers in the IRC as they await orders.

Newspaper was awarded Media Mogul medal, after 100 people subscribed to this newspaper.